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Influence of Harmony in Life

Guidance is needed for all that I have told you. You have to realise that the laws in Nature shall not alter to suit your understanding. All of you have to keep in mind that Nature shall not introduce special laws for you in order to provide for you.

Speaking about harmony we understand the presence of consciousness in the life of human beings, we understand life where the soul has developed the human ‘I’, has developed the human consciousness, that a human being is a separate entity in the world, that a human being is manifested. People should realise that man is a separate being.

Now, imagine a musical note: it may be half a tone, a quarter of a tone or an eighth of a tone or a sixteenth of a tone. This note is just one symbol, one character and it has no meaning by itself. However, if this note is placed onto the staff, and if you place the clef, determining its scope, at the beginning, it already gains meaning. Likewise no other note, placed in the staff can have any individual opinion, neither can it say, ‘This is what I think.’ The note is bound to think the way the clef dictates and the tone of the note under this clef cannot be altered.

When you enter the Divine Life, you will see that there is a Divine clef and that you are placed into this staff in line with this Divine Harmony clef. You climb upon it and you say, ‘Do you know that I have a particular opinion?’ The ‘I’ means to produce the vibrations corresponding to this law. If you are not willing to comply with the law of harmony, of the Divine, you should climb down the staff, i.e. out of the clef. Once out of it, you may create whatever confusion you feel like, but while within the staff you will do as the Spirit tells you to, i.e. the bandmaster. He will move you, he will place you higher or lower and if you listen to him, you will pass through all the situations in this law of harmony. This is what I call conscious life in musical terms, which means that we are guided in our walk along this curve, we climb up and down, but the movement is harmonic. This is how you should look upon the issue. This is philosophy and if anybody does not understand this philosophy, they get pulled by the ear. If for instance, a note is placed on the staff in the form of a fourth of a note, but it is willing to be half a note, the bandmaster will take it to task and will tell the note, ‘No, not half a note, but a fourth of a note you have to be!’ – ‘See, I want to be bigger, I want to last longer!’ No, you will be as big as you are supposed to be, neither bigger, nor smaller than what you are supposed to be!

Well now some of you want to be bigger. These are wrong religious views. Life comes down to accomplishing what God created according to law and order. This harmony is equally required for your individual life and for your family and public life. It is required for your mind and heart too. Your mind and heart cannot develop outside harmony. Now, it goes without saying, you have experienced the crash taking place in your heart when you fail to observe the law of harmony. Any disharmony is expressed in tears. As long as there is harmony, the heart is full of Joy; as long as there is harmony, the mind is full of Joy.

The first clef to the internal harmony of Life is Love above all. What do you call the first clef in music? This is the G/sol clef1. Indeed, people need salt. This is just a coincidence: the G clef and the table salt. Note that when people sing the tones – C, E, G, B – the G sol comes third out of these four main tones. For the time being we are placed on this clef. We all want to tune according to this G clef, and the meter will be ¾. In music not only those who understand the characters and know for instance, the meaning of the G clef, are called musicians. Musicians are those who know the notes, who can sing any of them and who can understand the relations among the notes from G to G. This is what I would like you to understand about the G clef, to sing the tones correctly, very harmonically. You have to plant this idea into your heads – that when it comes to the G clef, there is only one opinion and there is no way for you to have any reservations about it. There is no reserved opinion in Love, no special opinion in Love, because otherwise it means that you fail to understand the great law. All the great masters who understand music correctly, when they come to the clef, all of them work very well, they know what they are doing and only sometimes they have to correct a note or two to place them where they belong, according to the requirements of the law of music. This is what I call a teaching; this is what I call progress, development of the consciousness etc.

So now, you will look for the mistakes behind each indisposition, every instance of disharmony that occurs among you. You will start with the G clef. I would like to see whether you women would be able to rectify your lives in consistence with the G clef. Now, I do not mean rectifying your life, but your thoughts, your feelings and wilful acts are not ordered in accordance with this clef. A transformation of the thought is needed; everything should be arranged according to this clef of Love. Or you will say, ‘How well we know this Love!’ You have not been arranged as yet according to the G clef. Do you know what wonderful harmony exists once you are lined next to the G clef! This is the most inspiring state, the noblest state of man! When one is lined next to this clef, one experiences an upsurge of thoughts, of feelings, of one’s consciousness. Such a person no longer suffers neurasthenics, or any other diseases. This is the G clef! If some of you have these qualities in themselves I can tell you that you are tuned to the G clef. If you are not, do not beguile yourselves about any other clef.

Well, harmony is needed for women in general: harmonic thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the greatest stuff that one can study in Life. The only thing that shapes man is harmony. You may try out this law. When there is harmony in your mind, in your heart, in your will, everything is within reach for you, you can do the cooking for half an hour and you say, ‘Today is my lucky day!’ This is just a small harmony but see what effect it can have! It speeds up all the work. Sometimes it is the workload that can be reduced; sometimes it is the time that can be reduced. If we, using our objective mind, lose track of a certain phenomenon, it takes years until we get to know it completely again, while by using human intuition, what has to be studied for two entire years can be studied within a minute. Well, this great law of Love smoothes everything. If some time is required to rectify any of your mistakes, when Love comes with its brush, it can be rectified immediately – just for five minutes.

And now start singing! This is the instantaneous healing method. Introducing harmony in Life is what I consider an instantaneous healing method. Since the language of the Scripture is very allegorical, a prophet said there, ‘I attracted you by the law of Love’, i.e. by the G clef he attracted them. As soon as people start understanding one another, harmony can perform miracles. For instance you now say that the Orthodox, the Evangelists do not have the knowledge you have. But the issue is not that you differ only in this - you have to be able to sing according to the G clef; to have a substantial feature distinguishing you – harmony among you. If harmony prevails, if you can operate with the G clef, then you will have one substantial feature, then you will be able to say that you understand Life and that you are different from the others.

Well, some of you resemble those singers who are asked to attend a music school or to join a choir, they sing for a day or two, and then they leave the choir and say, ‘Our voice is not good enough’. Why is your voice not good enough? Because you are not in harmony. Harmony should be introduced first and then your voice will become good enough. When harmony is introduced, then feelings will come; having achieved harmony, righteous deeds will follow. All of it depends on this Divine harmony. As soon as you are tuned to it, as if by waving a magic wand, everything will come out right. If there is no harmony, you may toil for years, but you will accomplish nothing.

Now, all of you think about yourselves during your lifetime, i.e. you keep saying, ‘I am thinking about this, I am thinking about that.’ But as far as I can understand people who consider themselves very spiritual, keep thinking of themselves only. Contemporary people think about others only when they have too much to carry upon their backs. They say, ‘Shall we do you a favour – shall we give you some of our luggage?’ People who say that they are ready to sacrifice themselves, only think so, but show me people who are actually ready to sacrifice themselves. These are very rare to come across. On one’s own free will, this is the Divine way in which one has to think about God. Sometimes, when a person insults us, we fly at that person - even the most advanced ones among us do it - later on when we come to realise what we have done we say, ‘What I did was not right!’ And this we do not only once, twice or thrice a day; and in the end you keep asking why God does not come. Well, how can He come?! Love is the law of harmony; get into harmony and He will come; as long as you are not in harmony, He won’t come.

I now want you to master a power in your consciousness that is able to keep hold of the harmony without you considering what the world is like. I want you to do something by virtue of which you can convince your God, because if you insult Him, you thwart all of your work. Keep telling yourself, ‘I am waiting to turn the wheel!’ It can only be turned when you are lined according to the G clef.

Young people now make excuses that they are inexperienced, while old people – that they are nervous. God excuses neither the young nor the old. Whoever comes to school must study. If you are old and you consider yourself old – this is a disharmony. If you think you are young, this is also a disharmony. As soon as you think that you are old, this means that one day you will rejuvenate; if you think that you are young, this means that you will grow old some day. And this comes down to playing with a ball: youth – old age; young – old… What does young and old mean in music? Youth is the beginning of music, and the old age – is the end. The young are in the beginning. What is your understanding of music? When the musician gets old, there is no longer applause, but as soon as music is played, the audience applauds in admiration, ‘Encore! Encore! Play again!’ and then the musician starts playing again. Hence one can grow older and get younger several times in a row. This is the musical approach to it: there is no old age the way you imagine. So along these lines young is understood to mean a person having reached the prime of one’s age in music, and when a person develops one’s feelings and abilities to their best – this is called old age. A person is then at the peak of one’s power and might. Outside music, the most powerful, the mightiest is understood to be the oldest, most incapable and it is labelled ‘an old person’. Hence, as soon as you tune yourself to harmony, you will alter your views. When I say young I imply that you are in the beginning. While the old ones you will place in the highest degree of harmony where your soul can reach.

It is not that now you do not invest effort, you do invest a lot of effort, aspirations and all this is good, but your aspirations, your desires should be directed intelligently into the great striving of Love. You may have your aspirations, but if you do not choose the timing required by harmony, if you do not comply with the operating laws, all your labour will be lost. You may now ask, ‘Why do I not grow today, why do I not have such a view, why are my thoughts a little bit disorganised?’ Harmony and harmony again is what you need! You have to recover harmony by all means, whatever sacrifices it may take! Once you recover harmony, whatever sacrifices you may make, nothing is wasted. Harmony should be restored in your souls.

There is also the point that because you do not understand Life, you believe that society will deliver the rewards to you. Society can only spoil you. You make friends in groups and if you fail to understand the law and society, Life will place you out of tune. You tune somebody in, while they tune you out. You say, ‘Let’s tune ourselves!’ You tune that person, he takes you out of tune and you spend the whole day tuning: tuning in and tuning out. You start anew on the following day, you pull the string, and sometimes when you make it too taut it breaks. However, these four strings that you have to play on are the four temperaments, which need tuning. The first one is the sanguine temperament, i.e. lively, airy. People of such temperament have rounded faces, fair hair, blue eyes, they are like butterflies – bounce from one flower to another, they make promises to everybody, while they can hardly do one hundredth of what they have promised, they are very generous, they give everything.

The other string is the so-called choleric temperament. Such people will be better off if they develop their liver, muscles, and nervous system. They are energetic – wherever they pass they set everything on fire. These are dark-haired people having oval faces, thick furry eyebrows, wide noses, well developed muscles on their arms and when others do not obey them, they bang fists on the table.

The third string is the phlegmatic temperament. These are people of the benign womb, having round faces resembling the Moon, only the eyes can be seen. Their arms are short. They walk slowly. These are people of English2 temperament: they find it difficult to sit down, but having sat, they find it difficult to get going. They never worry.

The fourth temperament is the melancholic or the nervous temperament. The brain-nervous system prevails in it. People of such temperament are of delicate built, with rather thin eyebrows, most often having hazel eyes; they are people of the thought, they are quick of apprehension, impressionable, agile, nervous, they have a fluent thought; these are the bearers of thought and philosophy.

These are the four temperaments, which have to be tuned so that there can be harmony among them. When these temperaments, these strings, are fine-tuned, then notes start perching upon them, but as soon as the violinist takes the bow, they all start bouncing and if some of them are not tuned properly, then there is a certain disharmony. The cases when you are not tuned indicate that two of you of equal faults are brought together, two persons of sanguine or of phlegmatic temperament. Crossing of breeds is the key, so that there is peace. For instance, if I place all of you lean people together you will be jostling around. You will not be able to stand one another. For example you sometimes say, ‘I was somewhere, but I felt as if I was set on fire.’ But of course, as long as three people of the same temperament are together, it’s only natural that they should feel as if they were set on fire. Temperaments should be crossed so that these can develop harmonically. For instance, the sanguine temperament enhances the development of the respiratory system: breasts are enlarged, blood-circulation is improved, breathing is good and such people never suffer from anaemia. When you want to improve your muscles and ligaments, you will call the choleric temperament. When you want to develop your digestive system, you will call the phlegmatic temperament, and when you want to develop your brain – the nervous temperament. Your feelings, thoughts, and actions should be located on these four strings in order to start playing the music of Life. So, from the point of view of harmony, if you are too active, you will call the phlegmatic temperament to contribute some strength to the stomach, to achieve balance. If you have too much fire, you will call the sanguine temperament to blow some of it away, to scatter it around. You know what the law is, don’t you? When it is too hot in the room, you should immediately open the windows; air comes in and brings in refreshment. Well, the sanguine temperament is air, which refreshes everything. When it gets cold, you should ask the choleric temperament: it will in turn, make the room warmer.

Well, it takes a long time to study this law of harmony. Easier said than done! Above all you will take it into your head that harmony is necessary for your development. All obstacles in your life come from the lack of this Divine harmony. And you should remember that harmony is always the result of the intelligent beginning in man, of the Divine Spirit that works in your Spirit that guides you in all of your endeavours. There is a creature within yourselves, which keeps telling you, ‘Hang on! Think a little before you start doing the work!’ You struggle, and when you have tuned yourself into it, it says, ‘You may go ahead!’ Sometimes you resemble recalcitrant children: although your mother tells you not to go out, you still open the door and there you are in the open. You come back in the evening all in mud, your clothes tattered, your mothers give you a good thrashing and then you say, ‘When I wake up tomorrow, things will be all right.’ Such has been your life so far. There is nobody among you who has escaped the thrashing. You have all been thrashed.

Now, the law of harmony demands that you pay attention not to the people singing out of tune, who cannot sing the tones properly, but to be attentive to the singing of the best singers; they will teach you how to sing the proper tones. Hence, from an esoteric point of view, when we say that we should not be dealing in other people’s mistakes, this means that we should not be concerned with people singing out of tune. There is nothing to listen to in relation to them; we should be listening to people singing properly as it is them from whom you can learn harmony.

Well, all of you can be musicians, and nobody has the right the say that they are no good for this purpose. You are required to do it! Harmony rules out the words I can’t. Those of you who want to live and to develop, they have to say, ‘I can!’ While those of you who do not want to, they have to head for the cemetery. Those who cannot are expelled from school and there starts the reverse life. Harmony exists only when you say, ‘I can’.

Now, it does not come to hurrying, there is no hurrying about it, but you will do it from the beginning to the end. Some people say, ‘I want to get to that end to see what is there!’ I say, ‘Like the beginning, like the end’. What is in the beginning, the same will be at the other end. You beguile yourselves by saying, ‘Let me go to Heaven to find out what is there.’ Well Heaven – it is the end of this music. If you are virtuoso performers, you will come to Heaven till the end of the music and there will be applause for you. If you are not virtuoso performers, you go to Heaven and say, ‘Down, down to the Earth!’ This is what heavenly Life means: this music is the same from the earth to Heaven and when you turn around, there will be applause up there, and you will then be asked to go down to earth. The beginning is like the end. Some say, ‘Let me have a poor start so that I can have a good finish.’ If you start all right, you will end all right; if you start poorly, you will end poorly. This is according to the law of powers.

So, music is the only circumstance that pre-conditions one’s development on earth. Therefore, apply music! You are indisposed – start singing! Sing and fear not! Sing any song to introduce harmony into you. This will be of help to your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions as well. If you cannot sing alone, go to the garden, sit under a tree and if there is a wind, you will discover such music listening to the crackling leaves that you will gradually subside and will be carried away by this rustling, which I call music. The vibrations coming from the rustling leaves influence your mind. You will regard music as an important factor in your life, in order to get rid of these misunderstandings, which currently exist among you. You often stop and say, ‘What’s-his-name does not sing well, he sings out of tune.’ Yes, he does, but you do not sing well either. There must be someone else, who will say, ‘Let me make the tones properly and we shall tune ourselves all at one go!’ It’s not the point that whoever sings out of tune. The point is for all of us to be tuned properly. When there is a tuning fork, we shall all start singing properly.

I certainly do not intend now to correct the clefs of all of you, but I talk in general about your mistakes. When you go back to your homes you will see where the G clef is and you will correct your mistakes. Sometimes teachers correct the mistakes on the blackboard and students correct theirs according to the blackboard. This is the better way for you to correct yourselves.

You often say, ‘I’m in low spirits, I’m not in the right mood.’ But you have to know that Divine Love is harmony, it cannot tolerate disharmony. I now talk about harmony in terms of relation, because it will be your solid foundation when you start organizing yourselves consciously. Do you know what organizing means? All the cells are consciously organized in this Divine organism and all work properly. We are Divine cells in this Life and each one of us has to understand and perform one’s mission properly, one’s present application and to want neither more nor less than the work assigned to one. No one should distance oneself from the Divine Plan. Other people may comment about you, but try to accomplish what you are aware of deep down in your soul and you won’t be far away from the Truth. Follow your plan and nothing will impede you! You have seen soldiers marching – all in the same beat. Similarly when you are alone, you may walk the way you feel like – you can walk more slowly or you walk faster, but when you join a company that has a pace of its own, you will keep pace with the others. If you do not keep pace, you will fall behind.

So, when you tune yourself to the Divine harmony, you have to change your pace: you have to start walking in harmony, properly. Well, do you realize what it means to adapt your feet, to start walking properly? This means that your virtues should start walking properly. The legs of the human soul – this is Virtue; the arms of the human soul – this is your Justice; the ears of the human soul – these are Wisdom’s wise thoughts, and the mouth of the human soul – this is Love through which it speaks! This mouth is the external aspect of Love, through which the Divine Love will flow out. The one Love will come in service to the other Love, which will come through it from the outside. Therefore, you should now form the ears of your soul, so that you can be wise; you have to form the mouth of your soul, so that you can be in Love; so that you can be good, virtuous; you have to form the legs of your soul, so that you can be just; you have to form the arms of your soul. When you go to the other world, you will see for example that some have no ears. All the virtues that we practice in this world are meant to facilitate us in the making of certain organs. Why should one be virtuous? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have legs. Why should one be just? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have arms. Why should one be wise? Because this is the way for one’s soul to have ears. This is to say that everything in the world, being done by Divine Harmony, is directly related to one’s soul.

So, all the effort we make has a good impact upon us, on the people close to us, and on the Divine principles. This is what is meant by God’s manifestation in your deeds. For instance, let’s say that all of you, who are here, are given work to do. How would you start doing this work? Let’s say, for example, that you are entrusted with about a hundred orphans and you are asked to help them. What will you do? How will you organize your work? You will start electing committees of five to six or seven women each and you will delegate everything to them. They will start quarrelling whom to appoint chairperson, whom to appoint secretary and they will waste the day in such arguments. Afterwards money will have to be raised and meanwhile you will be waiting for things to happen. Then they will quarrel again who should deliver this money. Well, again the seven people elected in the committee! Well, what about the rest of you? What will you do? How can you deal with this business in the most practical way? You will distribute the children among you. You will again be quarrelling who should take which child, where should the most intelligent children be sent. Potluck – whichever child falls to you! When one has learnt one’s lesson, one is always lucky. When one has missed the opportunity to learn a lesson, then one is confronted with something that is not called luck. You will have to resolve the issue according to the law of harmony.

Let’s assume that you are all married and have children. Each mother solves this problem. Imagine that each one is entrusted to rear several orphans. There is a committee appointed at home for this purpose: there is a chairman a chairwoman and the children are taken care of. This is the situation in the Invisible world. Then the others, who are not married, say, ‘We will be given children in the future.’ The single ones can find other work for themselves. Nobody should be idle in this world! We have to benefit from this conscious Life, from the Law of harmony right now under the present circumstances, not under any future circumstances. Intelligent people use the current circumstances, while naïve people – the future circumstances. Intelligent people learn from their past, while the stupid ones – from their future.

Now, I would like you to smooth any possible disharmony existing among you. Any disharmony that you have created should be smoothed overnight. I allow you only one day, not longer! Only one day I allow to women to smooth all and every misunderstanding or disharmony. So, within one day you should tune yourself to the G clef and should smooth out any single disharmony! Every one of you should smooth things over – agreed! Try to imagine the following case: let’s assume that you lived in disharmony with four sisters of yours and three brothers at a certain place. They beat you - you beat them. One day you decide to go to another house. Well, if you haven’t tuned yourself to the G clef and move to another house, are you sure that you won’t feel worse there? You know that singers, who do not sing well on the stage, are asked to step down, while good singers are much in demand and they are asked to sing again and again. The good life – this is the Divine harmony, which means that we should accomplish harmony in real Life. This is why this harmony is needed and it is only through harmony that you can make up for the lost harmony. But it is harmony that brings in the New Life.

You are now thinking how you can smooth the disharmony. It can be done. You will direct your mind to God! You should remember that He is the Great harmony and you will be thinking of Him only! You should not imagine God as a white-haired old man; you should think of God in terms of Great Harmony, where every living creature pays attention to Him. Therefore, we all aspire to Him and everybody wants to understand Him. Think about the Great harmony and you will immediately feel light as a feather! Do not try to understand what God is, what His form is, but think of Him as Great harmony and you will immediately feel as light as a feather. Because if you keep looking at the face, hair or beard of the singer, you will immediately distance yourself from the harmony, but if your ears are strained you will understand what it is. When we come to the face, it represents a special harmony for the eyes. If you are clairvoyants, you will see that the face is not still at a single place, but it is moving, many fast motions take place within it. But since these movements are so far from us, it seems to us that it is still. Everything is in motion in the Invisible world.

You will first turn your heart, your mind, and your soul to the God of harmony, i.e. to the god of the G clef, to whom every living creature is tuned. You will turn to the laws of harmony. You will listen to one of them and when you receive it, you will start singing together with this great choir. I give you one day to do this! There is only one day for you to tune to the G clef!

I show you one shortcoming: without trying what I have told you, on leaving this room, you say, ‘This is what the Master says’. Do not say anything to anybody until you try it for yourselves. Do not go spreading around what I have told you before you try it. As soon as you have attested it, you may spread it around; it will then have a double force. You may spread around what I have said and what you have said and attested. Do an experiment and when it proves right, tell other people about it so that they can also test it. When other people also do the experiment and find it successful, the result will be three times stronger. When this third person tells a friend of his and when the latter completes a successful experiment, the effect will be four times stronger. The fourth person will tell a fifth person, the latter will tell somebody else etc. By doing so you will achieve a gradually intensifying effect – it is similar to a big wave. While how do you act now? One of you has heard something from another one, but neither the one nor the other has tested it and they keep asking themselves, ‘What was it? Let’s go back!’ Both of them have forgotten about it. And they start shuttling again. You have no time to spend on shuttling. Your cloth is fully warped, the staff is set, and you need only to weave. Weaving means harmony – to weave some cloth from one point to another. To sing, to weave, to live – these are all synonymous. You say, ‘What shall I do?’ Sing! ‘Is life a song?’ Well, if you can’t do this, then start weaving. If you can’t weave, then start eating! This is what weaving in the staff means; the staff is the warp, while the yarn-beam is the clef, placed in the beginning of the staff. When the cloth is woven, it is taken off the yarn beam and it is sold. Then you hear other music. Music changes under various clefs.

The first rule, in order to tune yourself to this clef, is as follows: all of your misunderstandings and all of your disagreements should be smoothed and should tune into harmony. Or put in musical terms, you should all tune to the same clef where you do not sing the individual tones correctly or where you do not respect the time, where somebody sings faster, while somebody else sings behind time, where you do not meet each other. As long as you tune into the same clef, you will understand that God is Great harmony. We shall tune according to Him, we shall sing and dance together with God!

Yesterday I told the men that I leave it to the women to tune them. I told them nothing else. Now we shall see whether you can tune them! Mind you do not do as that servant by the name of Stoyan, who the priest sent to the vineyard to dig and cut off the twigs. So Stoyan, scissors in hand, went to the vineyard and cut the twigs off; he cut almost all the twigs off as he did not quite know which twigs should be cut off and which should be spared. He came back home and the priest asked him, ‘Stoyan, is the vineyard weeping?’ ‘You should go and see it and then you will be weeping!’ was the reply.

You may ask Mrs. Doinova when she cuts the twigs off her vineyard, how deep she cuts the twigs; she is an expert. Likewise, you should also know on what place on the staff exactly you should stay. So far you have cut the twigs right to the branching, but you should no longer do so. You should cut only those twigs that are not to bear fruit. You all need harmony; we can understand each other only in harmony. When we all are in harmony with God, we shall understand Him, you will understand me and I will understand you. Without harmony, Life is incongruous – the same is true about society too, and about science, and in trade and everywhere. Harmony is needed everywhere if one wants to succeed. Regardless whether you are getting dressed or whether you are cooking or sleeping – harmony should be everywhere and in everything. If you do not sleep in harmony, you will have a hangover in the morning. If your Life is harmonious it will be glorious even in its smallest manifestations; if there is no harmony – it is pointless.

Now, all of you will apply harmony – both young and old; the young from the beginning while the old – from the end. The young will be the first notes in a musical piece, the middle-aged – the notes in the middle, and the old ones – the last notes. When the entire piece is completed, then there is a lot of noise, tumult, and applause. The piece ends with the oldest. It’s no good if actors are hissed off the stage. Sometimes you will hear applause; sometimes you will hear hissing. I wish there will be applause for you, not hissing, because if there is hissing, you will get off the stage and will have to be reincarnated once again.

Now, you will get together and shall think over what you have to do to get organized in order to understand what women can do. We have to work in the external world, don’t we! Say for instance you have a field to dig, or a vineyard to cut, or a garden to till, fruit trees to grow – how will you distribute this work? The stronger ones will dig the vineyard, the weaker ones will reap the field, the weakest will clear away caterpillars, and the tired ones will be sent to taste the fruit, to pick some and to fetch some for you and you will then enjoy the abundance at the table. This is the way to divide the work among you. It will take an intelligent approach to the work, if you want to be in harmony. If you are not in harmony, your work will fall to pieces, you will be in doubts, you will be disappointed, you will be roaming from one place to another and your life will become pointless. You women, who study harmony, are required to work.

Let’s assume now that there is a women’s meeting; how will you have it organized? If you think in terms of who will come first, the young will have to be your priority. The young are in the lead in music. Well, you organise a meeting; you place the young in the front and they come in the beginning. Let’s assume that you have to carry five hundred sacks; then the old ones will come to the front, while the young will be left behind. If it is an issue who comes first, it is easy to verify who comes first. First is a person who comes first under any circumstances in Life, while the one, who cannot work, will be left behind. If somebody is the first to sit at the table, but the last to go to work, then this person is not in the first place. Some say, ‘I’m in the first place.’ I’m glad that there is one who is in the first place. Come on, let him place the sack upon his back and sing a particular tone from the G clef. If he sings all the tones from the beginning to the end accurately, this means that he is in the first place. If he sings half of the tones accurately, while the other half – out of tune, this means that he is only halfway in the first place. If he makes only the quarter of the tones accurately, he will have a poor mark of two, if he makes only one tone accurately, he will have a mark below poor – one. If he does not make any tone accurately – his score will be zero. This is what Christ’s words, ‘So the last shall be first, and the first last’ mean. What does Christ want to tell us? Those who were first when they came to the sacks, became last. Afterwards when it came to eating, the last became the first. Last with the sacks and first at the table. So, Christ’s words ‘The last will become first and the first will become last’ are merely principles that are articulated. This is not funny; this shows our weakness. Sometimes we do not estimate our strength, but when placed to work, we say, ‘I thought I was right, but I will be left a little bit behind now’. When it comes to eating you say, ‘I am in the first place, remember this and do not forget me!’ When it comes to the sacks, you say, ‘I’m very weak, I admit my weakness.’ Well, it is also good that you admit your weaknesses! You say, ‘My back is rather frail.’ Well then you cannot be in the first place.

Now, you will work according to the law of harmony. As soon as you step on the Path, you will see that there are no privileges or demands. Privileges are bestowed only to the people who study, who are able; for people who do not study, who are not able there are no privileges. Those of you who sing well, study, and are worthy get privileges; those who do not study, who are not worthy get no privileges. When you enter this school you will do your best to learn; others can give you nothing if you do not learn. We do not benefit when other people eat. We benefit from what we eat. Other people cannot learn instead of us, you have to learn for yourself. This is a necessity. You have to remember that knowledge does not come the easy way. You will study, and you will study hard, according to the law of harmony.

You will learn according to the law of harmony and your progress depends on you, nobody else can tune you into harmony. Some say, ‘Let’s get harmonized!’ Each one of you will harmonise yourself. If you harmonise yourselves there will be harmony; if you do not harmonise yourselves, there will be no harmony. All the people in the world have their own worries. All of us have a retired devil within; and all of us feed the devil in our houses. The retired devil is a resident of yours and whenever he visits you, you treat him at the table. When you are in a difficult situation, you tell the devil, ‘Come out to get my things straight!’ The devil comes out and says, ‘What are you, rascal, looking for?’ The devil gets your work done. While at times, when you have made a mess of things, you tell your good spirit, ‘Listen, can’t you come out for me? I made a mess of this job, there is nothing else I can do, come and help me!’ When the good spirit starts talking to you, the good spirit tells you, ‘OK, I will postpone your policy.’ So, much depends on which resident you will call to help you.

Now, you will call the good resident according to the law of harmony, and the good resident will tune you to the right tone and will show you how to go about your work. This is what you need. People who are not in harmony are not accepted in Heaven. This is the law and there are no exceptions to it. If you do not get in harmony now, while you are on the earth, you won’t be admitted when you go up there. If you are in harmony you will leave your house singing, you won’t cry and you will be greeted by songs up there. If you leave the earth with no song, when you get to Paradise you will hear, ‘We do not admit people who cannot sing.’ Heaven is a place for songs and harmony; there is no crying there, no grief or sorrow. Everywhere one can hear songs of all types – from the gentlest ones to the wildest ones – everyone can choose and listen to their taste in music.

Now, we on the earth will also start doing all our work singing, but you will apply harmony. I shall not preach to those who do not apply harmony. This has nothing to do with my School. If I catch some of you opposing this, I will expel them according to all the rules of the Divine Science. When they learn harmony I will admit them again, but until they learn harmony they will be outside the School. You have to remember this and there will be no exceptions to it. This is written by God in His School. His laws do not change for anybody and nobody can violate them. All schools have to obey the law of harmony by all means, this is a must. As soon as one makes a mistake, one is immediately expelled. And you know only too well how often this happens. You then start singing and rejoin the school. The moment you make a mistake – you are out again! And when you get out, you can tell the difference. Therefore the law should be applied internally. Your Spirit, which guides you, will get you out of this. When I say that I will expel you, I mean the law that operates in the Spiritual World. It is the same law for everybody. Teachers do the same: they make no allowances for students making mistakes. Neither teachers, nor students are given allowances. If a mistake is made – the person is out, if the person corrects the mistake, the person is admitted back in again. Because the entire Heaven shakes when in disharmony. This is why people who are not pure are not admitted. You will keep this as a rule; this is a conscious law. It is up to you whether you will be in harmony or not; you are the person deciding whether you will be in or out of harmony.

So I am telling you to apply this great law of Life. It is needed on the earth; this is a practical law. Do not think that it is strict; it is a great law that teaches us order and discipline. Adam was happy in Paradise, but the moment he tasted the fruit of disharmony, he was immediately taken by the ear and thrown out. This is certainly a very severe punishment, because he infringed upon harmony many a times. If you sing one note incorrectly you will stay one day out of school, if you sing two notes incorrectly, you will stay two days out of school, if you sing three notes incorrectly – three days out of school and so on. You will stay out of School as many days and as many notes as you have sung incorrectly. When you correct yourself you will feel blessed. The law is absolute – no disharmony is tolerated. If you do not love me, you will tell me, ‘Be patient for a while!’ If you love me, you won’t tell me to be patient and if you love people do not make them suffer your foolishness. In this respect you will do your best to introduce harmony among you. You need harmony. If you fail to introduce harmony, there is no other way that you can help yourselves. You may pray here, but the moment you leave the meeting, harmony is unbalanced. You have to keep it in your mind that God is an eternal harmony. This thought should become part of your flesh and blood; you should be able to hear it everywhere! Then you will be strong enough to fight down the temptations in the outside world.

I now interpret Love for you in the G clef in the first degree. You say, ‘Let’s love one another!’ But to be able to love, you have to know where the G clef is and to tune yourselves to it. You will then be in harmony and will start with Love. When I talk about Love, I mean that it precedes harmony, while harmony creates the conditions for the manifestation of this great Divine Power, which brings in health, and health in its turn brings in harmony. The external harmony prepares the conditions for Love, Love brings in Life, Life – health, while health brings in the internal harmony within us. So, the external harmony is formed internally.

I want you to apply the Teaching I am talking about today. I will test you and I will appoint a committee to test you on all the notes, and there will be tests for everything from the beginning to the end. A committee from Heaven will come here to test you. It will visit your homes and you will sit for your exams in harmony, you will have to sing. Make sure there is harmony at your homes when the committee comes to visit you, so that your homes can be blessed. If the committee on coming does not find you well prepared, there will be no blessing. Make sure you do not regret it later on. One committee will be sent from Heaven. How would you verify this thought? This committee is a little bit difficult to understand: this means officials from the local authorities and it can have three, four, five or ten persons on its panel in harmony. They will test you on harmony – how you sing, how you live, how you feel, how you think and how you act.

This is the thirteenth year. If you do not achieve any results, you won’t go any further. If you get from the beginning to the end of singing, what do you think will come out? Applause or hissing? A new course, a new clef starts next year. If you do not adjust to this clef properly, you won’t pass to a new clef, you will have to redo the same clef. If you pass the exam, you will start learning the new clef.

This is what I want to tell you; what I am talking to you makes sense, you have experiences, you have lived, you know these things and you now recall them to mind. You will remember certain things, which you have forgotten, when you find yourself driven to the wall. That wolf that is used to eating sheep says that roots are not food, but when he goes hungry for five or six days, he calls to mind the delicious roots and finds them. Likewise, when you feel cornered, you call to mind what you used to know. You know these things but I will remind you of an old Truth which you have forgotten. Christ says, ‘When this Spirit of Truth comes, it will make you remember what I have said in the beginning’. This is written in the soul, in the mind and you know it. Do not be disconcerted and do not say, ‘I can’t sing properly this tone, this I do not know.’ You know it; you will remember it! You will open the book to the right page and when you review the year, the month, the day, the time, and everything event by event as it was, you will say, ‘Aha, I can remember, I can see clearly now’. This is a small reference for you.

It is good if everybody goes into the reference chamber and works a little bit upon oneself. Do not think that you lack abilities. You all have abilities and feelings, but you have to do some work according to the law of harmony. When you work in agreement with the law on harmony, everything comes out ten-fold, while when you work outside the law of harmony, life is difficult, unbearable. You eat without harmony, you sleep without harmony, you live with people in disharmony, then life is difficult, grievous and you start singing the songs ‘Doichin has been ill for ten years’ or ‘Hard times, indeed’. This is what life without harmony is.

So, I gave you one clef now, a very simple method and easy to do and you will apply it. Outside this thought of harmony you shall not reflect on what God is. You will understand God to be one Great intelligent harmony, which is spread everywhere in the Universe, all over Nature and among all things alive. Every evening you will concentrate your mind and your thoughts on one tone of this harmony. As soon as you have grasped one tone, you have achieved a lot. A tone per day! You quarrel with your husband, with your daughter and you say, ‘My husband does not get the tone right’. No, you have to say, ‘I will sing an accurate tone of the G clef and I will show him how to sing!’ But you start, ‘What are you rattling on?’ He rattles on, she rattles on and what comes out of two people rattling on? Two chatter boxes. You will calm down and you will tell yourself, ‘Love – this is the G clef! You have to take the tuning fork!’ You take the tuning fork, you tune yourself and you tell your husband, ‘Love and agreement, Love and agreement!’ You will sing and you will sing, you will increase your tone and before you look at him he will be smiling and singing ‘Love and agreement, let’s make it up!’ This is Divine – to listen to what God says from above. When one lives in this way, life becomes intelligent and easy. While now you go from one house to another and keep telling each other what you experienced. You keep walking all day long, you tell ten people what you have experienced and still you find life difficult. If you live in harmony you won’t be telling anything to anybody and your soul will feel light as a feather.

I will now give you an exercise. We shall see whether you can apply it. Can you do the first exercise? You will think about the words Love and agreement for two minutes.

(For two minutes everybody is silent and does the exercise.)

You will do this exercise ten times everyday for two minutes and you will see the results. You will do your best to have harmony in your mind all the time. Your mind has to get accustomed to this. It deviates a lot, but when you concentrate for a minute or two on harmony, your mind will get accustomed to concentrating; it will start adapting. When you do these exercises, your cells, your nerves will start toning up and if you have a headache or any other indisposition, it will pass away and you will feel healthier. If you do these exercises more often, you will start healing yourselves. This is a good healing method. Every healing is cleaning; and cleaning means health.

When you spend all your life in this way doing the harmony exercises, everything within you will be cleaned and your soul will be as white as snow. When you do several such experiments and when you see the results, you will let me know. And when you are convinced of the good results, you can then help the people close to you.

Lecture delivered by the Master, on 20 June 1921,

Whit Monday

1 The G clef in Bulgarian is called the Sol clef – after the 5th tone of the diatonic scale in solmization. Throughout the text I will use the G clef – but right here I have also used its other name the Sol clef Because the pronunciation [so:l] stands for the 5th tone and for the Bulgarian word for salt - sort of close to the pronunciation of the English word salt.

2 or Anglo-Saxon







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