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Combination of Relations1

There are two principles in the supreme esoteric mathematics, which read as follows: the attitude of the Earth to the Sun determines the attitude of the Sun to the Earth. I shall substitute the Earth for Man, and the Sun for God and then we shall arrive at a translated version: the attitude of Man to God determines the attitude of God to Man. This is a principle that is beyond dispute. Hence all contradictions in our private or public life stem from this law. I will now do another translation of this combination of attitudes: the attitude of the soul to the Spirit determines the attitude of the Spirit to the soul. I will make yet another translation substituting the soul for the child and the Spirit for the mother, and then again it is the same law: the attitude of the child to the mother determines the attitude of the mother to the child.

You will find the line in the Scripture where Christ speaks about the man making his house on sand and on rocks. Bear in mind that by the rules of this esoteric law you are not free to think, feel, or act the way you want to in your relations with others. Somebody says, “I am free and I do what I want!” This is all wrong. In order for this to happen, you have to be free of all the thoughts that are not yours. If you think what people expect you to think, then something is not in order. This calls to mind a situation when somebody is being escorted by policemen – the man goes where ten policemen force him to. Keep in mind the following: I do not want to talk you into anything, I do not want to impose anything upon you; I want to let you free from the slavery situation you are in. You may get me wrong, because want is a human expression. This is the desire of the Invisible world or the desire of God – that all His children should be free. I shall not concern myself with your past, this is a matter for you to deal with; I am concerned only with your present and your future. And the only person who can now come to your aid along the Path you are walking is me. If I abandon you, you will be lost this very moment. If I let go of the stick you clutch to, you may come back to be saved only in a thousand years. There is no philosophy here: the life of the child in the mother’s womb depends on the mother carrying the child. If she decides to carry it to the end, she will give birth to the child, but if she decides to miscarry it, it won’t be born alive. It is ridiculous to imagine another woman telling a baby in its mother’s womb, “Get out of this womb and come into mine!” The child must be carried for a certain period. Any smart aleck arguing to the contrary is an absolute ignorant who does not understand this great law. Secondly, I do not want to alter the Divine order of things not even to one hundred-millionth part, neither do I wish that you try to change me; this is sacrilege! Another aspect to it: for the last seven million years the principles of the White Brotherhood haven’t changed even to one hundred-millionth part. I take this number – it is a variable belonging to the supreme Divine Mathematics, to the Divine World. These laws are strictly determined. There is a particular form for each thought, feeling, or action, through which they can be manifested and the law states that when they are expressed in this form, we feel a sort of satisfaction and kindness. This signifies that the form was expressed properly. Otherwise we feel certain discontent. It is not a bad feature, but an urge for us to aim at acquiring this supreme form.

In the time of the Apostles the Christians divided into followers of Peter, followers of the Apostles, followers of Paul, followers of Christ. Paul says, “I sowed, others watered, while God grew it.” What does it matter that you have sown or watered; the important thing is that God made it grow. Moreover all principles boil down to growing, not to who sowed or who watered. I am telling you too, you should stay where God placed you, where the farmer planted you, where your mother sent you to school. Do not go out of the relations already established. The farmer and the mother are wiser than you who have it on your mind to leave school.

I shall now stop here… This year the White Brotherhood2 will have its meeting on 19th August. Do not entertain the idea that you belong to the White Brotherhood. There are meetings every year. I do not want you to be ignorant: It consists of human souls having completed their evolution thousand of years ago. They get together every year to determine the fate of all people. Now, we have our meeting on earth simultaneously with their meeting. They are also on the earth. If you walk properly along this Path, you will join the Brotherhood in time, while for the time being you are only servants. There is something hinted to this effect in the Epistles to the Jews.

This year, all of you from Sofia who attended the School up to 1914 inclusive, are invited; they will come on the morning of 17th in Tarnovo3, while those attending from 1916 to 1919 inclusive, will come on the morning of 18th, and the new comers – in the evening of 18th.

I would like to see harmony reigning among all of you, so that we can benefit from the time spent together. There is work to be done. To tell you the truth the White Brotherhood does not look approvingly to Sofians. It’s not that it does not love you, but it disapproves of the rights you have granted to yourselves. Freedom goes with rights, but you should know that there are rights and obligations. This is the point of departure for you to learn the methods of governing countries and people. Not a single one of the existing methods on earth can be applied and you are aware of the results. You will learn, because you will return to the Earth, until you complete your development. You have to go to school and you will come back to school as students, until you graduate. Do not think you will convince me to side with you. There is only one way this can be done: if you live in Virtue, in Love, Justice, and Truth. I can’t be where God is not. God is not in the evil. I told a friend of mine that I would not allow anybody to commit a crime. And when I leave, you may do whatever takes your fancy. I will catch those who try to deviate and I will cause them suffering. I won’t allow anybody to commit suicide. You will come to understand this law some day. Some say, “I am not afraid!” I would like you to show me your Love; otherwise, you are cowards par excellence.

Now, you have obligations to the White Brotherhood, to the School where you belong. There can be no excuse for you; you can’t discard your obligations to them. You can’t hide anywhere, not even at the bottom of hell. This you should understand very well. There is no hiding from the White Brothers. They are the bearers of Light, of each New Culture, of each good. Well, with their assistance, one always succeeds, but when one is deprived of their assistance, everything is over. Your attitude to me is your attitude to the White Brotherhood, and your attitude to the White Brotherhood is your attitude to God. You will say that you know only one God. You are mistaken: The Sun is known by the light, but it also has one mediator. This is ether, otherwise it will be invisible. Likewise the White Brotherhood is the mediator between you and God.

You have to get your act together this year. There shall be no loose parties around. I am ready to listen to everybody and I would like you to be at least halfway like me. Christ has also said, “Students have to be like the Teacher.” How have I lived among you? Have you seen anything of me? You want to do something and I say, “Go ahead! Give it a try!” But I know that this is the law: one will be measured by the measure one applies. You have to be free!

I know your previous life, I know everything, and I do not go poking around unearthing things, but I bury things. Knowledge is not always beneficial, but I benefit from what you do. If you want to have the benevolence of God, you have to listen to God. This was told to me and I came here on purpose. Therefore, I say that there are three scenarios: firstly, if you do not want to follow the Teaching that I preach, I will tell you firmly, “OK, you are free to go!” Secondly – are you ready to apply Christ’s Teaching as it is in the Gospel? I mean to have it performed in its absolute completeness! Thirdly – are you ready to apply Moses’ Teaching in its absolute completeness? Either Moses, or Christ, or me – we are one! This is the manifestation of God, this Teaching is Divine. Moses’ Teaching is Divine, Christ’s Teaching is Divine, and the present Teaching is Divine. The source is the same, only the forms differ. It is the same Spirit in the three teachings. Let’s assume that I tell you a dictum, a principle, but I do not sign under it. Try to accomplish it! You won’t lose much if my name is not present. But Christ says, “His Teaching must be accomplished!” You should accomplish either what the White Brotherhood discloses, or Christ’s Teaching, or Moses’ Teaching, one of these Teachings, however, has to be accomplished. I place these three Teachings before you, because you bring up certain doubts. I would not like to remove anybody and I would like you to accomplish the three Teachings simultaneously. In their complete scope they are indeed the same Teaching. Christ in Moses is the same as Christ in Jesus ands the same Christ is in me. I want you to have the insider’s understanding. The significance of the Sun is in the light it sends to us.

As early as this year you should identify yourselves, in your mind, you should be sincere, because the benevolence you strive at depends on you being sincere. I can see you thinking, “Are we so well prepared that we can be called?” Remember that king who invited guests to his table. “Since those who were called did not make it, I am calling you, the cripples! Be grateful that the ones whom I called haven’t come!” It’s not a matter of dignity, the point is that you have come to learn. I will indeed produce a report on you that no one has so far produced. I shall describe your progress in the smallest details. If it comes to the stick later on, it won’t be my fault. If your father applies the stick, in awe shall I watch and count the beats. Do not fool yourselves in thinking that one is more worthy than the other. Everything in the White Brotherhood is like music. We do not drive anybody away, neither do we invite anybody; God invites people, while invited people drive themselves away on their own accord. You are free in this respect – nobody can aggrieve you, but nobody can equally spare you the consequences.

I would like to see harmony, Life, reigning among all of you, but not brought into effect by the letter of the law. I do not want to probe deep in your lives, I do not want to judge you, but I am telling you the consequences and I treat you like sick people. Can the healer do the healing without causing the slightest pain?

The Black Brotherhood has got you entangled, it generated a storm. Sin counts as sin before God. Such a crime can be forgiven, but there is no excuse for it. A brother will come to spend a whole life to have one sin redeemed. This is righteous – for young and old alike. I do not want you to waste your strength. You comment that I have said one thing or another – do not go checking with secondary sources, come straight to me. Nevertheless you elaborate it as much as you can and then you draw conclusions. Some say, “Mister Deunov has provided for himself.” Manu Rainov came to see me years ago and he offered thirty thousand leva to spend on whatever I think right; and I told him, “Let the money be with you.” After his death his wife again offered the money to me and left it with me. The utilisation of the money that comes to the Brotherhood is strictly determined. If there is any embezzlement, the abuser shall bear the consequences. Dr. Mirkovich wanted to leave his fortune to me, but I told him, “Sell it and give the money away to the poor or to your relatives!” This brother also (the Master pointing at L. Kotev) was asking me about the house and told him, “It should go to one person.” If one lies to me, the others will lie to me as well.

There is one law in the White Brotherhood: we cannot judge any brother until the brother commits a crime. You have to think, to desire and only after you act – only then will you be judged4. [M1]You will be judged first on the earth, then you will be judged for your desires in the Astral world, then – on the mental level, and finally everything will be liquidated in the causal world. Destiny is not for us5. [M2]Christ said, “I did not come to judge, but to save.” The Father has granted destiny to the Son of Man, and the Son of Man represents exactly this White Brotherhood that is granted the right to judge the world. When you study the esoteric science you will learn about this Great Hierarchy that has the power to judge the younger brothers. Your attitude to me is of a temporary nature. Do not disturb the cart-driver while on the Path. If the cart-driver is a master, he will definitely get you there, if you do not have the faith, do not get onto his cart.

Well, we do not ask anybody to leave. There are three types of laws: on brotherhood, on friendship, and on acquaintance. You are not brothers of mine as yet. In order for one to join the White Brotherhood, one has to sacrifice one’s life for somebody else. This is the law on brotherhood. You are in debt to the Whole. If you fail to accomplish it, you will be held accountable. I now follow the law of friendship, not the law of brotherhood with you.

The Teaching I preach to you basically comes down to the following: I want to introduce you to the laws of Living Nature – something that nobody has studied so far. Moreover this is a particularly slow process. It is easy to read books, but if you want to study the laws of Living Nature, the School of Living Nature is a difficult school to attend. I want you to be free in your thoughts and feelings. I have never imposed any restrictions upon you, but there are others who will.

Prepare yourselves for the annual meeting so that we do not have to go back to elementary matters, i.e. to baptism and salvation. Let’s move to a new formula expressing the New Life. I want not one of you to stumble over anything.

You will study the law of humility and meekness – this is the first task facing you, the second one is electricity and magnetism, and the third one is suffering. However, you, people from Sofia, started with suffering. You have to have a reserve of energy, in order to undergo this fire. I only give you the method how to prepare yourselves for humility and meekness, for electricity and magnetism. It is not me who has created these things, they do exist. You, people from Sofia, have to patch things up. You may ask how this can be done. For instance a hundred people were sentenced to prison for their debts, while I am rich; I repay their debts and say, “Let them free!”

Be self-sufficient. Each one of you should have one’s own thoughts, you should not be influenced by one another - you should help one another. If you can be influenced, people can tell you, “Mr Deunov is such a person.” But if you yourselves can get to know the truth, it cannot be imposed from the outside.

I wish all of you to have mutual respect, esteem, and love for each other. This is the first law of the White Brotherhood. You cannot alter this law. There, on the Blue Rocks6 where I spent twenty-five days, I kept receiving all of your thoughts and I can produce a picture of your thoughts. If you want to shoot, use real bullets, not the dum-dum variance. This is just much ado about nothing.

You have no time. You are in the twentieth year of the twentieth century. Your karma has already matured and if you fail to properly liquidate it now, you will remain lagging behind for another two thousand years. When you move ahead others will come to take your place. Do not stop, have faith in the great Divine Law! You have the experience from the past, you have a good understanding of things and you are not blind.

Make sure you come to Tarnovo on 17th and 18th. Have faith in the Living God and He will manifest Himself to you. Because He says, “If you believe in My words, the Truth will be manifested to you.” You have to believe in somebody. You have to be born by a mother. This is the law. We do not deal in personalities. Some day, when we meet again, we shall talk it over once more. Because things will change. Resistance should be put against the Black Lodge! The interests of the Black Lodge and of the White Lodge clash and you should take part in the conflict. If you take part siding with the Black Brotherhood, your flesh would be made into salami, your skin – into straps, while if you side with the White Brotherhood, you will be walking straight on your two legs, your skin will be intact and you will have all the Divine benevolence.

(Brother L. Kotev from the audience): Is neutrality not a valid option?

No way! You are either with God or against God.

What happened among you has not changed my relations with you. I am sorry that people cannot grasp this law. I want the person to whom I did good not to know me, but to say, “God bless the one who did this good to me!” Do your utmost to bring in harmony. You have been through certain experience, suffering, and striving. Let bygones be bygones; this is not for the first time, but all misunderstandings have to vanish into thin air voluntarily, they should not be forced away. This year, you people from Sofia, are the ones slowing down progress a little, this is why I came to warn you. Let’s get down to good work, because human thought, desire, and action, united in God, constitute a tremendous Power.

Master’s lecture

Delivered only before brothers on 8 August 1920, Sunday.

1 Optional translation of the title: Combination of Attitudes. In the short-hand notes this lectures was titled Lecture delivered to men

2 To Editor: I am split mined as to using White Brotherhood or Brotherhood of Light – for consistency I shall use the former – if the latter is adopted as official translation it will be easy to replace.

3 Translator’s notes - The town of Velico Tarnovo is situated in the middle of Bulgaria, capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – 12-14 century. The Master wrote The Testament of the Colour Rays some 6 km away from this town, in the village of Arbanassi.

4 It seems something is missing. Could [to tackle] be a probable ending.

5 This sentence does not make sense to me – could be down to the short-hand notes or … Could [to tackle] be a probable ending.

6 Rocky Heights famous for their colours in the Eastern part of the Balkan Range, close to the town of Sliven

[M1]The sentences before and after this one, talk about judging, but I am not sure if this is what it means – [only then will you be judged] It could be that nothing is missing – you can act only [only then] after you have thought…

[M2]I do not think that anything is missing here – I think this means that destiny does not have an influence on the disciples who follow the teaching of the Master.







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