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What was the main point of our last meeting?

(Somebody from the audience): The point last Friday was to learn to be silent, to become like children, to develop compassion, to do exercises about the Spirit, about virtues, about developing our senses, and about our preparation for the forthcoming Pentecost1.

On Whitsunday one has to get into the law of self-sacrifice. Those who receive the Divine Spirit have to obey the will of God, and not to do as they please. However, even now you do not do as you please, but somebody else’s will interferes with you.

You will try to strengthen the faith in yourselves. There is one line, which reads that without faith one cannot please God, but it takes faith to perform miracles. Have you practiced your faith and what exercises have you done? In order to develop your faith, each one of you must build an internal Peace. One has to adapt to the contemporary lifestyle, to the circumstances in one’s life, so that one can start developing from the point where one is right now. For instance, how many of you would be brave enough to board an airplane? A few would do this because it takes courage. And how many similar experiences can there be in life. If one can board an airplane, one will strengthen one’s faith. You should understand Faith to mean the roots of a plant that you sow in the ground and through these roots this plant can actually, find support and stand firm. According to the same law, thanks to faith, human beings find support in God to stand firm. When you stand firm, God will support you. In all times and in all suffering, people, who had faith in God, have never been deluded. Certainly there is faith that can be realized, but many, though they had a strong faith, have also been exposed to great suffering because their development needed suffering. By having faith their suffering starts making sense. All of you have experience in faith; therefore, you will not have to build new faith, but will develop the faith you have, so that it can reach a new phase. Let’s assume that you have a boat that you want to pull ashore. Somebody keeps pulling it, but cannot pull it ashore alone and loses faith. There comes one more person, the two of them keep pulling, but cannot manage; there comes a third one, a fourth one – but again they cannot get the boat ashore. In the end about ten people gather and get the boat ashore. They believe [have faith] that only ten people will be able to pull the boat ashore. Similarly you will apply this law in practice: if one cannot do whatever job, two or three or up to ten people will get together until finally you manage to get the job done. This is the law of faith. When all are united, the Divine law starts having effect. The weakness of Christians is that they are not united and when one of them cannot do the job, they lose heart and think that more people won’t be able to do the job either. No, ten, twenty, thirty people should get together and do the job with this common power! You can achieve results only if you act in this way. It takes will, willpower it takes! In order to be successful in keeping silence, you will have to develop your good will. The good that lurks within you must grow one way or another. Each person has one’s own method, which allows one to work.

Currently people are in the situation of clerks, expecting their salary each month. Well, if these clerks are made redundant, what will they do? So, faith is such a state, such a Power within the soul that allows one to adapt, i.e. not to be surprised by the circumstances at any given moment. But you have to think, to remove this thick atmosphere that exists among you. Keep reflecting, until you get a feeling that you start acquiring one small Power. The muscles of those of you who practice gymnastics start getting stronger, and they lift much heavier parcels afterwards. This is a process that will develop gradually. The faith of a child and the faith of a saint differ: the faith of a child is in one direction, while the faith of a saint is in another. Angels also have faith, but their faith is completely different. Faith implies a great law, in which there are no exceptions. If at times we get no results, the reason is that we have disregarded this law. If some of you beg and do not get results, this is so because you beg poorly. People who are in two minds, shall not get want what they want. The first rule in faith is not to be split-minded, not to be in two minds.

Since so far you have been talking and talking, the best you can do when you get together on Friday is to spend an hour or so in silence. Try to apply what we talked about on Sunday and what we talked about on Thursday. If you do not apply some of these rules, you will accumulate lots of material without any application. The same happens at school, when the teachers teach many lessons: students cannot learn the lessons, their memory is overburdened and this is why they become more stupid. Will, intuition, faith, and many other things have been talked about and one does not know what to choose. Start your contemplations on faith. So, when you get together, start keeping silence in the beginning, start contemplating, until you feel that there is harmony within you and that all of you experience an elevation. This indicates that your minds are achieving harmony. However, it takes work to achieve this. Keep practicing like this for a week, for two weeks, for three weeks, keep doing such exercises here all the time, and then start doing them outside.

Are there any particular issues, any particular objective, which you would like to discuss this Friday?

(Somebody from the audience): We shall split in groups in order to achieve unity, harmony among us, in order to be able to work,

Have these groups started functioning?

(Somebody from the audience): Some groups have started.

Two-three sisters can make a group and they will be able to do what a group of ten people can do. Sometimes two people will be able to do the work for thirty people – altogether it does not depend on the number of people. What it takes is faith, and faith again, so that you can achieve a quiet disposition in the Spirit; it takes immense confidence, so that you are not split internally, so that you can rule your nature, in order to be able to endure everything during the silence. There are methods about these things, but there are also so many distractions, which capture your attention, and you are left with no free time. However, on the other side, this is much better for you, because otherwise you would not know how to utilize your time. This place where God positioned you is the best place for you. He has allocated the work very well, but you have to know how to go about it. For instance, can you imagine how much you can achieve if each one of you sets a goal to herself to introduce harmony among all the people she knows who do not get along, to speak to them about noble elevated issues, about God, leaving her personal problems aside! If you keep waiting for the world to become a better place, even in ten thousand years this won’t happen. If you do not work, you can’t become better than what you are now. The progress you will make depends on your will to. The wealth that you will get also depends on the strength of your will. You can get to know a person by giving this person a hundred leva and watching what this person will spend the money on: if he goes to the pub and spends the money, tomorrow when you give him a thousand leva, he will do the same again. Do you think that if a bee has no opportunity to sting you with its behind, it would not do anything else to you? The point is not what you have, but how you utilize it. If God has given you a talent and if you disappoint thousands of people and push them over the edge, I would like to ask you what do you need this talent for? Similarly contemporary scientists invent various means, which kill people. What do they need science for? Your knowledge should be applied only for the sake of the good of humanity.

This is what you can do: let’s assume that you are a key to an installation – this is the job God assigned to you. You may say, “Does anything depend on me?” A lot depends on you! When you turn around, there will be light everywhere. If you are a key, it depends on you whether somebody commits a crime or not. If you turn around and bring light to him, he will have the opportunity to see clearly and he will commit the crime; if you do not turn around, he won’t be able to see anything in the darkness and the crime will be avoided. Good people are keys. Some say, “Let’s pray for the evil people!” There is no point. You will hold the key and you will open or close it, as the case may be. Once upon a time Elijah prayed to God for rain, because God had closed the sky for three entire years and did not let it rain. This is how we should look upon the issue: each one should remember that we are keys and that we can accomplish a lot. If one is true to one’s duty, one will be very useful. But if one leaves the key at the mercy of fate and says, “Turn this key the way you like”, children will be the first to come and play with it turning it to one side and to the other, until they break it. When people leave children to lead the way, they lose all their strength. Some old people, looking at what is going on now, say, “Contemporary people are ruled by children!” Similarly many mothers let their children do whatever they want; mothers do not contradict their children, until the children take control of the keys. No, it is the mother who should turn the key and tell her child, “When you are hungry I will feed you, when you are thirsty I will give you a drink, when you are naked I will dress you, when you are ignorant I will send you to study, but if you do not want to study, or to write or to eat, I will spank you!” And indeed, this happens to everybody in the world: a person is unhappy about this or that, protests against it, grumbles about it, and this is why God sends suffering to such people, subjects them to Divine education, and gives them a sound spanking. So, when God feeds us, we shall eat, when He gives us a drink, we shall drink, when He teaches us, we shall study and thus we shall avoid misfortunes in life.

What is it that we have and is actually the key, where is this key hidden? Knowledge is the key. How did Elijah lock the skies? What did Elijah do for the sky to open? He prayed and said that it should open. You should have faith and knowledge. If one does not know, how can one pray? Praying implies knowledge. And there is a lot for you to pray for: you have to pray to be intelligent, good, honest, and fair. One is required to do a lot of work, to cultivate one’s soul. What one can do for oneself, nobody else can do it for them. Therefore, one should withdraw in oneself and should spend a long time thinking, removing gradually all those feelings that are an obstacle, and should bring in positive feelings. Not to allow fear in, in order not to make mistakes, but to bring in intrepidity. Not to ask oneself what one should not do, but what one should do. Not to think of what one should not believe in, but to think of what one should believe in. Get together and spend some time thinking and each one of you should find her greatest weakness in herself. Each one of us has at least one weakness. Have you noticed how pigs, when trying to find a way out, go around to and fro and they get out at the place where they find a weakness in the fence. Everyone has a weak, poorly fortified spot, and this is why you should try to fence it properly. The pig that finds it will pass through it; this hole is easy to find. Everybody has such a weakness – various people in various aspects. It is often the case that one weakness spoils the good features of people, i.e. makes people useless.

(Somebody from the audience): How can impatient people become more patient?

Stick a pin somewhere in your arm and see how long you can endure. You do not have to this to yourselves; there are people to stick needles in you. You are good at this at least! The one who wants to learn patience should ask another one to stick needles into her. Bear in mind that all the desires that you feel within are not yours. Experiment along these lines and see for yourselves. You decide for once to do something for God, but at the same time you experience a desire to get a dress or shoes made for you. Thus the first desire gives way to the second and the most important thing is postponed. It is always the case that the most significant thoughts visit us hand in hand with the least significant thoughts. You will do your best to eliminate the insignificant thought, because, through suggestion, it has come from the Black Lodge. As soon as one decides to do something good, one is told by the Black Lodge, “This is not for you!” Many times you have told yourself, “I’ll be patient!” The Black Lodge would tell you, “You are not mature enough; therefore, you cannot be patient.” So, you postpone this for a more favourable time. But well, it is exactly before becoming mature when you need patience. When you become mature, patience comes on its own accord.

You will now have to learn the art of keeping silence. The best blessing for one is to learn to be silent.

(Somebody from the audience): There are people who appear to be silent only externally, but they are boiling with rage internally.

You should understand the Divine silence – to keep silence before God. When you get together, try to be in isolation from one another: make it a habit of yours when you think of something, believe you are alone; when talking about something, believe that you talk about yourself; when you think about silence, believe that you keep silence for your own sake. This is the only way students can learn to be silent.

If I give you a rule, keeping in mind that you have children, husbands, social work, and if you cannot apply it, this won’t be very wise on my part. In this situation that you are in, you want to be strong, but the first thing you have to do is to win a victory over the little difficulties you are having at home. Your problems at home are a very serious issue. For instance, somebody may say, “I can’t stand what’s-his-name!” This is your weakness. How do you imagine you are going to enter Heaven? The first condition, in order for you to enter Heaven, is to put up with everybody. It is said that all of us would change. If you do not change, if you come again even in ten thousand years, or in a longer time, you will be in the same situation. Similarly, an American professor said that there were certain people he would not like to see in ten thousand years. But even if he sees them then, if he does not change, he will have to fight the same feeling. Time in itself is no cure for any problems; time cures inasmuch as we make efforts to change ourselves in the present.

I would like you to start with yourselves, with a self-confession; this is the most challenging of tasks. You will develop your faith, compassion, your heart, your prudence, imagination, and music too. All of this lies ahead of you to develop it, besides the progress you will make shall depend on the time you have to spare. For the time being, God asks you to work for two hours. What do you do during this time? I have seen how some donkeys that have been kept closed and are let free afterwards, go rolling around not in grass but in dust. I do not laugh at such donkeys, they act very wisely – they have fleas troubling them; therefore, they say, “I’ll teach you a lesson!” and they cover the fleas in dust. Donkeys symbolise human stubbornness. Stubborn people wallow in dusty places and say, “I’ll teach you a lesson, make sure you do not lock me again!” These are simple comparisons. Animals that wallow in the dust have a completely different attitude. We look upon donkeys from a human point of view and we see that donkeys do not act wisely. If it is summer time, donkeys are supposed to go to a green meadow or to clear water and wallow [roll over] there.

Some of you have made a better progress, but all of you have to work. Everybody has certain weaknesses that are not the result of one’s ill will, but are of a karmic origin.

(Somebody from the audience): Can one alter [the position of] one’s soul through persistent work upon oneself?

If we are in the situation of caterpillars, notwithstanding how many leaves we can eat, we shall not be able to transform ourselves into butterflies, for a shorter time than it takes. During this period, strength needed for the transformation into butterflies have to be gathered. You may get polarized. One may make obstacles that can delay one for a hundred years, and similarly one may make an instant progress that can take one a hundred years ahead. One has to clean oneself before God every evening, which does not mean to become soft. Good people should also be strong. It is often said that one has to win a victory over oneself. The point is not to win a victory over yourself, this is bad, but you have to [get to] know yourself. So, winning a victory over oneself would not take us very far. Let’s assume that you are in the habit of fighting off and on, and now you break your arm in order not to fight. Did you gain anything out of this? Why did you have to break your arm? On the contrary, you should have said, “This arm should listen to my will, and I have to be in control!” I do not want you to win a victory over yourselves, but to be in control of yourselves. When you are angry [furious], when you have a bad thought in your mind, try to get control over these thoughts and tell them, “You do not belong to this place, inside me, this is a canal and you may only pass through, but you may not stay!” You should be like that railways officer, who opens the rails with a special key so that various trains can pass, who clears the way for the trains. Similarly you, with the key you have, will be able to send your thoughts and desires in the right direction.

(Somebody from the audience): Sometimes people look composed, but they are trembling internally; how can this trembling be mastered?

Let them tremble! I could cure all of you within a year, if we could have a beautiful flower garden at our disposal with various flowers and beehives, an orchard with various fruit trees, and a vegetable garden, and shall send you there to cultivate them, so that you can draw energy and peace out of the gardens. If you are anaemic and in low spirits, I will send you to cultivate the cherry tree and you will see that your spirits will change. If your faith is weak – I will send you to cultivate cabbage, to water it and keep an eye on it. These are formulae, albeit from an external influence. If you are in low spirits – place your hand upon your forehead and everything will change within five to ten minutes. If you do not apply this means, let those of you who enjoy maths, writing, or drawing, apply one of their favourite past-times. Draw a triangle, paint it black, blue, or green, and before three or four minutes are out, your spirits will change.

(Somebody from the audience): In order to have one’s attention distracted, isn’t this the point?

No, this gives you certain strength to make the devil work and you tell the devil, “Do you make anything out of these triangles?” And the devil replies to you, “I do.” While now you stay at home, this one annoys you, that one annoys you; even if you are the most patient person you will lose your temper. The most difficult thing for one is to be always patient, to be polite. Sometimes I watch other people: some of them are rather tense, they can hardly wait for somebody to pass by and regardless whether one is guilty or not, they slander him, they fly against such a person with all their might and they say, “Don’t you dare pass by this place!” Then they feel relieved, but after a while, giving it deeper thought, they realize that that person was not guilty at all, that the person was merely a passer-by. These are purely psychological states. The atmosphere can also be in a tense state: say for instance two dark clouds meet, their electricity attracts them, the air becomes thick with ozone and you start attracting this electricity upwards2. If you are angry, go into the forest, start yelling, shouting at the trees and stones, they will become thick with ozone and you will feel better. You will see how funny it will look to you afterwards, when you notice that you are in such a state. An American professor was telling me a similar story: he was not in the habit of going to balls, but he enjoyed dancing, therefore, whenever he felt a strong desire to dance, he grabbed a chair and danced with it at home. He himself found the situation funny, but he felt relieved afterwards.

You can apply the methods that I granted to you, and some will make use of some of them, while others will make use of other methods, as the situation may require. We have to make good use of Nature, it has the true method of healing. The present urban lifestyle is not quite natural, leading to unnatural states in people, lack of energy, because there is nowhere to draw energy from. Everybody needs energy - there is no energy to hand.

You have another method of work at your disposal: for instance one of you has great misfortunes, therefore, some of you try to direct their good thoughts to her and try to help her. When someone is sick and cannot plough one’s field, let twenty people close to that person, go and put in twenty hours of work for him and the field will be ploughed. It is said that we have to help one another, don’t we! Most difficult of all, is when one lives alone. Nobody lives for oneself; nobody dies for oneself! Why is it that in Nature many grass blades shoot up in the same place? To retain the moisture! Wherever there is only one flower growing, it withers very soon. Similarly, when there are more people in a certain society, they retain moisture for a longer time. But when one is alone, that person has to be under very favourable conditions, to be very knowledgeable, so that one can survive in the world. You have these conditions now too; you have everything.

I often notice that when I use certain symbols, you interpret them in the wrong way. For instance, I quote a law, I say that there are no exceptions to God’s law, but that there are rules in God’s Mercy, and these rules may tone down the law. I also say that nothing is given for free, and this is also true, but God’s Mercy is another law. According to it, if one is ready to receive things, things are given to that person for free. Both are true. Outside from God nothing is given for free, while inside God everything is given for free. If a general wants to climb up in society, this is dignity, but he would have to do it by virtue of the knowledge he has, by virtue of his valour. Professors can climb up in society only by virtue of their knowledge, not by virtue of benevolence. When you are invited to a table, you may be placed at the head of the table, but in society you cannot be placed at the top if this is not well deserved. So, being at the top presupposes work. Some may say, “I want to be talented!” You know the story about the donkey’s discontent: when God created it, it was looking around among the many animals and it noticed that all of them were very big, while it was smaller even than rabbits and was exposed to a lot of suffering. It prayed for a long time for God to make it bigger, with a high-pitched and strong voice, so that everybody can hear the donkey. God finally listened to the donkey’s prayer and granted the donkey height and a strong voice, but people started making donkeys work and this made donkeys even unhappier. So, the meaning of life is not in the abundance, but in the scanty that God has given us and in the place that Providence has destined for us. Now you do not know where God has placed you and what will come out of you. If you are a small seed and if you are sown in a sandy soil, nothing will come out of you, but if you are sown in a rich soil and if you are taken good care of, good apples can come out of you.

You will now spare a thought on your self-development. Do not think that there will be no temptations or irks for you. Christ was also bored. There will come a moment when one will say, “How long shall I bear this burden?” Let’s set a premium for those of you who can develop one virtue. What premium shall we agree on?

(Somebody from the audience): We can’t set it ourselves.

Oh, how clever you are, you can sell me out ten times at the market place! Some people say, “We know nothing about this issue, you tell us!” But when it comes down to their interest, they argue, “This is not the case, do not believe it!” So they also have an opinion, do they? Others say, “We are prepared to face everything, we are prepared to listen to you!” Easy to say, but the truth is that you are not prepared to listen to everything. If I prescribe to all of you to get up at midnight and to go out to the centre of the town, how many of you would do this?

(Somebody from the audience): We will, as long as it is for the better.

This is not important; some will do it, some won’t. If I tell you that you, your children, and your husband will die, if you do not go out, then you will go. You will do it out of fear. In such a situation even with a gun at your back, you will go out even to a war. You should do what your Spirit at a certain moment and in a particular case can agree to [allow].

Now, the good will of none of you is strong. Ill will is well developed. This is not to say that you are not good, but this is to say that ill will prevails over good will. These two powers – the good will and the ill will – take one direction or another and since part of the matter of our body is not pure, we experience perturbations. We have to purify ourselves from sins, because there is something impure within us, which holds back our good will and we have to make great efforts to get rid of these impurities, to call [invite] the Divine matter, i.e. to create the New Man. You say that somebody is weak. Certainly, one cannot be strong until one gets rid of the matter that holds one back.

So, now you will work to develop your faith and will. In order to develop your will, you must place an ideal in your mind. Take Christ as an ideal, i.e. the Living God, Who is manifested in the world. Take notice of the most supreme, most intelligent moments you experience in your life – these are manifestations of the Divine. Rare indeed are such moments, but you will have to try to keep the image manifested within you. During such rare moments, God has spoken to you. He speaks at the most once, twice, or three times in a year, and this is why you have to try to keep this speech. The more God speaks to you, the more He distances from you, the more suffering you experience. This is quite natural: you have one child, whom you love dearly, but once it distances from you, you start worrying about the child and you suffer. God acts similarly. By coming closer and going farther away God cleans your temple. God will come only when your temple is cleaned. This is why the Old Testament reads, “The Glory of God filled the temple.” So, good will you all may have. I talk now about experiences that you all may also have. What you need is will, will is what you need! You are all good! You laugh when I say that you are good. Do you know what I mean by telling you that you are good? I mean that nobody who lives with God can be bad; as you all aspire to God, you must all be good. This is what I mean.

I will show to you the categories into which certain of your experiences fall. For instance, you feel hungry; what kind of feeling is hunger? Physical. You have your meal – and you feel a certain pleasantness spreading in you. What kind of feeling is the pleasantness in this particular case? Again physical. You cannot rely on this pleasantness, since it is in the physical field. You have a friend, whom you love, and who is with you, and this is pleasant for you, you feel strong, powerful, but the moment this friend is gone, you feel a certain unpleasantness. This is a spiritual state. This feeling is also fleeting; one cannot build a house upon it. We shall now come to these feelings that express the most supreme manifestation of Cosmic love3: when you love someone and feel no change, regardless whether he is with you or not, this is a Divine feeling. All forms that change in you are insignificant.

You imagine Christ the way you used to know him previously. Certain intelligent powers flow out of this plastic form that stays in your mind unchanged.

(Somebody from the audience): Is this form the same for everybody?

It is different for different people. When you are in the situation of a hungry person, you will imagine Christ walking bare-foot in Palestine. Some have seen Christ in Light, having an aura around his head etc. There are forms through which Christ sometimes manifests himself in the physical world, sometimes in the astral world, and sometimes in the Divine world. You think that by experimenting and observing your thoughts you will come to a point when you will receive them in way that they generate no split-mindedness within you. When thoughts come from the astral world, they contain some small doubts.

(Somebody from the audience): When Christ appears to a soul, won’t it understand that He is its ideal?

Christ will tell everybody, “If you do not renounce your father, your mother and yourself, you cannot be a student of mine! If you do not lift the cross and if you do not come after Me, you cannot be a student of mine!” This is the first form through which Christ will be manifested. As soon as you receive Christ in this form, all suffering will disappear. This will bring about self-development of your consciousness... This is abstract matter. Some of you have religious experiences, while for others it is a complete darkness.

Something else that you have to master is to learn to keep silent. The one who has seen Christ should be silent. Christ will then be a power within you. If I were a burning candle, would I need to prove that I am a burning candle? Does the rose need to prove that it is a rose? No, it doesn’t, the scent will prove it. If you do not believe in its scent, is it the form that will make you believe it is a rose?

I relate this thought to another lurking thought of yours: you want to break free from a lot of suffering and hesitation; you want to become strong. Do the following small experiment then: take a poor sister of yours and start working upon her, see what you can do. What do you think you will have to do with her? I shall give a figure as an example: let’s assume that a sister of yours has lost her fortune, she has no money, no house, no property, and she is at her wits’ end. How can you help her? Let each one of you, who has more than they need, give her something – one will give her soap, another one will give her a pan, a third one – a pillow or bedclothes etc. You will see that shortly she will be back to normal. These are forms by which I would like you to grasp what I am telling you. Help everybody with what they need. Someone may have no patience – let this person have your bowl of patience. Someone else may have no faith - let this person have your pan of faith. A third one may have no pillow - let this person have your pillows. It won’t be long before you see that your brother or sister have improved and they say, “How good these brothers and sisters are!” If you do not take anything to them you will suffer. One cannot do this, but many can. However, you all need a bowl each. Do one experiment in this respect. Collective prayers are powerful as well, because when everybody prays at the same time, in the same direction, and is sincere and hearty, prayers have effect. Prayers have effect when there is harmony among you. Disharmony is what happens when a person who knows nothing about this art has tried to tune you. Therefore, disharmony can be called poor harmony or tuning. Indeed, the best part of a concert is the tuning of the violin and the other instruments.

The first thing I want from you is to compete in paying mutual respect and reverence. What we perform externally should correspond to our internal predisposition, which is in the name of God. Let’s assume that you find one among you unpleasant; do the following manoeuvring: imagine you are in the greatest of hardships or that you are drowning in a river and it is exactly this sister of yours who saves your life. Take your time for a while and see what feeling you will experience. You will immediately start softening and you will say, “If my sister can do this, I will change my opinion of her and I will start loving her!” Or conversely: let’s assume that this sister of yours, whom you do not like, is drowning in the sea. Go to her immediately and tell yourself, “Come on, I will save her, because I am stronger than her, and the strong one should always save the weak one!” These are cases given to work upon your self-development.

You will now do experiments. You may ask how? If you feel a desire to do such an experiment, you will pray for a day, two days, three days, four days, up to fourteen days in a row to achieve it and you will then feel an internal predisposition, that you are ready to do it and only then will you proceed to this good enterprise. And now you wait for things to settle on their own accord. Indeed they settle in this way too, but the results are completely different. You should all try to do these experiments. This is the only way to make the following line meaningful, “Pray for each other, to be healed.” Keep praying for up to fourteen days and the Spirit will say, “You may now do the experiment!” The Spirit says, “When one’s Path is worthy for God, God will reconcile that person.”

Well now, you all have to start praying for your Paths to become worthy for God, in order that God reconciles you with the others and brings harmony and the Divine into you, so that you can understand and love one another.

This is the Path; these are the experiments that you have to do to prepare for Whitsunday.

Master’s lecture

Delivered on 5 March 1920 (Friday), 16:00h.

1 [or Whitsunday] A Jewish holiday of gratitude for the Divine Laws, given in the Sinai Mountains, celebrated eight weeks after Passover [Easter]. On this day the Holy Spirit flows onto the Apostles for the first time (Acts 2,1 – 4) and the law gives way [precedence] to His gifts (editor’s note).

2 To editor: the Bulgarian text reads ‘upwards’ – but somehow I’d rather translate the word as ‘downwards’.

3 There are two words in Bulgarian for Love: “любов [lyubov]” and “обич [obich]”, translated in English as just “Love” [Lyubov] and “Cosmic Love” [Obich], the latter designating the human manifestation of Love as universal energy.







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