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Cosmic Love

Council lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno Held on the 24th of August, 1919, Veliko Tarnovo city

When you hear the phrase "Cosmic Love"[1], at first it may appear strange to you and you may ask yourselves if Love could be cosmic. It is possible. I use the word "Love" in a very broad sense. I use it to refer to "energy coming from the center of the Universe and going to the periphery", while "Cosmic Love" I use to refer to "energy coming from the periphery and going to the center of the Universe." I describe Love as a creative, constructive process, while Cosmic Love – as a process going from the bottom upwards, a building up process. When we talk about culture, about social, political and spiritual life I understand it as Cosmic Love, revealed in its great activity and presented as a conscious process, which is developed individually in the Universe.

I ask you to leave for a moment your convictions, whatever they might be, and to reason together with me, without criticizing. If you want to benefit now, place yourselves in a photographic position as if taking exact pictures the way they exist in reality, and after that you may criticize. If you place yourselves in a critical position beforehand, you will not apprehend correctly what I am saying and hence your critique will be irrational.

I am speaking about Cosmic Love, because it is a necessary element for all of you. Whoever wants to be healthy and happy shall realize the inner power of Cosmic Love. Many people talk about Love and Cosmic Love, but they confuse them. Love creates, while Cosmic Love constructs. In many cases, however, Love may destroy too. Cats eat mice out of love, because thus they understand and demonstrate the process of loving. Moreover, you know how a cat eats a mouse – it does not take its skin off, it does not throw away its impurities, but it swallows the mouse whole. And it is strange to us how a cat, that is a model of cleanliness, that is so refined in that aspect, could not know how to eat. Many people have the cat's habit too – they do not know how to eat. When someone swallows a thought in his mind with all its impurities – with its skin, guts, stomach and so on, it shows that he does not know how to eat. Such person has the cat's gluttony and love. By killing and eating animals, we also show our love for them. If they ask us why we kill and eat them, we shall reply that we do it out of great love for them – we want to put them inside us, not having them outside us only. Love says: "I do not recognize any other existence except my own and any being that is outside me, shall enter into me." Old people understand Love in that mode; the young generation understands Love in the same way. If we try to accept it in some other way, we expect to come to a contradiction.

All people in the contemporary social, political and spiritual life suffer from extreme love, so they get tired of it. More simply said, things look like this: if a woman has too much wool and leaves it without weaving it, the wool starts to smell. In other words: her love starts to smell. She has to find the process of application, starting to wash, pick, spin and weave the wool. Like that woman you have too much wool: you are wealthy people, you are merchants, philosophers, scholars, preachers.

All that is fine, but if you do not spin and weave your knowledge, I shall tell you that you are preachers of wool, merchants of wool, philosophers of wool, scholars of wool and so on. You have wool, but it is not spun. Wool should be spun. This will happen, when the great process of Cosmic Love starts, when Cosmic Power is awaked in us or, as the contemporary philosophers say, when High Consciousness is activated in us and we realize that we shall work for the common welfare of humanity, of all living beings, no matter whether we see them or not.

In your opinion my thought is a bit strange. It is really so, but not every strange thing is always false, nor is every common and well-known thing always true. I shall give you an example in order to make my point clearer. In the past, in the golden age of human civilization, in the so-called First Race of Gods there lived a great wise man. Once a disciple came to him with the following request: "Will you tell me one of the greatest secrets in Life – how to transform myself into whatever form I want. I wish to be as big as the Sun in order to fill all of space and to be visible to everyone." The wise man told the disciple: "Let it be as you wish." The disciple was very pleased and told himself: "I learned that great secret at last, so I will be the happiest being in the world." But he forgot to ask the Master how to become smaller whenever he wanted. He actually grew in size and was seen by everyone, but he could not communicate with people any more: he could not see them and talk to them, because he was high above them; so he went everywhere alone and felt very lonely. Every one viewed him as extremely huge; many scholars, philosophers, physicists and astronomers started to study him, searching the reasons why Nature had made him so big. Thousands of theories and legends were created about his origin. The great wise man, the Master, only said: "The reason for that size is nothing other than the wish of that disciple to become big in order to be seen by everyone. And I fulfilled his wish."

Another disciple went to that wise man and said: "Master, will you teach me the secret of becoming small, so that no one in the world can see me." The wise man fulfilled his wish and the disciple became at first very small, then invisible. But that very disciple, just like the first one, also forgot to ask how to return back to his initial form, because after becoming invisible and diving into the greatest depths of existence, he could not return, whenever he wanted.

These two disciples present the two opposite poles in the world – one pole forming the big worlds, the other pole forming the small worlds, for example microbes, which nest everywhere, invisible and torturing people nowadays.

After some time a third disciple went to the wise man and said: "Master, will you teach me the properties of Light and Heat, will you teach me how to become simultaneously visible like Light and invisible like Heat. Visible like Light in order to enlighten the great worlds; and invisible like Heat in order to warm even the smallest living creatures on Earth." The Master answered: "Let it be as you wish".

Therefore, at present there are three processes in the world, which develop simultaneously. Complying with one of them, some people want to become rich, to become scholars, philosophers, ministers, generals, to form states. These people become famous, because they have learned the art of enlargement. They know how to attract people and societies to them. But they have not learned the main thing – how to organize people and societies as conscious units. The magnet also attracts iron shavings, but it does not know how to organize them. To organize does not yet mean to educate, to educate does not yet mean to teach the Law of Cosmic Love.

Consequently, when we speak about Light we have in mind that process, in which the human mind expands and acquires an inner self-consciousness; and when we speak about Heat – we consider that process, which comes from the periphery towards the center. I call Light arterial blood and Heat – venous blood. When Cosmic Love passes through one's heart, it takes and throws out all the impurities as the venous blood does. That is why we say that Cosmic Love heals. Light and Heat, i.e. the arterial and the venous blood, are constantly exchanged in the human body, so it is built up and constructed through these two processes. These two currents, these two processes are found everywhere: in everyone's mind, heart and soul. Consequently, we shall study Life as Nature has created it, not as we see it today.

Contemporary people argue about whether or not there is a soul; it is a question of understanding. Since humans have consciousness, they have souls too; since they have thoughts, they have minds too; since they have feelings, they have hearts too. Is it possible to see anything melting without thinking of Heat? Is it possible to see anything alit without thinking of Light? Our delusions are caused by the shadows, cast on us: therefore we shall cast more Light and Heat onto ourselves in order to make our development visible.

I shall use an occult story to clarify this great idea. If I speak to you in a philosophic way, the subject will not be interesting to you. I want to make Truth accessible to you, so I shall use the language we have at our disposal. In that kingdom of old, which I mentioned before, the king had two daughters and one of them was very beautiful. One day she went to the great Master of Wisdom and told him: "Master, will you make me so beautiful, that anyone passing by me will be enticed; will you make me so sweet, that anyone seeing me will not want to leave me. And will you deprive my sister of all these features, so that no one will love her and she will always stay at home and not bother me." The wise man told her: "Let it be as you wish." The king's daughter mounted a horse, looked proudly around and said: "I am the king's daughter!" People, horses, oxen, flies – all beings she met on her way started gathering around her. But the horses around her began kicking each other, quarreling for a place closer to her and they caused everything to be covered in dust. The oxen began pricking each other with their horns and fighting for a place closer to her. The bees as well as the wasps began stinging. It all turned into an awful riot and fight – one by one the animals started falling down dead on the ground. The king's daughter, watching all that, realized how wrongly she had perceived Life in the Universe. She clutched her head, went to her sister and asked her: "Dear sister, please help me, because I committed an awful crime!" I ask: if a king's daughter comes to you, provoking so much kicking, pulling of hairs and fighting amongst you, has this king's daughter brought you the meaning of Life? No. If you are double-minded, if you cannot discover meaning in Life, you shall look for the reason in the mere fact that you have neglected your soul. You sacrifice everything in Life for the beautiful king's daughter; she represents your body. Philosophers, writers, politicians, preachers, all people live only to satisfy their bodies. We think, that the body is the most important thing in Life – what we eat, how it is cooked, of what products – of meat or of vegetables, whether it is baked or boiled, etc. – and we make banquets with the words: "That is the philosophy of Life." I say: "That is the philosophy of your stomach." You say: "Let us improve our social life." Yes, you mean to improve your social stomach. When your stomach is upset, the social and political life is upset too. Ask a doctor if one is able to philosophize and dabble in politics, when his stomach is upset.

Some years ago, on my way back from Kniazhevo[2] I saw a banker in the tram and heard him complaining to his friend that he was put on a diet and he was not allowed to eat for some time, only to drink a little milk. His friend asked him: "Why so? Aren't you a master of yourself?"

– "Yes, but my stomach is upset." – "Well, since it is so, you have to take the consequences."

His friend gave up any other philosophy, when he heard of the upset stomach. It is the stomach that gives direction to the feelings and actions of many people.

Cosmic Love is a great Law distributing harmoniously the actions of all the powers in our consciousness and giving the necessary nutrition to everything it has created: appropriate thoughts – to the mind, appropriate wishes – to the heart; appropriate actions – to the will. But only a mother can teach Cosmic Love; when a mother creates the body of her child, she gives it Cosmic Love through her selfless love. Only those who can sacrifice themselves are alive, because they feel that joy, which revives them. Many rich Bulgarians of former times do not live in the national memory any more, but Botev[3], Rakovski[4] and many others who sacrificed their lives – they are still living in the national memory, because they applied the law of Cosmic Love. Someone may object: "Yes, but Botev was not a believer". It is not important, if one does not believe in the way we believe; the important thing is whether you have understood and applied the law of self-sacrifice for the welfare of your fellows. That is the important and necessary thing for your final creation. When I am told that someone is not a believer or has eccentric ideas, I ask: "Do these ideas elevate this person, do they elevate society?" If they do, then it does not matter that the person is not a believer. If I carry a lit candle and someone else carries a candle that is not lighted, I ask you, who has the right faith? True believers are those, who carry lit candles. If you see people with unlit candles, tell them to light their candles and then they will become true believers. I also tell priests, preachers, citizens, socialists, communists – all of them – to light their candles and to become true believers. Everyone, light your candles – from the oldest to the youngest! No unlit candles shall remain, because the world needs Light! When Light begins to shine, Warmth will come to the human hearts too; thus all the existing hatred will disappear together with our wishes to be small or big!

In cosmic consciousness we solve that problem from the viewpoint not of one nation, but according to that Great law, which gives an impulse and meaning to our lives. Every father and every teacher who deal with children, shall apply successfully the new methods of education and teaching, so that they may help their descendants. Parents send their children to school not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn how to apply that knowledge in Life. Teachers shall teach the children first of all how to eat, what foods to use, what are their properties and features, which of them are the healthiest and so on; then they shall teach them how to breathe, how to take in fresh air. By 'air' I mean mentality, thoughts of any kind, which provide stimuli and give noble impulses to the human souls. Do not think that I want to make you true believers. You are free to behave and feel as you wish. I want only to give you new methods, which you may apply in Life, so that you may avoid contradictions.

I compare the present situation of the contemporary society to the state of a caterpillar used to eating leaves, when it is being turned into a butterfly. What will be its nourishment then? It will no longer eat leaves, so it shall learn the art of making wings in order to fly and take the sap from the blossoms. Modern society also is passing from one state to another according to the Law of evolution. Do not think that you will live as you have lived until now. No, God has already deprived you of the leaves – so it is written in the Divine Law. God does not allow you to eat leaves any more, when the time of the butterflies has already come for you – you shall fly and gather sap, you shall use your proboscis. In other words – people shall learn to love.

This Teaching brings a new culture, which will create a new race, though contemporary humanity has no idea of it. The humans who will come will be great in every aspect: in Virtue, in Justice, in Love, in Wisdom, in Truth. You will open your homes to them, you will not fear them, you will not call policemen and armies to guard you from them; and they will not impose their convictions violently on you; so the present contradictions will not exist anymore. There will be a New Culture then. Some of you will be honored to enter that Culture and others will remain in the state of caterpillars, if they still keep their old way of thinking. I am not reproaching you, but I tell you this in order to realize that Nature applies the Great law mercilessly and she is absolutely righteous in her actions. After she has placed some people in a certain phase of development, she wants to see results and she will not wait for them; instead they shall wait for her.

When I tell you all these things, I do not intend to make you adepts of this Teaching; I am just warning you about the big disaster, which will come for you; if you delude yourselves and stay for another ten years in the form of caterpillars, there will be no food, no leaves left for you. I advise you to make the transformation into butterflies ten days earlier and to start nourishing in the new way. If you allow an illness to advance too much and the blood of your whole body gets poisoned, what will the doctor tell you? "It is too late; you should call me earlier." Many politicians engage the Bulgarian nation with useless things right now. You should know that every nation has its predestined mission; if a nation does not accomplish its mission as it should, it fails and nothing can save it. Every individual has his predestined mission too. You will object: "Let us take Macedonia, Thracia, Dobrudzha[5] back and we do not need anything else." No – people, people are needed to rule this state in the right way! When I tell you this, I do not mean, that you all should rush into some political party. I have a very broad view about Life. Human and social life presents a huge tree for me. Does a tree have only one leaf, only one blossom? No, it has thousands of branches, big and small ones, thousands of leaves, big and small ones, thousands of blossoms, big and small ones, thousands of fruits too. If I had enough time, I would tell you in details about each political party. Each political party with its convictions and aims corresponds to a little branch, to a leaf or a fruit of the huge tree. How long can a leaf live, if it is not on the branch of the tree? It will wither in the autumn or it will be taken away when the wind blows. The fallen leaves are still alive, but they are under the rule of the wind and they move only when the wind blows.

I ask you now how you want to live – up on the tree or down on the ground. You hear about someone: "That man is living." He is living, but down on the ground and according to the will of the wind. Whoever has Life in himself is always lively and joyful. When some people say that they do not feel well, it means that they have fallen down from the tree. They have fallen in order torenovate, so that the roots of the tree may suck their sap and then they will reincarnate again as new, young leaves. This is the reincarnation, which bothers many people and which is being argued against. Christ said: "If you are not reborn, you will not see the Kingdom of God." It means that if you do not reincarnate, you will not enter into the New culture, you will not become members of that Great race, which will bring conditions for the evolution and well being of all creatures. The Kingdom of God is in that Culture. In that Kingdom there will be no dead people, no funeral services, no graves and monuments, but everyone will be happy. All great men like Paisii[6], Botev and others will appear in this Culture, bringing new ideas and as heralds of the New culture.

You may hear: "Botev is not here in flesh, but his spirit is here." Where is his spirit? What should we understand by 'spirit'?" The fundamental law of Lavoisier[7] is well known: nothing is lost in Nature, everything that has ever appeared continues to exist. Some of the things are visible to one, but invisible to another. If I do not see an object, does it mean that it is not existent? Many theologians, philosophers deal with that quite abstract issue: whether God exists or not. God exists for me, He is Cosmic Love and I see it everywhere, and I understand it very well. Anyone, not me only, who serves God can see Him and talk to Him every day. God is living in you. God is living in every human being without exception. You'd better say no bad things about me, because God lives in me as well as in you and nothing bad can be said about God. You come to listen to me and that fact shows that God has come with you too.

What I say is not new, for you have carried it inside you for centuries. Someone may say: "Mr. Deunov preaches a new Teaching." It is new only for the period of time when it is revealed. If I travel, for example, from Sofia to Turnovo[8] by train, the objects fly quickly in front of me. Some of them become past, others are present and third ones are future. Don't these objects exist simultaneously? Therefore, the past, the future and the present exist simultaneously, presenting one reality in the world. Those persons who have passed away, those who are living now and those who will come in the future, also present one reality. But I shall leave this question; you have 350, 000 years to solve it and I believe that you will succeed. After that term I shall come again to see how you have solved it. We shall not treat it now, because it seems somehow untimely – it requires many thousands of years to be solved.

Contemporary problems are of this sort: people are deprived of bread, of wood, of salt, of sugar, of hygienic homes, etc. Some people speculate about this and say that the culprits should be hanged, the women who create dissentions and other problems should be beaten and we should wage war on our enemies in order to avenge ourselves, so that society will be satisfied and its members will become wiser. Have women not been beaten until now? Have there not been massacres, hangings and wars by now? – "Let us change the judges." – Will the new judges be any better? Something else is wrong. If I get drunk and things seem strange to me, it is because my personal life is alcoholic, not because everything in the world follows my way. We are like that Bulgarian Ivan, who visited a family and was offered some drink. He drank as much as he could, but then he was persuaded to drink to the health of the mother, to the health of the oldest son, then – of the oldest daughter. So Ivan drank to the health of everybody and he got so drunk that he could hardly go to water his horse. When the horse was watered and when it stopped drinking water any more, Ivan insisted: "Drink to my health." But the horse drew back and stood aside. Then Ivan said to the horse: "You understand Life better than me. You do not drink more than you need to anyone's health." We behave like Ivan: if there is a party somewhere, we drink to the good of a political party, then to the good of a feminine organization, after that to the good of women and so on. We compromise and yield until we start looking like the drunk Ivan and then we say that we do not understand anything.

Contemporary people should be aware of their duties to society in order to serve it properly. When someone is asked: "Are you a Bulgarian?" he will answer: "Yes, because I speak the same language and have the same religion as all Bulgarians." A Bulgarian should not be recognized in this way. I think that a Bulgarian has to be honest and righteous, clever and good. If people possess these four qualities, they are Bulgarian. If they do not possess them, they are not Bulgarian. Someone may say: "This man is a priest." I ask if he is honest, righteous, wise and good. If he possesses these four qualities, he is a priest. Another may be a lawyer, mother, father, teacher or anything else; but they shall correspond to these four qualities. They are an unconditional necessity in social life. I wish all Bulgarians to possess them. If they do, I will congratulate them. All of you should be dressed brightly inside and outside, should be pure in body and in spirit in the same way as Nature adorns flowers in variety and purity. I say that we must be honest and righteous, wise and good-natured in the full sense of these words – in soul, in mind, in spirit and in power. We shall also have a strong desire to help each other.

You could always have Cosmic Love in you. You are miserable, your child has died or you have lost something. Why are you unhappy? The reason is that Cosmic Love is not acting in you. Someone got mad; another one was downhearted – why? – Because they had lost Cosmic Love. When it comes to us, we shall become powerful enough to do everything. People who have that Love acting within them never get downhearted; they know that all the troubles and disasters are only shadows in Life. Do not be afraid of these shadows! I compare troubles in Life to the following: imagine a huge tree with thousands of leaves living peacefully and quietly. When a storm comes, they start jostling and quarreling between themselves: "Why are you so rude and pushing me?" When the storm passes, they start living peacefully and quietly again. In this case the reason for their quarrel is external. If this tree had understood the Law of Cosmic Love in order to avoid the quarrel, it would gradually be transformed into an animal; and if the animal had applied Cosmic Love, it would be transformed into a human being and the human being – into an angel. When humans are dressed in that higher form, they will be able to master the powers of Nature, overcoming all their sufferings. You shall learn this Law from your little children. What do they do when they want something from their mother? They hug her and start caressing and kissing her, tenderly repeating "mama, mama". What does that hug mean? The child introduces its love by its left arm, and its mind by its right arm. Thus the child surrenders its power to its mother, so she is ready to do everything for her child. That is why children are beloved. Adults say: "Shall I give a kiss or not – I may catch a disease." Children do not philosophize; if they want to kiss someone, they give a kiss and that is that. If my kiss is capable of healing a person, I am going to kiss him. If it is not capable, I shall not kiss him. Every kiss should bear a certain good in it.

When you go to visit someone, you should not go with empty hands, but with a gift. When you go to visit a poor woman, do not fill your purse with banknotes, but fill your bag with bread and fruits. The charity organizations should do the same. Now some of them take money from here and there and then do charity with it. No, my friends, you cannot do good at someone else's expense, you cannot live in the New culture on someone else's account. The charities give money to the poor, but then they want to be paid for this work. Nothing should be paid. When I serve, I should serve out of Love. When you visit my home I shall meet you well, I shall nourish you well, I shall wash your hands and legs, I shall give you all the means you need, I shall do all favors to you just as to a friend. This is required by the New culture. Now, when you go to a journey, you may pay a visit to someone for one day, but then you shall take a room in a hotel. The Turkish say: "Han eri, baba eri"[9] The innkeepers are good people; they have a higher position than common people. In the beginning they are very polite, but when you leave, they stop you right away and say to you: "You have to pay."

Do you know in what situation the present-day people are placed? I shall use an example again to illustrate this. A dervish[10] went to a bath, washed well, but on his way out he found out that he had no money to pay. Then he turned to the bath-keeper with "Thank you" and went out. "Wait! Won't you pay?" – asked the bath-keeper. " I have no money." – "Why did you come then?" The dervish wondered what to do, so he turned his thought to God and said: "My God! Give me money or demolish these baths." In that moment a big noise was heard. The baths were destroyed and the bath-keeper ran over to see what had happened. The dervish went away calmly. When he walked further, he saw an imam[11], who was praying and told him: "I know what you are praying for – money."

Contemporary society has always been suffering from that desire for too much money. And recently the Bulgarian state has issued so many banknotes, but where is the active circulation? There should be effective money. The products of Nature, however, are always effective. If there are wheat, fruits, potatoes – there is culture. Without them there is no culture. Culture is determined by Cosmic Love, sent to us from above. Do not think that the Sun and the other planets do not take part in our lives. The Sun is most of all interested in us and every year it sends a credit of thousand millions to Bulgaria. If you go to the Sun, you will see that its inhabitants have Energy of many thousand millions for the culture of Bulgaria, for Love, for religious beliefs and for spiritual elevation in the way of Truth. Observing the Sun with a telescope today, we say: "The Sun is fire". I do not agree, because fire is a weak energy. There is energy on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful, which could not be expressed in words. The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy. I am not to discuss the inner aspect of that energy, to explain how it was developed and so on. And would you believe me if I tell you something about the Sun, which is so far away from us? You do not believe in my sincerity, you wonder whether I have any ulterior motives, so how will you believe in these things about the Sun? It is obvious that the Sun is well disposed to us from the energy it sends to the Earth, from the gifts which it prepares every day for us, because Life is impossible without this energy. The solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about the Sun in that way, we shall be able to receive its energy and it will produce a conscious and proper process of growth in us.

So Cosmic Love tells you: "Work for your heart and plant good wishes in it, as every good wish will give a good fruit. Plant good thoughts in your mind, as every good thought is a fruit tree. Plant good actions in your will, as every good action is a fruit tree." Cosmic Love also says: "Do not doubt yourself, as every doubt is a leprosy." And Cosmic Love concludes: "Be brave and decisive in Life and in the battles you face. Do not consider your struggle as unhappiness, but as a process of work, allowing you to understand the inner meaning of Life, to find those laws, on which the body is constructed, those laws which the stomach, the lungs, the brain are subject to, so that you can properly organize them."

We shall have suitable conditions, so that Love may be revealed in us. We have these conditions in Life; they are given to us. If we do not use them, we cannot avoid bad consequences. Sufferings show that we have lost the energy of our life. And we are going to suffer till the lost balance is restored.

I shall give you an example, proving that our belief or disbelief produces two opposite results. Once upon a time there lived a great artist in Rome. He decided to paint the ideal image of Christ. He started walking through the city in order to find someone who could express this idea. He found a young man – twenty-two or twenty-three years old, and began painting him. The image turned out to be very successful. About three or four years later he decided to paint Judas Iscariot. Again he went out into the city to look for a suitable image. He found one at last and offered to paint him as Judas. Astonished, the young man turned to him and said: "That is very strange, Sir. Four years ago you called me to pose for you as Christ, and now you want me to be a model of Judas." This young man had lived such a vicious life during the last four years and had distorted his image so much, that the artist could not recognize him. Yes, one may be simultaneously Christ and Judas in respect to oneself and one's people. We create our character and we have to be masters of ourselves, not expecting a salvation from outside. Salvation is in us. It is nothing other than surmounting all the bad things that discourage us and hinder our development.

Mothers are those who recruit members for the different social strata and groups. I have already mentioned that a mother is able to create whatever person she wants while she is still pregnant, while the embryo is still in her womb. Society depends on her to create good or bad members of it. If she has conceived, but creates without Cosmic Love, she will not be able to create what she wants. If, during her pregnancy, she goes to balls, concerts and spends her time in entertainment, she will be the cause for the appearance of people like Judas and then she herself will wonder who was the reason for the perversion of her child. She was the reason. She did not settle on conditions for creating something good. If a child is talented and noble, it is because its mother has understood the Cosmic Law properly and has given an opportunity to her child to use it. Character and strength are passed to child from father, mind – from mother; honesty – from father, righteousness – from mother. Only the father can make his son or daughter honest. Only the mother can make her son or daughter just. There are sometimes honest and clever children, but they are not just and good. In such cases I say that one of the parents has made errors. If the above four features are available in a child, it is a sign that both mother and father have acted in compliance with Cosmic Love and they have embedded these qualities in their child.

Cosmic Love is an excellent worker and what is given to Her, that is what She gives out; She will spin what wool you give it, saying: "You gave me this and I use it." I shall make a comparison in order to clarify my thought with the following story. A young man, whose name was Stoyan, served a wealthy merchant. The servant worked honestly, but everything he earned (sixty levs monthly) he gave to the poor. His master, seeing what his servant was doing, always made remarks that he had to save something for his old age, because there would be no one to take care of him. Stoyan every time kept silence on hearing those remarks or just said: "God is merciful" One day his master fell into a deep sleep and saw a very lively dream: he was walking in a beautiful place and there, among gorgeous nature, he saw a wonderful house. He asked some of the people there whose house it was.

"It is your servant's house" – they answered. "But he is poor; where did he get enough money to buy such a pretty house." – "He is really poor, but anything he earns on Earth, he sends it here; thus he has made this beautiful house." Walking further, the master came to a drier, barren place and seeing a small, poor cottage, he asked: "Whose house is that?" – "It is yours, because you did nothing for the needy ones" – they answered him. This story is true in the meaning that what and how much a mother gives to her child in this world, that she will receive; and accordingly she will build in the other world a beautiful house or a poor cottage for her. If she is generous in her love for her child, she will have a palace. By "palace" I mean the human character. If we introduce this Law in present-day life, many sufferings will disappear.

I will finish my lecture with another example in order to point out what we need. At the time when Bulgaria was under the Ottoman yoke, there was a Bulgarian who was an apprentice of an artisan of pottery. The young man had studied pottery for many years and it occurred to him that he could work by himself. So he said to his master that he wanted to leave him. His master agreed and then he started working by himself. He made earthenware, dried it in the Sun, then put it finally in the oven, but when he took it out, it always was cracked. He worked in this way for some time, but he got discouraged, because all his pottery cracked. He went to his master again and complained to him: "I do not know what my problem is, but my earthenware cracks when I take it out of the oven." The master told him: "I may tell you the secret, but you have to work with me three years more." The young man agreed but while staying there he was closely watching his master, so he saw him taking out the pots from the oven and blowing 'hu!' into each one every time. The servant then told himself: "So I had to work for three whole years for one 'hu'!"

You are all put in the oven like these pots. If a master takes you out, no damage will come to you, but if a neophyte does it, your pot will crack. You are the pot. The oven represents the hardships in the world. The master represents your spirit. Stoyan or Ivan represents your soul that is learning how to create. Consequently, if you do not teach your soul to blow, to clench its fist, nothing will come out. To clench your fist means that you give the opportunity for your will to act according to all the rules of the Law. Everyone of you should stand up in front of the oven and say to the master: "Please, blow!" The blowing presents Love. If Cosmic Love comes to you, your spirit will transform your body. Then you will be worthy members of the New culture, of the New race.

I would like to congratulate you all as members of this New culture, wishing you to serve it with joy – to be carriers and workers of Cosmic Love. Only in this way can a nation fully fulfil its mission. Only in this way can Bulgaria rise up as a nation and state. Be sure that if you accept Cosmic Love, everything will be resolved in your favour. Nothing bad will occur to Bulgaria; changes will occur without crashes or cataclysms. The New will come and energy will be transferred from the impure pot to another one, which is clean. And we, as representatives of the New culture, will live without hatred, without malice. May Love and Cosmic Love be the two polestars that will pilot our Life on Earth!

[1]Cosmic Love – in Bulgarian "Kosmichnata obich". There are two words in Bulgarian for Love: "lyubov" and "obich", translated in English as "Universal Love"("Mirovata lyubov" – the title of the previous lecture) or just "Love" (Lyubov) and "Cosmic Love" (Obich), which designates the human manifestation of Love as universal energy.

[2]Kniazhevo – a former village in the outskirts of Vitosha mountain, now a district of Sofia

[3]Hristo Botev (1847–1876) – a great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary

[4]Georgi Rakovski (1821–1867) – a Bulgarian publicist, one of the leaders of the National Liberation Movement against the Ottoman yoke

[5]Macedonia, Thracia, Dobrudzha – geographical districts on the Balkan Peninsula

[6]Paisii Hilendarski (1772–1773) – the monk who wrote the first history of the Bulgarian nation, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival

[7]Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743–1794) – a famous French chemist

[8]Veliko Turnovo – the previous Bulgarian capital; Sofia – the present capital of Bulgaria

[9]"Han eri, baba eri" – a Turkish proverb meaning "The innkeeper's land is like a native land."

[10]Dervish – a Moslem monk

[11]Imam – a Moslem priest

Translated by Dimitrinka Daskalova

Edited by Malinka Koparanova and Maria Braikova

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