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The Universal Love

Council lecture held by the Master Beinsa Douno 19.08.1919, Veliko Tarnovo

The topic of my lecture will be the Universal Love. I use this word in a broader sense than it is usually understood. You may ask what the Universal Love has to do with you. I respond: the Universal Love is the essence of Life. Love bears conditions for Life – it is the main stimulus on Earth, e.g. an ideal which all of us are aiming at. Life itself, in order to be entirely expressed, assumes freedom of actions. It is developing in four directions: social, political, cultural and spiritual. These are areas of one and the same reality. By the word "Love" I do not understand that usual love that is extinguished like a coal in water. That is not Love. True Love is like a coal, but a live coal that has realized the sense of earthly life. This is the reason why the ancient men of wisdom and the old alchemists tried to study and have come to know the essence of this live coal. Those who are not familiar with its properties say that Love burns people. Yes, there are things, which would be burned up, but there are things, which would not be. It is the same as in metals, some of which could be oxidized and other could not be oxidized, e.g. they burn without being burned up, that is why they are called "noble metals".

You may ask me another question: "Why shall we be interested in any ideal, when we are living in such bad conditions?" But I will ask you if you can really prove that your conditions of living are bad. It is only an assumption. In Life there are as many bad situations as good ones, as many fallings as raisings, as many losses as profits. Both types of conditions are balanced in the end. What we call bad living conditions is our subjective viewpoint – human speculation. People say that nowadays mankind is sick, but I do not agree. The sickness is an anachronism, something temporary, which depends on the person himself, because one has an equal possibility to be either healthy or sick. Diseases are nothing else but a way of rectifying, because development begins only when there is a counteraction to the human will. This could be always proven in Life. All great people have suffered, and these very sufferings have been the stimuli for their elevation. And those who had not met any obstacles, but on the contrary, had all favorable conditions, have dropped behind.

Modern people want to become rich, but they have to make a choice because there are two types of wealth: wealth that could sink you down to the bottom of the ocean and one that raises you up. If you are on board a transatlantic liner, as the Titanic for example, with a rucksack full of forty kilograms of gold; and if next to you there is someone who has not such a load, who has a bigger chance to rescue himself, if the ship begins to sink? Is it you, who are wearing a rucksack of gold, or the other person, who has nothing? Answer for yourselves. I understand the word "gold" in a broader sense than the ordinary people do. Gold for me is an emblem of knowledge – to understand those laws, by which you could work in the world, to master the natural forces, to direct them, so that they might be useful for you and for others. It means the knowledge you possess not to become oxidized, not to burn up, but to be kept and utilized for good.

I will tell you an occult story. Once upon a time all men and women in a kingdom lived happily. They lived as brothers and were happy, because their king had not been married. Soon the citizens asked, "Why should our king be alone; let us find him a pretty maiden and marry him to her in order to bring us an offspring in the future – otherwise our state will fail." So they picked out the most beautiful maiden and married the young king to her. The queen gave birth to two daughters. The first one was so beautiful that she attracted everybody with her beauty. The other one was so ugly that everyone avoided her. But the unfortunate thing was that when the beautiful daughter threw a glance at anyone of the citizens, his eyes became sick; when she touched someone, he became crippled; anyone she met in the street during her walk never returned home healthy. Thus all citizens of this country became crippled. But when the ugly sister went out, anyone she saw became healthy, anyone she touched was healed. You may say that it is just a story, not reality. It is not a story, it is the very reality- it is life nowadays.

If your son – virtuous and honest – looked at a pretty maiden, his character would change immediately, his mind would darken, his heart would become twisted, because beauty stimulates only the external side of human life, e.g. its purely physical side.

You want to be beautiful, to be rich, to be strong, etc., but I ask you if there is a beautiful, rich and strong man who has not died yet. Someone could answer back: "People will die of starvation from your ideas." Well, what about your ideas then, are you not going to pass away having them? I would like to see someone not dying in one or another way. People not only die, but some of them perish. Other people want to become good in order to avoid suffering. No, the better you are, the more suffering you are going to have. Someone would ask then what the solution of this problem is. It is only in the fact that the good man is aware what he is living for, why he is suffering and dying, while the bad one does not know it. This is the difference. Do not think that death is something natural, within Nature itself. Once upon a time humans were immortal. We now are also capable of avoiding death. But do you know what meaning I put into the words "not to die"? I mean not to sin. A human, if sinning, is dying for sure. We die, because our fathers and forefathers have sinned. We are also sinning all the time, because we take the burden of our previous sins. This is called "karma" by the eastern cultures or "the law of cause and effect". These causes concern not only the individual person, but also the society and humankind as a whole. When I say this to you, I consider one great Truth, which you all may verify. I do not mean in theory, but by experience. I can submit the Teaching I give you to live testing.

Nowadays people are asking each other: "Do you believe or not?" All people in the world believe in something. I have not met a person who does not believe. But there are differences in these beliefs. One day a great man of wisdom came to the kingdom, where people suffered because of the pretty royal daughter, whom I have just talked about; he was carrying an apple seed and said to the people: "I have a remedy for your ills. A tree will grow up from this small seed – ten meters high, which will bear juicy fruits – half a kilogram each; and everyone who tastes these fruits will not be affected by the eyes of the king's daughter. This is the Tree of Life". However, people did not plant the seed nor waited for it to give fruit, but they just took it, passing it from hand to hand with the words: "Did you hear, if planted, this seed would grow in a very big tree, which would bear sweet fruits – half a kilogram each, and they would cure the sick." All of them started talking about the seed, believing in the healing power of its fruits. Finally they lost the seed and then began speaking that everything it was talked about it was false and stupid; was it possible for such a big tree to exist, giving such fruits; it was a lie. So they stopped believing.

When someone nowadays claims that he is not a believer, I say: "Friend, you have lost the seed." You could be an educated, serious person, but if you do not have this seed – Love – in yourself, you will be submitted to thousands of sufferings. I will not focus on explaining what religion is about. You will find it out by yourselves, because now I am talking about Love. I am asking whether we have this seed. Who among the great scientists of the previous and the current century has brought this seed? Some would reply that Christ has. Where is it, let us see? Jesus Christ has suffered, resurrected, but let us see the fruit of this suffering and resurrection. The seed has been lost!

I will go on with my story. The same man of wisdom appeared for a second time in that kingdom and said: "As you have lost the seed the first time, this time I will not give it to you to transfer it from hand to hand, but when I find the most worthy citizen here, I will tell him: "Friend, you have a nice garden and I am going to plant this seed in it, but you shall pour water on it and take care of it; and in five or ten years you will get fruits to cure everybody."

You have to plant this seed and to utilize its fruits. The first fruit of this seed is Love that is to reign among all the people, independently of their faith and nationality. They have to go higher than their own home, society and nation. Love shall encompass the whole humankind, because we are all its members. It is one living organism and when it feels good, it will be the same for the nation, for the society, for home, for an individual too; and vice versa.

I do not want to interfere with your viewpoints at all. It is not my intention. I am speaking in principle. That is why I do not want to mix in with the shortages – social, political, cultural or spiritual. It is not my task and it does not solve the problem. Visiting a home, where people are hungry, I must not preach to them that God will think about them, leaving them hungry with this thought. I will not tell them "Believe in God, have thrust in Him". I stick to the following principle: to have always with me a bag full of bread and when I visit a home where people are hungry and when I see them quarreling, I will say to them: "Let us lay the table and lunch together." Then peace and calmness will be restored at that home.

Today's people have a wrong understanding of Life. They say: "Let us put the society and the world in order." – These are ideal tasks, but how shall you bring up the society, your sons and daughters, the political men, the teachers, the priests, the preachers? – I advise you all to go and study the life of bees – they will teach you how to bring up. When bees want to create a queen, they prepare a special food for it; they prepare another food for the worker bees and a third one – for the drones. Bees are good at settling down their life much better than people, who are only philosophizing. It is not a reproach, but an indication that we should study Nature in a broader way, as it is staying in front of us with all the laws and prosperity patterns input in it.

In the Universal Love we will reach a higher level of our consciousness. To feel the vibrations or to hear the voice of all suffering people and to help them – it means to help yourself, your nation and humankind simultaneously. That one, in whom this feeling has been awaken and activated, and who has become free of all the material obstacles, he can transfer himself everywhere in the space to help anyone. You will say: "How is it possible to help someone without touching him?" To this question I shall ask another one: "Does the Sun, which is ninety three million miles away from us, touch us with its hands?" – No, it is just when it throws a glance from such a remote distance, that everything in Nature begins to tremble, to grow up and bear fruits. Some people say: "Let us raise a hand for a blessing." Very well, but when you raise your hand you have to give something, in the same way as the Sun raises its hands every single day, sending energy and power towards the sick and healthy creatures. Someone may say: "Why shall we deal with the Sun?" I do not tell you to deal with it, but to utilize it. If someone is indisposed, let him take a sun-bath; if he has lost his own energy, let him stay longer under its shine; if he is disappointed in his ideal, if he cannot decide how to work, let him go out under the sunrays to warm up.

Someone will respond: "It is God who will help." When you speak about God, I ask you what your God is. God is inside us. When we feel Him, when He starts speaking into us, then we fall in love with all the people in the same way and we are ready to sacrifice for them. When Christ said, "There is no greater Love for a man than to give his soul for a friend", he meant, a man to provide his friend with the necessary conditions of living. Our love for those next to us should not be such that we consider him a sinner and want to save him, but it should be love based on considering him a brother, a friend and giving him all the conditions for living and developing. Do not think that you are going to draw him a new path of Life. No, the path of Life for everyone has already been drawn and it is strictly mathematically determined. It is defined for everyone what he would become, the way he would live and how his life would develop. It is the law of the permanent cause and effect.

In the Divine Law of Love there is no disharmony. When we realize Love as such a Power, it will inspire us. Then we will be strong enough to correct all social defects not in a mechanical manner, but through Love. When society directs its Love to someone, it will change his mind and provide a direction in his life. That is why when we say that God is almighty, we mean the Totality of the whole Existence, of all the beings, whose thought is directed towards us as a Creative Power. Anything bad in us – it is not Divine, it belongs to us. We ourselves have created the present bad life and order. If you ask me why God has created the world in this way, I would reply to you what I know: the world was created otherwise, and I find out that it has been destroyed by humans – in the way I see it now.

All of you here, listening to me, have different views about Life. Not only you have your own views, but also the mammal species, the birds, the ants, the plants – they all live according to their own understanding. But yet it is not the very sense of Life, which is much richer and wider. Various capacities and powers are hidden in the human soul, which might be awaked under special circumstances. Each of you could do a little trial. How? – In the following way: first, think that all conditions to become real men are input inside you. If you are not capable to utilize these conditions, it does not prove that you do not have this potential; it shows that you have not still found and implemented the proper methods. Both the contemporary scientists and the ancient philosophers have been striving for thousands of years to discover namely these methods of elevation of the humanity.

We have no religion able to bring immortality to man. I say that the Orthodox religion has not yet existed actually in the world. When I say this, someone may ask me which religion I belong to. I answer: to no one of the contemporary, empty religions, which are out of content. I will tell you what my religion is and I will define what religion is – the shortest definition: religion is the connection between Love and Wisdom. There is not a better definition of religion. That one, who has found this connection – Love to act in his soul and Wisdom – in his mind, he has religion, he has realized the law and immortality itself. Such a religion will make us being God-like. How could man be like God? – If he does not die, because God is immortal. And Jesus said: "Be perfect, as your Father is perfect." Man cannot be immortal without being perfect. Someone would ask: "Why did the saints die then?" – Because they bore the sins of people. When we clear out our sins, we would not die, but we would come to the state, which is the core of this Teaching – to live in Love and Wisdom. Man who does not possess this Love, cannot be religious and immortal. According to this definition (understand me well), 'not to die' means that you shall become a master of all situations in Life: you shall be equally joyful when you suffer and when you are glad; you shall feel in one and the same way when you lose and when you win. Whom do we praise presently in our lives – all those heroes who have suffered and perished, don't we? Whom do we build up monuments and lay wreaths – to the buglers, who robbed the foreign, to the rich ones, who accumulated millions, or to the philosophers, who have been honored by knowledge? – No, not to them, but to those ones who suffered and sacrificed themselves for the humankind, to them the latter pays respect and glory.

People today often like to speculate with sophisticated phrases about the existence of God and to ask if there is God. I do not solve this question in a philosophic way, but I just say that God exists as the Sun is shining. Imagine that you are awake always in nighttime, and in daytime when the Sun is shining, you sleep; that you are always woke up at sunset. You explore the world always at night and in twenty years you say: "There is no Sun". I object: change your life style, sleep at night and be awake in daytime, when the Sun is shining – and you will see it. It is the same with the rich people who have sunk down under their loads. I do not judge them, but point out their unhappiness. They are at the bottom of the ocean and that is why the sunrays cannot penetrate to them. How could they save themselves? They have to leave their gold on the bottom of the ocean. But is there Life upwards? Much more magnificent Life. These millions could be symbolically your thoughts to become rich, to take a high ranked position or to conquer the world. Free yourselves out of these thoughts. Just tell me which minister set Bulgaria right, which one put England right, where is the ancient Greece, where is Rome with its glory? I do not argue that man should have strivings, but I say that we move in the wrong direction, that we have a wrong understanding about Life and it is time to put an end to this wrong perception.

Two Greek sculptors wanted to show their art, which one of them has a better understanding. The first one created a bunch of grapes, so natural, that even the birds were attracted; and the second one created a goddess, so beautiful, that when he put a veil over it in a delicate manner, the other sculptor said: "Please, take the veil up to see her better!" This example shows that the one who created the goddess was more skillful. But I ask you whether those two artists died too. They did die. You could understand very well any law, you could be a philosopher, a governor, etc. – it is just the art of those two sculptors, the shade of things, it is not the essence of Life. The essence of Life is to enter in harmony with it. But we have not entered into this harmony yet. I oppose to the opinion of the present people that they live real Life. They do not live real Life, but they suffer and struggle.

According to me there is: struggle, labor and work. We are still in the struggle, but Life begins with work. And work is the conscious Life – to realize how to be a master of yourself, of your mind and your heart, so that no one could corrupt you. It means to have this great Love that is inspiring you. And not only to inspire you, but also to become a permanent stimulus for you as warmth and Light are for the plants. Modern people seem to me (I beg you pardon for this comparison): they are like that very educated, crazy man, who was set in a big hall of the madhouse, where fifty other crazy people also spent their time. He spent his time collecting straws and making heaps from them, which he carried from one corner to the other during the day and next day he repeated the same. People look like this man and ask why they are unhappy. Because they heap straws. That favorable wind should come, which will take away all the straws and the misfortunes together with them.

We should behave with people next to us in the same way as that saint, who went to talk with God. Passing by a rich man, the latter told him:

— Tell God, that I am tired of this wealth. Let Him take it away from me, in order to live as the other people do.

— Very well – the wise man said – I will tell this to God.

He went further and met a poor man, who said to him:

— Tell God, that I am tired of this life. It is enough for me to be naked and barefoot. Let God give me clothes and change the conditions of my life as a whole.

— I shall present your request – the wise man said.

He went to God and told Him about the two men. God answered:

— Tell the rich man to become unsatisfied and to start muttering against Me and I shall take away all his wealth; and tell the poor man to be satisfied with Life and everything will be given to him.

The wise man returned and told the rich man what God had ordered, but the rich man objected:

— How can I do this? I cannot.

— Then your wealth will stay.

He passed by the poor man and told him what God had ordered, but he also objected:

— How can I be satisfied with such bad conditions?

Then the wise man told him:

— You will walk barefoot and you will be buried naked.

You say that dead men are with God, but you go to the graveyards to read prayers and to pour wine for them* (*Orthodox tradition to bring some food and wine to facilitate peace of the souls of the dead ones). Can they be simultaneously into the graveyards and with God? That one who is up will tell to those ones who are down: "You think that you are dead; start giving thanks and you will be resurrected." Do not accept my words as a reproach, I am not willing to blame anyone for his beliefs. I am just putting in light those false understandings on Life that are inserted in us, pushing us into a wrong direction, so that we fall in disharmony with Life itself. We want to live and meanwhile we are preparing to die. That one who has found the law of the Universal Love, of that Cosmic Consciousness, he will not die anymore. You may hammer nails in his hands and feet, you may crucify him, you may put him in a tomb – he is able to revive again. That one, who has not learned that great law of Love, his stone will never be taken from the grave.

Nowadays people are talking one and the same: "We are sinners, we are sinners". I do not want to listen to this anymore! What I know is that people are good by nature, they are good in their souls, but because of misleading and evil will they are bad. They are looking for happiness, believing that they will find it in the way they are following. They will not find it there, because their fathers and forefathers have sought it in the same way too, but have not found it. Christ said: "Whoever hears the voice of the Son of man, he will survive!" What does it mean "The Son of man"? – The Son of Wisdom and Love. That one who has united Wisdom and Love, he has survived. And you will also survive and resurrect when you hear that voice. This is what Christ has taught. If you plant the seed, which I was talking about, not just giving it from hand to hand, if you plant it in your hearts, then the revival and resurrection, which you all wait for so long will come. Then Life will enter into its natural Divine way.

I will give a rule to all mothers, listening to me, how to have the sons and daughters they want. I can tell the maidens and young men, listening to me, what the meaning of their lives is. You will get married – marriage is a sacred deed, but there are three types of marriage. The first type could be called a commercial agreement; the second one – a marriage of a master and a servant, e.g. a male master and a female servant or vice versa; and the third type presents an union, in which man and woman live in Love and Wisdom, they live for each other and the wife will not only say a bitter word to her beloved, but further more – she will not throw an angry look towards him, she will continue to channel her love to her partner, even in the cases of his greatest mistakes. Only this type of marriage in the world could give birth to good children, wise men and saints – servants of the whole humankind. If the mother, who has conceived her baby, is inspired by great ideas about the humankind, she, yet being pregnant, will transfer to her baby all virtues. She is like a God for the baby and can make from this 'mud' whatever she wants to; because once the baby comes out of the womb of the mother, he or she becomes independent in his or her thoughts and feelings. If the mother introduces all her qualities of Love and Wisdom in her child during these nine months of pregnancy, the child will have a very good attitude to her during his or her whole life and he or she will be always ready to sacrifice for her. If a son asks her mother why she has given birth to him, I know that the mother thought about nasty things while being pregnant or that his father was in such a state. The sons and the daughters carry the thoughts of their parents. It is the conclusion, to which the contemporary science has also come.

In such a general lecture I cannot really discuss this issue any longer and develop these principles in details. Schools are needed – schools where the young people will be educated into the spirit of these great laws- how to become good mothers and fathers as well as builders of the future society. There is a book, written I think, by a Bulgarian, with a proper title: "Builders of contemporary Bulgaria". But to know how to build- it is a great, sacred work.

Maybe some of you have doubts in what I said. The doubts are not necessary here. You are wrong when you have doubts. Throw away the doubts from your souls, because my doubt in you is a doubt in myself and your doubts in me are doubts in yourselves. I have no doubts about you. I have all the Faith that all of you will become good people in the future. Some of you are still in an early stage. Some of you are not on the field yet, but in thousands of years, when I meet you, a considerable difference will be observed in comparison to your present state. You will say "Is it possible to meet in so many years?" Of course, we shall meet and understand each other much better than today. Now you have a critical sight, saying to yourselves: "This person came here to talk to us and could confuse our minds. It is a dangerous issue, so we have to be alert." You are right. If I were in your place, I would think the same.

Today, when I was traveling from Sofia to here, I sat next to a man. I noticed how he was touching his purse in his pocket, at the same time looking at me and at the other passengers and he was probably wandering whether we were not from the people who took and did not give, whether he would 'enter in our pocket' or we would 'enter in his pocket'. I do not belong to those who enter in your pockets. But I can allow you to enter in my pocket and take whatever you can. Only when we begin to think in this way, the world will be set right. Abundance shall exist all over the world: abundance in minds, abundance in hearts, to freely open your hearts for each other.

I do not consider the contemporary society the way you do. It will anyway die – no one could help it bearing such thoughts. In fact it could be helped, but how? – If the conditions would be changed. I will give you an example of this. When the Spanish sickness* (* initial name of a flu) was in its peak and six million people died all over the world, I was asked about some treatment. I answered that I was not a doctor, but according to the laws I know, the sick had to drink boiled hot water and to eat boiled warm potatoes – and in a week or in ten days the crisis would be over. Certain people would say: "Do you think that we are so stupid to eat potatoes and to drink water!" I do not mean that you are stupid – I am just telling you a method of treatment. Apply it! Let all those who have applied it share what the results were. What did the doctors do meanwhile? – They put injections and most of the ill passed away – a thousand and seven hundred people passed away in Sofia in seventeen days. And the doctors explained: "Well, there was a crisis, complications, etc. etc." I say: "These people should have drunk boiled hot water and eaten boiled warm potatoes. Drinking boiled hot water is an injection too, but from inside, not from outside; the matter is to know where to put the injection.

And now, if you ask me how Bulgaria will be cured, I will tell you: "By drinking boiled hot water and eating of boiled warm potatoes". When I am saying this, you have to know the sources of water, which to use. Take water from the places where donkeys drink it from, because they do select the sources of good water. If you utilize boiled hot water, it will introduce in you such elements, so that ninety percent of the contemporary crises, corroding the society, will disappear. The boiled hot water and the boiled warm potatoes – it means Life in Love and Wisdom.

Therefore, the Universal Love will connect us to Life in order to understand the meaning of everything – of every flower, every tree, spring, mountain, home and man. It will reveal the great secret of Life to us in order to understand our mutual relations. Entering inside, it will make us powerful and heroic in order to win. Not a single trial has to be done, but at least ninety nine trials, so that the hundredth one would be successful; and it will not be an exception. So you have to be persistent. All this is true also in Life. If one is sick or has certain misfortunes – it is mathematically calculated for how long they will go on. Because all types of diseases are due to certain living creatures – microbes – whose life is in contradiction with that of the sick man. The diseases will exist until we allow these microbes to live in us and to leave their residuals in our bodies.

If somebody asks me for how long murders will continue in the world, I will answer: while murderers exist. And for how long thefts will exist? – While thieves exist. But the thieves were not born thieves; they are created by their wrong perception of Life. The killers are children of an old culture. It is the bad ideas, which if once penetrate into man, could kill him. The contemporary science proves that man could be hypnotized, thoughts could be transferred to him to commit crimes. You are informed that many experiments have been conducted with young people, who are not in favorable conditions, and the results show that their moral could not pass such a test. And the Universal Love creates those favorable conditions, which clean all poisons from the society.

Any bad moods, thoughts, feelings or actions are caused by the vibrations of certain types of matter which exist in us and which are revealed in our lives. Therefore, in order to be good, to reveal good desires and thoughts, one needs to collect clean subtle matter as well as to organize his own forces. The rough matter is like a base for committing crimes. Where it is said: "...Those who listen to the voice of the Son of man will survive..." it means that those who understand the law of Wisdom and Love will not be subjected to bad conditions. If you live in a kind of basement, where sunlight does not penetrate, it is natural in such conditions to catch rheumatism or consumption, hypochondria and other diseases. Go out in the sun, because the favorable conditions are over the surface of the ground. Clear yourselves of the excessive dampness and then you will bring new conditions into your lives. What is the dampness in man? – The excessive desires create dampness. And the excessive extreme thoughts create dryness. It means that both dampness and dryness in their extreme appearances lead to a bad result in Life.

Now, the basic points for the development of man are to be found in that Universal Love, where the consciousness has been elevated. I will give you an example: you have a hand, which you often raise and hook its fingers. Why are certain fingers longer and other ones – smaller and why is the thumb so far away? When the hand is in action, all these fingers come together and the thumb comes from the upper side to help them; man takes a plough or what ever other tool in order to work with it. In a society, let say, created like a hand, some people could become traders. The little fingers – they are the traders, we call them "bazirgyani"* /*traders in Turkish/ or these are the contemporary practically oriented people; fourth fingers – they are the people of art and science; the middle ones – the people of justice and politics; the forefingers – the people of religion and private life; the thumb presents the people of the Divine World or the rational beginning in man. All these fingers must be united and to work together. Until the society – the politicians, the people of culture and the people of Spirit are disintegrated, they cannot create that effect, which is produced by the hand, uniting all its fingers together in order to work. Man needs to be willful in order to unite his hand. And when he implements will, introducing thoughts into the areas, which I have just mentioned, and asking for help, all will gather as the fingers of the human hand and will do miracles.

Consequently, there is a great philosophy introduced in the human hand. Every day when you look at your fingers, consider your relations, the relations of Love to Wisdom. The thumb presents the Divine principle that has to be utilized for the good of all great people, of the whole mankind; the forefinger – for the good of religion and private life; the middle finger applies the justice and politics for the benefit of all, it realizes the badness of Life and creates the laws; the fourth finger introduces culture; the little finger creates the material benefits. The thumb is ready to sacrifice itself and tells the other fingers "If the four of you unite, I shall support you too and the work will be done".

Some orators, while speaking, raise and make a lot of gestures with hands, I also raise and wave my hand to you. Why? In this way I tell all of you to find the relations of Love to Wisdom in order to realize your rights and obligations relevant to your closest ones, to find and implement the great principles of this Divine science for the good of society, for the elevation of youth. In this way you will improve your economic conditions: to have an abundance of butter, vegetables, wheat, fruits – plenty of everything. It is the meaning of the fingers of the human hand.

If all the people know how to hook the fingers of their hand, they would be in a different position. But the Bulgarian raises hand in fist, like this, with the words "I can break your head", as the English and American are boxing their noses. To a person who raises his fist against me, I say "Come to me, we can do a lot of work together, because we can understand each other." I would like to have work in common with a person who clenched his fists. A baby is born with bend fists, which means: "I am going to grow up and I will conquer the world!" And a dying man opens his hands, as if saying "I am passing away, I could not do anything. My Lord, please forgive me!" But do you know what God answers to such man? "You did not know how to bend your fingers." Why are you suffering as well? You suffer, because you do not know how to bend your fingers. "Why is that unhappiness in our house? Why does Bulgaria suffer? Will be there a contribution?" If you keep your hand open, there will be a contribution, but if you close it – there will not be a contribution. "And what will be our state in the future?" If you know how to bend you hand you will be a free, great nation; but if you do not know – you will be slaves as before. You may say that you are free, but you are not free. Until you do not understand each other and revenge to each other, until you do not love each other and you are not ready to sacrifice for each other, you will not be free neither as individuals nor as a society, neither as a nation nor as a mankind.

Today I want to leave the following idea in your minds: all Bulgarians shall begin to bend properly the fingers of the right hand first, realizing what it means; they shall concentrate their minds onto the hand and tell themselves: "I am going to do everything that could be incorporated in these fingers." I want to leave this idea in your minds: all Bulgarians shall begin to bend properly the fingers of their hands: first of the right hand that belongs to Wisdom and then of the left hand that belongs to Love. Do this experiment for one year. Project it in your thoughts and actions of will and you will see the result. You may say: "We are not so stupid." You have done a lot of stupid things. Is the man sitting in the pub and drinking beer, is the man lighting a cigarette and smoking, doing very clever things? Is the man reading newspapers, which news is hardly one per cent true, doing clever things? And what I tell you about the hand is ninety nine per cent truthful. When you read newspapers and drink beer, you also bend your fingers, but then you say: "I will not drink, I will not smoke, I will not get angry, I will not revenge to my friend!" Bend your fingers and say to him: "I will speak kindly to you!" Isn't this a great Wisdom? I shall teach you a great law of Life – how to bend your hand in order to direct everything to good. Introduce this great thought and at least taste it! Do not think that I want to lie to you. Make a little trial and in a year when we meet again, you will tell me about your experiment. And it is the easiest one. I may give you also other experiments, but they will cost you a lot.

I want not only to bend your hand, but also to think when you do it. If you are disappointed and you want to commit a suicide or you want to kill somebody, bend your fingers and say: "No!" If you are faint-hearted, you will do the same. The whole secret is hidden in your hand. To have hands means to have the greatest good in the physical world. Whatsoever does not come under human hand! What lovely sounds come under the hand of a violinist, when he takes the bow, and under the hands of a skilled pianist, playing the piano! If you understand this law- to bend your fingers properly and to send the appropriate streams of thoughts through each finger, if you input all your power in them, they will exercise such an effect, that you cannot imagine. We write with three fingers, but if we introduce in them the whole power of our thoughts, then something quite different will come out under our pen. These are great secrets, which human beings knew before the fall, but nowadays they are forgotten.

You need not only to bend, but also to open your hands. To raise hands up towards the space, what does it mean? Receiving of energy. Taking this power in, right away bend your fingers and project this power into your thoughts and desires; thus you will give a strong urge to your lives. Say: "I want my hands to be polarized from the great store of Nature, where great Wisdom and Love are hidden, so that I could accept them, I could accept Good – the uniting link, that serves to all the people on Earth." And the embrace means the same – to give something from you, from your love and wisdom. When you embrace somebody like a brother, projecting your love and good thoughts, you would introduce life in him. A lad, who will embrace his beloved in such way, will bring her inspiration and life. That one, whose embrace is octopus like and who is in bad spirit, he has nothing and he can give nothing. Our embraces, our open or bent hands are not just that- they have their meaning, which is initially laid by God in them and which is also existing in Nature.

If I have the opportunity to speak on this subject again, I shall continue my lecture. Now I shall leave you with this thought: you, who are listening to me, teach yourselves and your neighbors to bend hands and to embrace with Love and Wisdom. Only in this way individuals, families and the society as a whole will be improved in political, cultural and spiritual aspect. You shall deny your past and begin that sensible Life, which I mentioned and which is announced today in the world. Who will not observe that great law from now on, he will not have conditions to live on Earth. The laws of Nature read that whoever does not want to comply with the law, he has to leave the Earth. If you do not believe now in what I say, verify it and tell me in ten years whether my words are true or not. That great law is imposed now on the whole mankind. That great consciousness is awakened now in the world – something that has never happened. It is the ardour of all human souls that are longing for Freedom. And this Freedom is not sought by singles, but by the whole mankind – by every individual, every home, every culture and religion. It is a Divine ardour, elevating the whole humanity. And the religious men not only should not stop its current, but they should give way to it, otherwise it will run over them. This current is carrying such goods, which the world has not yet seen, but also such sufferings to those, who will oppose to it, which they have not met. The Earth will be shaken in such way, that people will realize, that there is something different, which they have not perceived till now. Nature also has a limit of its patience.

You do not think that the future of the world will follow the same path as up to now, do you? Say good-bye to your past! Some of you say: "I have won a lot, so I leave two thousand levs to be buried." I am sorry, that you leave money to be buried. "I am going to leave money to the society in charity." I am sorry, that you leave money by testament, without doing anything in your life. Whatever you want to do, do it yourself while you are living. When you pass away, whatever is left is not yours and you have not any right to bequeath. When you pass away, people will do whatever they want with the property and money you have left. These are the improper thoughts you are living and dying with, and moreover you ask yourselves why all these misfortunes happened. Leave Love and Wisdom in minds and hearts of your neighbors – they are really valuable. The valuable items are hidden in your hearts and your heads. Do you know how much they cost? Billions. Do you know how many millions of years have passed for their development? Do you know how many millions of intelligent beings have worked on mind? You do not realize what fortunes are hidden in the brain. It stays alive even after the body dies and starts to decay. This is the way I see it. I also see people living in another way. You may ask me how man can live when he is dead. For example, you live as divers and you ask yourselves if it is possible to live in different conditions. When you reach the water surface and take off the diving suit, you will already live like the other people.

We live as divers now, but when we reach the surface, we are going to live in a different way. There are thousands of opportunities to live in other modes. And whoever puts obstacles to Life, he does not understand the major laws of human soul and spirit. If man was born and died just once, if he exists just now for the first time, he would be a pitiful being. The human being you see today in front of you has been existing for millions of years. God has been working for millions of years over his soul and spirit. The human soul – that is His daughter; the human spirit – that is His son. We should pay great respect and reverence to them.

It is the new Divine teaching in this world, which has been heralded and which will inspire New Life in the contemporary society.

Translated by: Varbinka Hristova

Edited by: Mariya Braikova, Malinka Koparanova, Ed Cox

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