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This Teaching

Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. 2 John – 9,10

The above lines constitute the core of the appeal, the word transgresses1 has a double meaning. For example, the child starts walking and what a joy it is for the mother. She will go out to let the neighbours know that the child has made the first step. Do you understand why the mother is thrilled? Her child, so far moving on all fours like the animals, is already upright, i.e. walks, and this is joy for the mother. The Apostle says, "Whosoever transgresses, and abides not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abides in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son." I believe that many dare transgress, but there is a double transgression. When a person loses one’s temper, hatred comes into one’s soul and the person transgresses. Having transgressed like this, a person can no longer abide in the Teaching of Christ. The Teaching of Christ is Divine; it is a Teaching of the eternal Life, not of the human temporary life. Life can be divided into three categories: animal life, human life, and Divine life. Animal life is a life of continual suffering; human life – of continual labour, and Divine life is a life of continual Love or of Blessing. The human and the Divine principles keep changing in everybody’s soul. For example, you love somebody – a friend of yours, you give her gifts, you invite her home, you receive her well, but one day you say, "I already hate her." How can Love be transformed into hatred? This love is human, a love of consideration. And nowadays, all homes and all societies suffer from such love all the time. If you are rich or educated everybody receives you well when you join a society. Once they have taken what you have, they show you the door through which you came in. Although you have entered through this door so many times, you still haven’t learnt your lesson.

When this Teaching is being talked about, you say, "It’s not relevant to me." Both the good and the bad sides of this teaching are relevant to you, because if you suffer, you suffer for your sake, and if you rejoice, you again do it for your own sake. Nobody can suffer or rejoice for you. In this respect everybody bears his or her cross. Many of you wish that somebody else would bear your suffering for you, therefore, you keep telling one person, another person, and then many people about it and you say that people do not understand you. Let’s assume that your ankle is sprained and you go to a neighbour of yours to put it into joint, but she, not knowing anything about this art twists it and she keeps twisting it and causes you much more suffering. So, you go to another neighbour of yours, but she can’t put it into place either and your pain gets even worse. Who is to blame for this – you or the woman who does not know how to set it? You are to blame, because you allow a person, who does not know anything, to play with your ankle. You have to place yourself into experienced hands. The Scripture reads, "Confess your sins to each other." I now give you another order, "Hide your sins from each other." If you confess your sins to each other, the way you allow your neighbours, who understand nothing, to deal with your ankle, they will twist them and nothing will come out of it. Therefore, confess your sins to the one who understands. Christ’s Teaching restores the Divine harmony or the lost virtues of the human soul. First of all, it has to make you pure in the heart. You will say, "Can a person live in this world and have a pure heart?" Yes, it is possible. When one stays in water, one can always be clean. The second thing, which Christ’s teaching can do for you, is that your soul will be a virgin soul. What does this virginity mean? Farmers call virgin soil such soil that is rich in juices, while soil poor in juices is not virgin soil. Hence, if your soul can deliver something good, something supreme, it is virgin soul. If it cannot deliver such things, it is not virgin soul. John says, "Let’s try this teaching." Abiding is similar to a human being staying in fresh air, living in it, and breathing it in. When we enter Christ’s teaching, when it settles in our souls, it will inevitably produce a certain relief in our souls; we will feel a special Purity within. So, purification will come with the very Teaching itself. Contemporary advanced physicists have big disks to clean themselves. When some of them make experiments and cannot clean themselves easily, they get into those disks, switch on the electricity and in five minutes they are clean. Christ’s Teaching is this Divine electricity and by letting it into your souls, it will generate this Purity.

It reads, "He that abides…" If many of you fail to succeed or progress, they transgress something, but the way little children do. When we transgress a certain Divine order, we immediately lose our temper and equilibrium. This Teaching has to exist in this world so that we can live peacefully, because it is food for the soul. Just like we have to receive food everyday and to transform it into strength, in the same way Christ’s Teaching has to be transformed into a constant strength. I notice that many of you rather than becoming peaceful and humble become nervous and touchy. This is a painful situation. There is another mistake with you as well: you think that you have learnt a lot and because of this each one of you judges the others at large. Many of you wait for some strength, some revelation, to come to them out of the blue so that they can show the world that God is with them. God has been with you for thousands of years, so you do not have to show the world that God is with you. The world needs the Sun, just like our Sun, to deliver food to the world. You think that by lighting a candle you will enlighten the world. No, other people will light a bigger candle and yours will be left in the background. You have to apply Christ’s Teaching for your souls’ sake.

When I tell you a certain truth, I see you – you turn your heads to the others and think that these words refer to them. I exclude nobody; I speak to everybody. Evil is evil, even if clad in golden garments. Nobody can love a person who has leprosy. The soul is the one that tunes the body. When your soul is pure, when Christ’s Teaching is in it, your body will be healthy and you will forbear everything with ease, you will gladly endure even the greatest sufferings. Do not forget that our earthly life is not a bed of roses. Pay attention to how little children fish in the river; they take a small fishing rod, place a small worm onto it and swing it into the waters, and the fish eats the worm and gets hooked. It often happens that you too get hooked and the devil takes you out; swallowing the bait, you believe you walk along the Path. The first thing that you face is to cut the line and then call the doctor to take the hook out of your throat. I can see many such hooks in you, left from the past. How many bullets are left in soldiers? Doctors say that these will come out little by little, but when the weather deteriorates, pain is sure to show up. Christ’s Teaching is a Teaching of the Divine and eternal Love. So, if a person can love you ten times a day and can hate you ten times a day, do not trust that person’s teaching and do not let such a person into your home. Love is the one that has the Eternal Life. If you have this Life within you, you will understand the Divine secrets.

I want you to lay these two principles in your life, because they are identical: the one who transgresses does not deliver. A woman, who cannot weave, should not be allowed to sit at your loom – she will spoil the cloth. A servant, who cannot cook, should not be let into the kitchen. A person who has not studied should not be allowed to teach your children. Do not let leprous people in, because leprosy will penetrate your souls. Nothing impure should enter Heaven, as Heaven is your soul. Now you are ruled by this principle: you are like idle students and you want your teacher to be lenient. This cannot happen. Consider architects, who have completed their studies; the teachers, who taught them, were always lenient to them. What is the use of this? You meet such an architect and you ask the architect to make a plan for you. It will be a plan like the plan of that person, who ten years ago constructed a building in Varna, and one of the walls collapsed shortly thereafter. What would have happened to the clerks if they were in? Hence, everybody, who graduates thanks to leniency, will create a false teaching and one’s thoughts and desires will be buried underneath.

I am not saying that you are not on the Path, or that you haven't started seeking the Truth. However, when students do mathematical problems they know whether the problem is properly set or not. Many times the correct answer is marked to check against. Students, who do not understand their job, want their answers to be by the book, but gifted students say, "The answer, given in the book, to this problem, is not correct." Therefore, you have to correct the answers in the books and to do your mathematical problems in consistency with all the rules. The process you will pass through will be useful to you.

Christ’s Teaching is alive and Apostle Paul says, ‘Christ is come in the flesh is of God.’2 How do you imagine Christ? Apostle Paul says, ‘yet now henceforth know we Christ no more’3. How then do we know Him? So, there are ways to know, to feel Christ. When we say that we can recognise Christ, I understand that Light can be recognised only by seeing, but not by touching, nor by smelling, nor by hearing. How do we recognize Wisdom? By hearing. So, listening is thinking. How can we recognise Love? By the tongue. Taste it and you will recognise it. The tongue contains two elements in itself: it imparts the greatest blessing in the world and wise speech comes out of it. Sweet nice words are the fruit of Love. Therefore, if you have understood Love, your souls will be the fruit. Each spoken word in Love is powerful. Sometimes your words are weak. Why? Because you have no Love within. Sometimes you say, "Let’s love each other!" This is as if we say that it’s time to eat and we talk about chicken and lamb but there is nothing on the table. These are words in vain. Let’s assume that I have served at your table chicken and turkey, either painted or made of gypsum, but poured with delicious sauce. Will they [dishes - chicken and turkey] be of any good to you? Is this what you call teaching? No, it isn’t. And you, who listen to me, have been and are still walking along this path. You say, "Let’s love each other!" So far, I have not noticed Love among you. I have been working with you for so many years, but I could not make a single rope out of your love, so that I can pull someone out. And God says, ‘I attracted you with the threads of my Love.’ What we call attraction or gravitation is a very thin thread. The whole Earth is sustained by such a thin thread; each soul is sustained by such a thin thread. If this thread breaks you will fall away from God. If you adhere to God, you will be joined by this thread and shall be in a centre, around which you can move. This is what the Teaching of Divine Love implies.

I can check how many of you have this Love. Some say, "I am utterly offended." Why? "Because I was not welcomed properly." I ask you whether you welcomed God, Christ, as you should. This is not meant as a reproach, just a question about human development. Because, if we want the food we receive, to create our new body, it should run uninterrupted and continual. Divine Love is also continual and as soon as it runs dry the whole river within us will run dry. Divine Love never runs dry, while the human one runs dry every six months. As soon as love runs dry, the river-bed also runs dry, but at times there are great floods and waters get turbulent. When your soul is churned, your guiding spirit shows you that you reside in human love, not in Divine Love. If you do not love anybody, this indicates that the devil lives in you. The devil also has its love. When Love in you alternates with hatred, this is a sheer imitation of love and such love is called love of death, due to which everybody dies nowadays. I shall give you an example of such love: in Varna, a young gentleman, a rich shopkeeper, decided to get married. He found one young woman he liked and married her. Soon after the marriage, he fell seriously ill. Ill of what? Ill of his wife. He left for Europe to get treatment and after four-five years, he was saved. Therefore, if a certain teaching, with which you may come in touch, generates such a condition within you, you have to reject it.

Place Christ or the visible God in you and say, "God’s Love does not change!" If you keep thinking like this, you will not say that you are sinful, because there is no creature that has been denied access to Divine Love. You cannot enter Divine Love and enjoy it, without knowing it. When you enter Divine Love, you will swim and everyone who cannot swim will drown. Some say, "When I enter Divine Love, I will drink only half a litre of water, so that I won't drown." All right, but there are millions, upon millions of litres of water there. This is why everybody will clutch at Divine Love, so that everybody can swim. What does swimming mean? When you walk on the earth you argue that you want to be in touch with God, but are you? You are lagging behind. When you are in the water, you will be immersed in it. Such is the law of swimming. The same law rules Divine Love too, but in it you will be on the surface. A person struck by lightning, places his face to the ground, so that the earth can draw out the electricity, which has entered the person. Similarly, when you are struck by spite you have to quickly fall down on your face! This is what it means to be immersed in this Divine Love, so that it can enter into you, so that it can touch the matter and penetrate inside you.

John says, "Father and Son." Father is the one we came from, while the Son is the visible Love. The Love I talk about, is not something ephemeral, is not just a pleasant mood, but constant warmth. This you can check and verify. If, in half an hour, you experience a change to the opposite, this is human love. Sometimes your face becomes light and you say, "I’m close to Christ!" On the following day, however, you are in a different mood. These are phases of human love, which warm on one side and cool on the other. As soon as you enter animal love, you will feel a thirst for revenge. Subsequently the love of the devil is in this - the devil takes delight in revenge. Divine Love harmonises the two conditions of animal and human love, takes out their juices and places these into agreement.

This Teaching is necessary for your personal life. You believe in Christ, you go to church, you light candles, you meet various people, and all the time you seek Christ. You tell yourselves, "When we die, we shall see Christ." Well, you can die now and still carry on living. Death is when we are dead for spite, not freeing ourselves from our physical body. Some say that death is prison. No, our shortcomings are prison. If you have big debts, your house will be sold, but you will still be liable and deductions will be made from your salary. So even if you leave your body, your creditors will get hold of you at your second or third salary, until complete repayment. What do you have to do? The only salvation is Christ’s Teaching – to enter Divine Love and everybody who loves God will help you.

Problems are assigned to be solved at each school; God also assigns problems to solve – to every home. The problem may be your husband or wife, your children, your friends etc. I also often solve problems; you are my problem to solve. Many times, I have thought about why you quarrel among each other. By quarrelling you destroy what I build, you pick the flowers I plant. How will the advanced souls receive you when you go to them in Heaven? Imagine you are among students who can play an instrument, but you cannot. How will these students receive you? They will treat you as a listener. If you can play, they will receive you as one of them. The same principle is valid in Christian life. Some want me to make them perfect, to give them digested knowledge, to make them wise. No, there is no such teaching. The Teaching I preach is a Teaching of Love, of perseverance, of self-denial, and so on. You will study all the subjects on your own; you will study Bulgarian literature and other subjects. You say that Bulgarian writers are stupid. If I explain to you what, for example, Pencho Slaveikov4 wrote, you will see that he stands much higher than us, but if he comes here, you will leave him outside. You do not read and you believe that if you take and read one of my lectures, you will remember every thought and you will be able to repeat it later on. No, this is not yours; this is a reproduction – just like a gramophone playing. You have to sing and play, i.e. what I give you has to enter your minds, to be transformed into thoughts and feelings, to enter the Divine world and to bear fruit. This is the Teaching that Christ preached. He now helps us at this school. Sometimes you struggle, you suffer, but all of a sudden a bright thought comes to mind and you resolve the issue. This shows that you are being helped. Some days ago a man came to visit me who told me, "Somebody offended me, but since I started on the Path I did not want to treat him in the same way and I tried to find two such words which are smooth externally, but so loaded with meaning, that he would never forget them. So I decided to tell him nothing, not to give him the bitter pill…" You all administer such pills in Sofia society, but I would like you to take this gentleman as an example. This is the way to apply Christ’s Teaching. Love is actually what endures the offences. Two offences do not make one virtue. When God forgives us, he wants us to admit that we have offended Him. But when we reach a situation where we are aware of all this and when we start crying and grieving, God does send angels to help us.

As Easter is approaching, give up these two words which are smooth externally, but bring no peace internally, but instead place the following words in you, "Father and Son". If you want to do something bad, ask yourself, "What will Father, who is up there in Heaven, say, when he sees me like this?" Or "What will my older brother say – the Son?" The bad desire will immediately be paralysed and the opposite action will come. This is the way to renew ourselves.

Now big suffering is coming to the world, to purify it. You will say, "What does God think of us? What does Christ think?" Knowing what God thinks of us, we shall learn what Christ thinks of us. Because if we do not understand what God thinks of us, we shall not understand what other people think. Love will enter us only after having gone hungry for three or four days. You come back tired, exhausted from work, and I start preaching to you that God is Love. What will you make out of this Love, when you are hungry? After I wash and feed you, you will feel Love. This is Christ’s Teaching. Someone offends you – there is a chance for you to appear before God and to say, "Pray, God, transform this offence, this insult, into Love!" Sometimes you feel Peace in your soul after someone offended you and you say, "I was offended, but I have forgiven." Unexpectedly, however, in a year or two you remember the same offence. If three years after the offence, you are not concerned, then the fever is gone. You may be sure that when the Divine Teaching comes, there will be no offences in the world. This is why old Christians were cheerful when they were chased and prosecuted. A human being that walks in Divine Love accepts insults as a wreath. Make sure you do not restrict your Father and pay no attention to what I think of you, but to what God thinks of you. He says that your windows are closed, there is not enough light and although he sends so much food to you, you are still hungry and sick.

Now, try to learn to transgress as little children, not to transgress Christ’s Teaching. If there is a hard issue to tackle, call to your Father and say, "Father, as you sent Christ to the Earth, let it be the way you said!" You have to set for yourselves the following motto, "We shall fulfil your will the way you want us to!" You will say, "We make a promise, because it is difficult to fulfil God’s Will." Once you allow such a doubt to enter your mind remember that it is from the devil. God’s Will has to be fulfilled for God’s sake, not for the world’s sake. What does God want? He wants you to fulfil what you have promised. This is what Christ wants. Christ, who is the world, is in the flesh, which does not die. What dies is human.

You can know your friends in two ways. A friend, who only praises you or only shows your mistakes to you, is not a true friend. A friend, who at the same time shows your mistakes to you and praises you, is a true friend. The latter on seeing that you have a stain, takes the brush and cleans you, and you, in turn, thank him or her. Such a friend shows you the mistakes with this brush. You only clean the dust with the brush. The brush will be out of place if you apply it to your face. You have such toilet brushes to powder your face. Not that I am against powdering, neither am I against repairing your houses, but I say that you should never run the brush across your face, even if the powder is of superior quality. There is no better powder than Christ’s Teaching; I have never come across a better brush than this Teaching. This is why I recommend it to you! I tell you that when you apply Christ’s powder and Christ’s brush, you will look absolutely different. Living like this, Christ’s Teaching will bring you in harmony with Nature and you will be able to draw on its energy. Every morning, when you pronounce "Father and Son" you will be charged with a lot of energy. If you go out with doubts, you will hardly be able to cover your expenses. So, if we understand these two words, we shall be at one with the entirety of Nature and shall be in harmony with it.

There is the question: which one comes first – teaching or birth? Birth. Consider if someone was not born of Divine Spirit, then what could this person learn. Some say, "I can’t understand this stuff. I have no impulse." How can you understand it; keeping in mind that first you have to be born, then the Divine must come into you and only then you will start understanding the simple things. The most basic principle of all is to be able to change your condition. If you are able to change your condition within five to ten minutes after somebody has offended you, then you have mastered this science. For example, a dog has bitten you: it’s an art to anoint the wound with such a cure that no scar remains. Christ’s Teaching cures any infirmities.

I shall now tell you something concerning the hours. Someone asked if the time to get up is at five sharp. When you feel a great impulse to pray, you should know that it is five sharp, i.e. the hour of your mind. When you feel great grief, it is four o’clock. When you have messed up all your things, it is six o’clock. When you are hard hit by great misfortunes, it is seven o’clock. Some ask when to pray Do it when you have the impulse. Some say, "This impulse will visit me some other time." No, once you miss it, it won’t come again. Sometimes the Spirit tells you, "Get up and pray!" You say, "It’s not five o’clock yet." No, you should get up because the Spirit tells you it’s five o’clock! So, if you take two hours out of your time, you will be left with five hours. You may say that it is too early. Why? Because you went to bed late. Go to bed early – like the birds. You say, "I can’t go out early in the morning because I have not organised my work." Go out without having organised your work! If there is an earthquake while you are doing your morning toilet, are you going to finish your toilet before running away? When God calls you, you are not supposed to finish your toilet; it will be finished elsewhere.

Nowadays, all of our external toilets will be pulled down and a real internal toilet will come instead, suited to your soul. God says, "I shall give you new garments." These new garments will be hygienic, warm, and pleasant and you will be delighted and fit for any work. Esotericism calls these garments magnetic. All diseases today are nothing but holes in these Divine garments. Your ear aches – there is a hole in the garment. You have pains in your leg – there is a hole in the garment etc. These garments cannot be mended with patches, you will turn to God and He will send to you masters to renew the garments, because they are skilled at this art.

I now notice a sort of embarrassment among you. You should not be embarrassed; you should take an impartial viewpoint. You have solved a certain problem in the wrong way – you will have to start solving it again from the beginning. But you will say that you make no mistakes. You do, everybody can make a mistake, and even educated people also make mistakes. When you go back to do the problem again you will understand what you have missed. Your overall life is not bad, but you have made mistakes. Small mistakes are worse than big ones, as they are difficult to see.

You need to harmonise your temperaments and I have decided to split you in groups according to your temperaments. Two nervous people when placed together cannot get along well, therefore, the one has to be hotter and the other one colder, so that they can pour into each other. Two busy-bodies cannot live together as they would kick each other, just like horses. All those who bite, who gossip, all of them are busy-bodies. Therefore, when you meet, ask each other "Are you a busy-body?" –If the answer is "Yes, I am," then you need to look for somebody else. A person of no mercy has a head like a shelter. In the future, education at school should be consistent with the principles of phrenology.

Now when I talk to you, you kick each other, because you are not properly placed. Your currents are not identical. You have to be at a metre’s distance from one another, but now out of necessity, you stay as if in prison and you think, "I need trouble, because a trouble-less life is more trouble." If somebody grips your hand tight, when shaking hands with you, you will be displeased, but if you love this person, you do not mind. This shows that your thoughts are different. I do not mind shaking hands, but too much shaking hands is no good. But if you decide not to shake hands, this is even worse.

Poor people must have somebody to work for so that they can become rich. Someone may say one is stupid, but such a person does not tell the truth, because if somebody else says so about the first person, the first person will be angry. You have no right to say that God made you stupid. God made us all smart, but later on, when we studied at the devil’s school, we became stupid. I would like you to follow good examples. Some of you have very good features, and I do not mean the artificial ones, but the ones given to you by God. Some style their hair as a big bun, some make their faces paler, but all of this is artificial, and this is taken away. The artificial additions are useful, but not substantial. So, virtues cannot be artificial, therefore, try to see only the good aspects in each sister.

Christ’s law is as follows: never think that your sister is hypocritical or bad. Go to the mineral kingdom, take a crystal and examine it; then go to the plant kingdom and examine one wheat grain; then move on to the animal kingdom and finally you come to the human beings, you will see that human beings have virtues that are not to be found in the minerals, plants, or animals. This indicates that God lives in human beings. This is the reason why some of you stumble. If you think that one or another of you is still callow, you won’t be able to develop. If you allow a mistake within you, you will impede yourselves just like a small particle of dust in the eye impedes your sight.

Now if I ask one of you to come in front and talk to you for about five to six minutes, you will not be able to put up with her. You will say, "Is she the only one experienced? We are also experienced!" Remember that there are no two people who have the same experience. Some exaggerate their experience a little. For example, a woman saw an old man in white clothes and a white hat, and she says, "I saw God!" Did this old man tell you that he was God? "No, he did not, but I presume that this was Him." You see a young man, you like him and you say, "This is the one for me." The young man, however, passes by and does not come back. This is what understanding the Truth means, the Truth, which is preached to us, to learn to speak the Truth without going too far. Some people, in order to show that they are very modest, take on sins they have never committed; while others deny sins they have committed. Both methods are wrong. Everything must be accurately rendered in Christ’s Teaching. The closer you are to the essence of the issue, the closer you are to this Teaching. I talk about the way in which you can correct your hearts, minds, and souls. I tell you that you, being servants, do not perform your services on time, you are a little late, and afterwards you offer false excuses. Speak the Truth as it is! This is the only way God can teach you and other people can support you in your thoughts and endeavours. Every book you read will be of significance to you. Some say, "Let’s only read the Bible." All right, let’s assume that you have investigated the Bible and you feel like reading another book; read it, do not think it is from the devil. Read every book from which you can learn a lesson. This is what abiding in Divine Love means, which is eternal and which brings all goods. It brings juices for the nose, and for the mouth, and for the eyes, and for the heart. If you have these juices, you will be immortal. Immortality is required to find eternal happiness. We can be happy on Earth too. You think you are unhappy. Why? Because God did not love you. If you say so, then these are your karmic sins. Therefore, come out of your cellars and take the words of Father and Son to heart.

People with ideas need to struggle, but we Christians are pusillanimous people. Now if you are chased for a while you will start doubting whether this Teaching is righteous or not. Well, which teaching is righteous? You will ask yourselves whether this food is real or not. Eating or not eating from this food you will die all the same; the only difference is that those who have eaten more shall have more experience and knowledge. What is important is not to think evil of others. This is what I want from you. Your bad thoughts affect me very much. Do not make me throw up, because it will splash all of you.

Speaking about Christ’s Teaching and saying that it will save you, I mean all of your hardships, I do not want you to become saints. To one of you I give the simplest of tasks – to add one plus two; to another one – to add three plus four. By adding one plus two you will receive three. The number three shows that you, being one, will die, and your children will remain to live off you. Mothers die, children grow younger, i.e. the juices of the number three will penetrate into your children. You say, "We will die then." Yes, but when you come back for a second time, the children will die and you will live. Death implies self-sacrifice. You should all look upon each other the way mothers look upon their children. Christ’s Teaching is a method of how not to get soiled.

I shall recommend something else to you: when a sister of yours is in grief, in trouble, let five or six sisters go and visit her at her home and let them pray that things get better. If someone is sick, you will get together at his or her home and you will pray, even if that person may be at odds with some of you. You will say, "God, we decided to work the way you want us to, this is why we gathered together, to learn how to live!"

This is how I want you to see Easter. Your hearts should be wide, don’t be narrow-minded. Divine Love is infinite. When you say that somebody is bad, you should understand that this person is the door through which evil and all impurities will pass. When you see that your husband is in low spirits, you should be aware that he throws rubbish out. On the following day, when you throw your rubbish out, your husband should thank God. Today you are happy, when it is not you throwing rubbish out and your hands are clean, but your houses are not. I speak to you today so that every evil, every malice, every doubt can die. Apply these practical rules and do not disclose the results, only keep getting stronger until you see the fruit. However, the Christians of nowadays only show off…

You will now dwell on line nine and ten of this chapter and upon the words Father and Son.

Master’s lecture,

Delivered on 17 April 1919

(Good Thursday).

1 In English the double meaning can be found in the origin of the word - From Latin - from gradi to step i.e. trans+gredi = to step beyond or across

2 1 John 4:2

3 2 Corinthians 5:16

4 Pencho Slaveikov is a poet – two years older than the Master Petеr Deunov, who died 7 years before this lecture was delivered







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