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God’s Will

Knowledge is powerful in the world only when applied. Many of you do not apply it and at that all of you want to wear nice clothes and to eat delicious dishes, without knowing how to acquire or prepare them. Everyone should know how to warp, weave, etc.

Some days you are cheerful – this is a sort of fertiliser; grief – this is another sort of fertiliser. Someone is in a good mood; in half an hour it will change. Do you know why this happens? Everyone entering Spiritual Life will awake within oneself all the bad features of one’s previous life, which have been dormant and now that Divine blessing has come, these have sprung up. You have to get rid of the weeds in your garden! Some say that they were better persons before they entered Spiritual life. Ninety-four percent of your love is a waste; only the remaining six percent1 is Love. Get rid of the waste – fertilisers should be in the field! You should keep only the good – the six percent1.

You may say that I am pruning you again for something – but this is no pruning. You have not seen pruning yet. An artist should carve and cut for a long time before the statue comes out fine and graceful.

I want all of you to be prepared to implement God’s Will. Imagine that you are living in the early Christian times. How many of you are ready to endure the prosecutions and trials? You have small trials at home – with your husbands, with your children, but these are nothing. What is important is to implement the Will of God! But what is it that you do? If the Divine Will is in agreement with your will, you are prepared to follow it, but if this is the opposite case – you are not. The new teaching needs to produce neither monks nor nuns. It needs absolutely healthy people who can bear the hardships of life. And those of you who understand this law, this Teaching, will be ready to help one another. Each one of you has a thorn in one’s flesh. Paul also had a thorn, about which he prayed to God. But he did not tell God where his thorn was. God told him, "Too much is My blessing for you." Similarly, you too should tell God where your thorn is, so that He can take it out.

You do not have to have identical aspirations. If everybody weaves nothing but cloths, there will appear strong competition. You all want to be good. What is virtue? To do properly whatever it is we do – no matter whether we cook, weave, sew, etc. This is what being good means. You want to be like an exhibited statue and you would expect everybody passing by to say how nice it is and to admire it. I do not want you to be like that Englishman, who started running away from his automated machine, into which he wanted to implant soul. Christ’s Teaching is not an automated teaching. This is a Teaching for the soul. Many doubts will be roused in your minds when you come in touch with this Teaching. You may say that you experience no doubts. How many doubts does a newly wed wife have about her husband! This is so because she has no faith in him. You start on your Spiritual Path according to the same law and you ask yourselves, "Shall I get to the end?" Doubts show that the doubting subject is not an independent person in one’s work. If one is bad, one has the form of a bad person; if one is suspicious, one has the respective form. All forms take after the person.

Everybody aspires towards Heaven; everybody is willing to please God. What have you sacrificed for God, what have you done? You always say God has not given you this or that. However, what have you given? Can you make bread from the flour you gave to God? You have to do some good thinking. You keep talking about Love all the time. But it is Love, which gives Power to human spirit and mind to endure hardship; that is Divine Love. In order to have it, you should replace your love with the Divine one. If you listen to me, I shall tell you where you can get this Love. When someone insults you, you start grieving. This shows that your love has boundaries and fails – so this is no Love. Paul says, "Love never fails." Nuts, before falling down, shed something – what they shed is not the nut itself, but the shell. Someone says about someone else that one’s love has failed, but this is only the packaging of Divine Love. You should shed all shells and keep the Divine core, which is Love and which contains such a Power that when you summon it, everything melts in this Love.

I can read your faces – you are people who worry. I would give you a failing mark, a poor mark or a satisfactory mark, but no more. You say, "I pray a lot." This means that you eat a lot. Praying and serving are two separate things.

Everyday you say; "Let it be God’s Will." Husbands say, "Let it be God’s Will," but wives say, "No, let it be my will." This is what husbands and children do and it is no good. You have started trading with a big company and you say, "We trade wholesale." But one day you go bankrupt and you see that this is no work for you.

You should think three times before speaking! You are all teachers, and you say, "This is what Mr. Deunov should do!" Tell me what to do and I will do it exactly as you say. But I will also tell you what to do, and you have to perform it. If you do not walk properly, you will become more anxious, you will lose sleep; you will become suspicious and in the end you will want to hide this from the people around you and you will put on a mask. However, my Teaching will impart a pleasant nuance to your soul, you will be calm and cheerful, and you will need no masks. Some of you are thirty years of age, others – forty, but you have to study at the most one hundred and twenty years, which is to say that there is still a lot for you to learn.

God asks how many of you are ready to implement God’s Will? Three times you take2 from me, however, what will you do for me? Christ says, "It is not only bread that will keep human beings alive, but every Word coming out of the Divine mouth will keep them alive." You will tell me what you want me to do for you. You may say, "But we neither take nor give." But then you do not belong to this School. God will show one Path only for those who have the good will to always win against their thoughts and desires within. You will put a chain link to your bear and you will give it a little flour from time to time. Husbands are angry and beat their wives; you keep criticising the others. I would like to ask you whether you are at peace with yourselves? Try not to have any disturbances for a month, to be quiet and calm, and you will see how good you are.

From now on, whatever misunderstandings or rows you may have, God instructed, "Get rid of any impurities!" God is not the God of wrath, but of Faith, Hope, Love, Justice and Purity. Those of you who do not follow this law, should go to Egypt to make bricks, but those of you who want to follow it, this is now the Path through the desert leading to the Canaan land. There are a lot of important issues for you to resolve in this life. Do not postpone them. Tune your thoughts positively, "I will implement God’s Will!" Say this to yourselves; do not say it to others.

Impart purity and sincerity to your thoughts, your desires, and your souls and Love will manifest itself, and God will bless you, and Heaven will strive to cultivate everything sown in you by God. Make room for it to grow, now is the most favourable time, when you can accomplish a lot within a short period. What previously took a thousand years to grow, can be ripe within ten years now, what previously took a hundred years to grow, can be ripe within one year now.

Women should make a union, should help one another! But now when you sit at home, you keep gossiping about other women being such and such – only questions and criticism. You can’t go on with such devil’s masks. Take them down! You should now learn from the Lord. You will be measured by the measure you apply to others.

I can now make you like bees, by putting you in the cauldron, but I want you to become good on your own accord. Because when the time comes, you will be good out of necessity, while now it is time for freedom, for choices – you yourselves should choose to be good. The good within a person – this is the human being; this is its share. What you will do is a blessing for your homes, for your children. If you keep My commandments, I will pray to My Father to send you the Spirit of Comfort, this is what Christ said to His disciples.

We shall boil tomatoes and out of one hundred kilograms we shall make nine or ten kilograms. I shall give you tomatoes and chopped wood and you will boil them. I shall boil tomatoes for those of you who do not want to boil tomatoes, but I will demand such persons to bring tomatoes and chopped wood to me.

You should always think of things that grow. The thought of ‘I can’t’ is a contradiction. In the law of Love ‘I can’t’ shows that there are impediments and obstacles. I have started photographing your thoughts and one day I will show them to you. The psalm singer says, "And the Lord deleted my sins." Your brain cells should be filled with more elevated stuff! So that your hearts and your minds can be ennobled, so that you can be healthy – absolutely healthy! This is what Lord’s Teaching is about. I do not want to listen about a teaching that cannot be applied. All of you should be healthy, happy and blissful! Health is of the body; happiness is a feature of the soul among angels, while bliss is a feature of the spirit with God. This is why there can be no happiness and bliss on Earth.

The lessons scheduled for 1917 should be learnt in 1917, the field should not be left uncultivated. I will divide you into categories. These who can weave will walk all right, but it is no good for those who cannot. Many complain that life is not going fine. This is because the cloth is not properly fixed – you should try and put it on again.

Only those who can apply the teaching should come next Thursday. We need no people who are just listeners. Try to settle your relationships; try to be sincere with your soul, with God and with people.

Wherever good grows, evil also grows. Whoever works more, eats more, wears out more clothes etc. Each of you should become a hearth of the Divine Spirit. The Lord sends His Spirit to us every day, but we have to be ready to receive the good that God sends to us.

I want you to assist me in smoothing the misunderstandings among you. You often make much ado in your minds and hearts; this is useless. Try to calm down your thoughts, reach a helping hand out and work. I see you divide yourselves into parties, into young and old. The first thing is to acquire the Divine Spirit! To build up the Good! Otherwise with your bad thoughts you create karma and illnesses. The Lord wrote that everything will come out all right, and I would like you to grow in your hearts and minds, in Wisdom, knowledge and Love, and not to hinder one another.

The first law is the one of suffering.

The second law is the one of temptation – spirits tempt you through people.

The third law is the one of the Divine blessing.

What great laws these are! I wish you could understand them. You will learn them together – in theory and in practice. If someone comes to criticise, you should tell that person, "Do you have a loom? Come, let’s weave together!" Someone does not have a good life – his loom is not properly set; you should cut the cloth and should warp it anew. "Out of order" are the looms of men and of women and now you all weep…

Master’s lecture delivered on the 29 March 1917.

1 In the original text the word ‘kilogrammes’ is used, however translation contains ‘percent’ as it makes better sense. The source of this mistake is not clear.

2 There is an explanation note in the decoded short-hand text, specifying that what is meant is ‘taking [food]’. Editors, sticking to the allegorical style of the Word, omitted this note.


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