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All things have been delivered to me by my Father...1

"All things have been delivered to me by my Father; and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and any one to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

No one knows the Son but the Father; and no one knows the Father but the Son. The word knowing is related to the human mind. If it is not ready to comprehend the meaning of the great idea "of knowing" the mind cannot understand the relationship that exists between the Father and the Son. Here we have two values: Father and Son. They can be examined as the numbers 1:3. What do we understand by the number 1? This number is a symbol, that for some people has meaning and for others does not — all depends on their mind. When you say "one" you may understand a man, a woman, or a child, but you can think also of a horse, a cow, or a calf, etc. When you say the word "man" you think that you know what man is, but if you are asked to give a more precise definition, you will find yourselves in a difficult situation. It is easy to say "my son" or "my daughter" but even these words are not very clear to you. You have an idea about the daughter or the son as far as you understand the relationship that exists between you. Yet the true relationship depends upon the ties that exist between your soul and the soul of him whom you call your son or your daughter. The number "one" is the father, and the number "three" — the child, the son or the daughter. As mathematical ratio, the numbers 1:3 represent the relation of the diameter of the circle to its length: D:P. The number P=3.14. This means that the diameter is contained in the circle 3.14 times; we are using only the whole number - three. This will say that the father indicates the measure of the human path, and the son — the circumference of this path.

And so when we say that no one knows the Son, we imply all the possible combinations through which he passes. When the diameter rotates around itself it forms a sphere or a ball, which indicates the possibilities and conditions which the Son brings. Do not think that it is easy to come to know the Son, to turn him like a wheel one time and to say that you have understood its movement. And when you say "diameter", again you have not understood the deep meaning of the unit. In relation to the number three, i.e. the length of the circle, the unit is diameter, but it is the unit in respect to innumerable more numbers. In mathematics all numbers begin with the unit. We pronounce the numbers one, two, three, etc. They represent the diameters drawn in a circle. The number seven represents the diameter of the universe. These are abstract, mystical ideas, that man will understand when he will be able to penetrate into the deep meaning of life. In this sense every one must understand the place and position which he occupies in nature. A man can be in the position of a mineral, a plant, an animal and lastly in the position of true man. Until he comes to this position he learns to distinguish and understand things. He passes through the minerals, studies them, and when he learns their properties, he separates the precious stones from the ordinary ones and begins to adorn himself with them. When he passes through the plants and animals, again he studies them: he cultivates them, he feeds them, he enjoys them, until one day he starts to pick and to kill them, using them for food. The husband comes home from work dissatisfied and angry, but when he sees that his wife has cooked a chicken or lamb, that she has set the table and has placed some fruit on it, he becomes well disposed and cheerful and starts eating with pleasure. He thinks that he has understood his wife, but this is true only for a few hours. The stomach is emptied and a new uproaring, a new discontent rises until the hunger is satisfied. In the same position are the wife and the children. All complain that they do not know and understand each other.

What is understanding? To know things will say to master them, it means that they have become part of you - your flesh and blood. To know the horse, does not mean to harness him and lead him after yourselves; to know the elements does not mean to put them in flasks and keep them sealed. Knowledge implies conscious, inner relation between things. Such relationship can exist only in love. This will say that if you have love you will know things, if you lack love you will know nothing. Some one says that he is dying of love. He may die without understanding love. With dying one cannot find love. When a young maid cannot attain her ideal, i.e. she cannot marry the man of her heart, she says that she will die. This indicates that she wants to attain love but love cannot be found through death. When we speak about the home, about the mother, the father, the children, we imply certain relationships of souls that are tied together through love. When we speak about the church, again we understand the relationship of souls to something, that represents God's presence, or the presence of love. Some people say that outside the church there is no salvation, I interpret this statement thus: Outside of love there is no salvation. Without love things are dead, unconscious, mechanical.

Christ says: "No one knows the Father but the Son." This will say that he who has no love cannot know the Father; he who has love can come to know him. It has been said: "God is love". Therefore only love can know itself. You can come to know an object if you have its properties; you can come to know your friend who is a well-known philosopher only if you have a philosophical mind, and are able to understand his ideas. Two people, one of which has a heart and soul, and the other has not yet manifested them, cannot understand each other. - Why? - Because they do not have the same properties. Some woman complains that her husband cannot understand her. - He has not yet come to know God and she wants that he may understand her. As long as man has not come yet to know God he cannot come to know anybody. He who does not know the Son cannot come to know the thinking beings, he cannot come to know also God. Accept this idea in your mind and in your heart and apply it in your lives.

Christ says: "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. My yoke is easy and my burden is light." Christ appeals to all who are burdened to come to him and he will teach them how to wear their burden easier. "No one can come to me if the Father did not reveal Himself." The Son is the object to which each soul aspires, and the Father is the power that attracts the souls to this object. When a young man is attracted by a young maid, she is the object of attraction and the power that attracts him is love, i.e. the Father of whom Christ is speaking. Man must study love, God. How will he attain it? — Through the Son. This means that the Son, or the inner intelligence in man must teach him to recognize his Father, in order to be able to understand his relationship to himself as well as to his neighbor.

Modern men occupy themselves with many questions, but 99 percent of these questions are unimportant and inessential. Only one of all 100 questions is essential. All other questions move around this essential and central question and for this reason they represent its food. When you explore the egg carefully you will find in it one important and essential cell — the embryo, around which are gathered all other cells. These represent the conditions and the medium for its development. Out of this essential cell will emerge the new life. In this sense I say: many things are necessary for the knowledge of the Son but one is essential — you must take his yoke. The yoke implies the relationship toward the external and internal conditions of life. Therefore you can come to know God only when you take His yoke and are ready to serve Him. To serve God will say to be ready to study with love all subjects. The external or objective world with all its manifestations represents object lessons for him who is ready to serve God. Is it not the same also in the earthly schools? In whatever school you may enrole - elementary, high school or college, the teachers or professors give lessons and problems which you must solve. These are object-lessons for you. He who is ready to serve his teachers with love will study everything as he is taught. God has created the world for us and not for himself. All animate and inanimate objects that surround us have their purpose. That this is so we can see from our organs. We have two eyes, two ears, a nose, mouth, chin, hands, and feet with five fingers on each of them — all this has its magnificent purpose. You may say that the ears are given man to hear and receive sounds, the eyes — to see and distinguish things. Besides this external purpose, the eyes and the ears have an inner, psychic significance. Truly, we meet people that can see and hear but who do not understand that which they hear nor that which they see.

"No one knows the Son but the Father." By the word "son" we understand the rational beginning in man. Few fathers today can understand their sons. Some father is glad that a son is born to him because he expects that the son will work for him. This indicates that he looks upon his son as a servant. Many fathers have a wrong understanding about their sons. They think that the sons are obliged to tolerate everything that the fathers are doing. Even if they make loans and waste their properties they say that the sons will remain to pay off. Such fathers do not have a proper relationship to their sons but the sons, too, do not have a proper relationship to their fathers. Right relationships are those based on love. The son should not count on the wealth of his father, but the father, too should not misuse the love of his son, to expect of him. Both should be ready to sacrifice for each other. When love is present between them it is natural that the two will work together and will help each other. These are correct relations between father and son.

I wish that in the future, when a young man and a maid marry they do not ask if they love each other. These are questions that love does not tolerate. Often the young man and the maid marry without to love each other but they say that they love each other. This is not permitted. Love excludes every falsehood. Do not ask if you love each other but rather ask the other partner if he is ready to sacrifice for you. If he tells you that he wants to enjoy life, he is not the right one for her. The inner meaning of life is in sacrifice, in self-sacrifice. Therefore the inner knowledge of the Son implies the law of sacrifice. Only he can sacrifice himself who knows the Son. When a man sacrifices himself he becomes strong. When you put water in a boiler and start heating it, it turns into steam and becomes stronger than it was before when it was in its natural state as water. Self-sacrifice implies a law through which one state can be changed into another, a negative thought can be changed into a positive one, and a negative feeling — into positive. If a solid body changes into liquid and the liquid — into gaseous, one can say that the law of sacrifice is at work. If you can change a negative thought or a negative feeling into positive here again operates the same law. If you do not sacrifice yourself how could you transform hatred into love? You say that you hate someone. Since you hate him you are in the state of being hard like ice. Nothing remains but that, you self-sacrifice, i.e. you expose yourself to fire that will change the ice into water, and the water into vapor. As long as there is water on earth there will be life also. All plants, animals, and people will use it.

"No one knows the Son but the Father." What have you understood by the word "no one?" - No one is everyone who is not ready for self-sacrifice. This means that he who cannot self-sacrifice does not know the Son. The Son is the law of self-sacrifice. In respect to this law the chicken is in a higher position than the man who is not ready for self-sacrifice. Such a man is dead. The chicken that sacrifices itself for the good of man has a higher value in the face of God. In the Scripture it is said that no bird falls to the ground without the will of God. God participates in the life of all creatures - from the smallest to the largest. If in the eyes of God you are a bird that is ready to sacrifice itself for the others do you need to fear life? God takes care of you. To think of God means to live for the highest ideal in the world. To think of yourself will say to live in confinement. There is nothing harder for man than to live in a prison, in confinement. In self-sacrifice is hidden the knowledge of The Son. He who knows the Son is free. Christ has spoken of the sacrifice as a great process that takes place in the consciousness of man. As long as this process does not take place in man one cannot speak of knowing Christ. What knowledge is this if one does not understand the deep meaning of Christ's words? Christ said "I am the true wine". Who knows the story of the wine? Each year the wine sacrifices but few people realize its sacrifice. Christ also said "I am the living bread that came from heaven." How many people understand the meaning of this bread?

The question about the bread is a social one. All societies and nations are trying to solve it. All people value the bread and realize that without it there is no life. One young man was telling his experience, by which he understood the true value of the bread. It came to pass that he had to suffer hunger for three days. He was so hungry that he looked for a way to find from somewhere a bite of bread to satisfy his hunger that was torturing him so much. As he was walking on the street he saw a dog carrying a piece of bread in his mouth. Without thinking too much he took a stone and threw it at the dog who, running, away, let the piece of bread fall to the ground. Without hesitating he picked up the bread and started eating it. Concluding, he said that he had to suffer hunger a few days in order to learn the value of bread.

Christ says, "I am the gate, I am the good shepherd, I am the son of man, I am a teacher and adviser". These are relations of the Son to his neighbor, of the divine to the human soul. When I speak of God I do not have in mind an abstract, far off idea, but I have in mind Him Who has created the intelligent life and whom we can always try out. It is enough to pray sincerely to God for the health of some sick person and our prayer will be heard and answered. Help comes very soon when we obey the law of sacrifice. Pray to God without trying to tempt Him. When does man tempt God? - When his thoughts are in discord with God's thoughts, when he leads a sinful life. He who does not think about the future does not care to know if he leads a good life or a bad one. As long as he is on earth he does not care, but one day he will appear in front of his Creator to give account of his life. What will His answer be? God's light is so great that all his thoughts, desires and deeds will be lit up, will become objective and will start walking behind this man like a little child walks behind his mother.

How will you cope with this situation? Then you will understand that there is nothing hidden. As long as you have been on earth you could hide many things even from yourselves, but in front of the great light nothing can be hidden, then you will understand that it is not indifferent if you have lived well or bad.

No one knows the Son but the Father. Who is this no one? - He who lives for himself and does not know the law of sacrifice. First God has sacrificed Himself. He gave His Son for sacrifice so that no one who believes in Him shall parish. Through His Son He manifested His love for humanity, and the Son sacrificed himself in order to reveal His Father. These are mutual relationships of love and sacrifice that must be well understood. When we understand the relationship of God to us as our Father, and our relationship to God as His sons only then will our lives gain full meaning. Yet we cannot be sons of God as long as we do not self-sacrifice.

Implant into your mind the thought that outside of love there exists no life; outside of love there exists no church, outside of love no families, societies or nations can exist. The only church that can unite humanity is God's love, the love of self-sacrifice. In it are included all idealistic people, all people who are selfless.

What are these two states — self-seeking and selflessness? They can be illustrated with the rich and the poor who appeared in front of God to express their desires. First appeared the rich who started to demand: God, I want a big house, a palace, well furnished and trim, about ten servants to work for me, to serve the table with tastefull food, fruits and the best wines, so that I may eat and drink and have nothing to worry about. - Let it be according to Thy will, answered God. After that appeared the poor and said: I have only one desire — always to see Thy face! Let it be according to thy will!

Both of them satisfied with that which was promised to them returned to earth and each one lived in his own style. The rich lived in a palace surrounded by his servants; he ate and drank, enjoyed himself and felt happy and satisfied. In this manner, days and years passed, until one day he felt that he was beginning to suffocate. It came to his mind to pray to God: God, I started to suffocate, I am sick of this condition. Teach me what to do. Immediately came an angel, opened a little window in his palace and told him: Look out! The rich man looked out and saw a tall ladder and on the highest point was the poor man looking out somewhere into the sky. - What is this man doing there? - asked the rich man. - He wanted always to look at God's face -answered the angel. For long years in a row he looks at God's face, he breathes freely, enjoys God's world and is not tired of it yet.

Two states are presented to man: to be in the condition of the rich and to get suffocated by his wealth, or to be in the position of the poor, always to contemplate upon the face of God and never to have enough of it. To stand on the top of a high ladder and to look at the face of God from these without repletion means to know God. It is time to come to know Christ of whom has been preached already for two thousand years. Many people are considered to be Christian but they have not yet come to know Christ. What kind of Christianity is this when a brother coerces, robs and exorts his brother? Can this be called love? In love there is no violence, fear, bitterness. He who fears does not know love. Someone fears death. What can be terrifying about death? He who loves does not fear death, nor evil. There exists only one God in the world from whom everything emerges. What will we fear then? He who fears knows not God, knows not love. God is love. If this is true do not fear death nor the evil. God is life. If you live in God, death does not exist. Thank for the evil because God has put it to work to stimulate man to be active and to work out the inert matter in him. The evil creates in man contradictions, doubts, in order to produce in him friction which generates fire. Fire melts the solid substances, brings in them activity. When two solid bodies come in contact friction occurs between them that generates heat. Be glad when you collide with the solid, inert matter in you so that light and flames can be produced.

What does the fire and light represent in man? The fire is a result of his passions and desires, and light — of his thoughts. Without fire and light no life can exist. All hard fusible metals in the fire melt; the fire burns all impurities and turns them into ashes. The fruit ripens in the light; in the light one gains knowledge. He who understands things in this manner gives meaning to his life. Be glad and thankful for everything that love brings. As long as love is with you, you are blessed. When it leaves you, with it you lose joy also. In order that love may not abandon you think about your relation to God with your heart and spirit. Christ says: "Only those with pure hearts will see God." Seeing implies knowledge; knowledge implies inner contact with love.

"Come to me all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." Christ is showing how a heavy-laden man can be given rest. Many years ago an American missionary was traveling in America in order to raise funds for charity. When he had raised a considerable amount he decided to return and deliver the money to its destination. In order to shorten his way he saddled a horse and passed through a mountainous area. When a well-known robber heard about the considerable sum of money that the missionary was carrying with him he hid in the woods where the missionary had to pass with the intention of killing him and taking the money. The missionary approached the place where the highwayman was hiding and felt a heaviness in his chest, as if something was choking him. He interpreted this feeling as warning, descended from the horse, prayed to God and relieved, he continued his journey. Hardly did he pass a few yards and he could see a well armed man standing in the woods but without fear he passed him. A few years later the same missionary was asked to confess someone who was dying. At his arrival the man looked at the missionary and asked him if he can recognize him. The missionary answered: I do not know you. - But I know you and will tell you under which circumstances I have met you. This happened several years ago. I had decided to wait for you in a woody place when you were carrying a large sum of money. I wanted to kill you and rob the money, but I could not decide to do this because with you was riding a well armed man in white clothes seated on a white horse. I was filled with fear and could not attempt your life. In this case the highwayman was a clairvoyant. He could see that which even the missionary could not see. The man who was riding the white horse was sent from the invisible world to protect the missionary.

Modern man refuse to believe in spirits. Nevertheless they read the bible where it is said: "And the angels of the Lord were ascending and descending." As the angels ascend and descend so the devils also descend and ascend. This indicates that the ones as the others obey the will of God and the divine laws. There is no power in the world nor a being that does not obey God. The wise man makes use of the good and the evil spirits. He knows the law of transformation and applies it.

Christ says: "Take my yoke upon yourselves and learn from me, because I am gentle and meek in my heart and you will find peace for your souls." Many think that they have conquered the world, that they have great power, but when they are tried they realize how far they have reached, what power they possess and what they can accomplish with it. Modern man is not yet completely formed; he should not deceive himself by temporary success. One day when his eyes will open he will see that everything that surrounds him is living; then he will understand why is there hatred and love, evil and good, lie and truth. This indicates knowledge of God, and of Christ. Christ says: "If my words remain with you and you in me, whatever you ask in my name shall be given to you." This would mean that if you understand the rational Word, if you realize what your relationship to God ought to be, your lives will be a blessing to you as well as to your neighbors.

Father and Son these are the numbers one and three. When you substract one from three you have the number two — divine love, mother of all things. This is called in Christianity the Holy Spirit, i.e. the inner power of man that purifies his mind and heart. One thing is expected of people to make contact with Christ. If once you come in touch with him, he will be with you in eternity, with all your joys and sorrows, in life and death. He is the gate that brings man from the transitory into the eternal, from the visible into the invisible, from hatred into love. Christ is the living bread, bearer of life. Christ is the master who teaches us the divine laws. When man understands correctly the Christian teaching he feels powerful to fulfill his obligations toward The Primary Reason, toward his neighbor and toward himself.

"Come to me all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." Only he who is connected with Christ can come to God. The tie is based on love and judiciousness. There can exist no connection between two people if they do not like each other; there can be no connection between those who do not understand each other. Only he can come to Christ who knows the law of self-sacrifice. In general a connection can exist where there is something in common. For example on the exterior the diamond and the coal do not resemble; the diamond is solid and crystal, the coal is black and is not crystal. From within they have something in common: they both are of one and the same substance - carbon. Coal can be turned into a diamond. On the same basis can the human soul change from coal to a diamond, i.e. to pass into the highest position - into superconscious life. When two people raise to this state, to their superconscious, they will always recognize each other, they will always understand each other. When they meet they will not ask, do you know me, what do you think of me, etc. These are questions that exist only among people on the ordinary level of consciousness. When they do not know each other people are ready to doubt one another. Everyone seeks to find in his neighbor some ulterior purpose. How can we distinguish between someone who has turned his face to God, and one who is far from Him? Make the examination first with yourself to know if you are facing God or you are far from Him. This you can find out from your shadow. When your shadow falls behind you, you are close to God, you face God. When your shadow falls in front of you, you are far from God. It is not the question of not having a shadow, but it has to fall behind you. Everyone must check where the shadows of his mind, and of his heart fall - in front of him or behind him and give himself an account of his position in which he finds himself. In general your shadow must fall always behind you so that your face may be well seen. When a man errs his shadow falls in front of him. When he corrects his mistake the shadow immediately falls behind him. He who loves, who speaks the truth, his shadow falls always behind him. He who hates and does not speak the truth, his shadow falls in front of him.

In the Scripture it is said: "Their deeds walk in front of them." From this one can conclude that the deeds of some people walk behind them. How do you distinguish when your shadow is in front of you, and when behind you? When in your mind enters a bad thought, or in your heart a bad feeling and immediately change into kind, then your shadow is behind you. The opposite is also true, if the illumined thought and kind feeling change into unkind, then your shadow is in front of you. I wish that you may love and know each other. This will say that your shadows may be behind and not in front of your faces. Apply love in your lives as a great basic law of Creation. This is what God wants of all people and all nations on earth.

"No one knows the Son but the Father." - Why? - Because the Son has sacrificed himself for his Father. And the Son, too, knows for whore he has sacrificed himself. He who knows the law of sacrifice knows his Father. He who is ready to sacrifice himself will find the way. In other words: Without self-sacrifice the gate to knowledge is closed. Wherever he may knock - on the door to science, art, music, everywhere he will find himself in front of a locked door. Without inner knowledge of the Father and the Son, everything changes into dust and ashes; everything crumbles and parishes, as the roots of trees rot. What tree can thrive without roots? Apply the law of self-sacrifice so that you may find divine life.

When one hears spoken of sacrifice immediately comes the fear that one may loose his wealth, become poor. Is he who has millions in the banks happy? He bears a heavy load in his mind. His back is loaded above his powers, and any minute can give in. It is preferable to carry a pound in one's stomach than two hundred pounds on one's back. It is preferable for one to be poor but happy and satisfied with his position, than to be rich and constantly to carry around the thought that he may be robbed or killed. Inner peace is preferable than the greatest external wealth. Yet when you meet rich, learned, or beautiful people be glad that they exist. When you meet evil people again be glad. What would be the world like if there were no good and evil, learned and ignorant, beautiful and ugly people? Since God tolerates the evil, and ugly, the ignorant, we too, must tolerate them. When you apply the law of self-sacrifice you will understand why some people are evil.

Years ago in one canton in America, a buffalo began to romp so much that the whole vicinity around was scared, nobody could go and tame him. At last a boy came along who could read the thoughts of the animals and speak to them. He put his hand on the forehead of the buffalo, patted it a few times and started to speak to him: What is wrong with you that you have become wild? - In my rear foot something is bothering me terribly. The boy bent over immediately, took the rear foot of the buffalo that seemed to have bothered him and found that a big fat thorn got stuck in it. The boy took out the thorn, cleaned his foot, wrapped it in a bandage and left him alone. The buffalo stopped raging.

You hear a rumor that a woman or a man have become insane. They have not become mad but a thorn got stuck into their mind or heart. Come close to them place your hand on their head and quickly pull out the thorn. As soon as you pull out the thorn they will go back to their normal state. What are most people doing today? They carry with them a hammer and nails and whomever they meet they thrust a nail into him. Why do you have to hurt your neighbor? You may answer that you want to check how much they can take? They drove four nails into Christ and he died. He was a great and mighty spirit but could not endure the human nails. Do you think that the ordinary people can take more? Do not hammer nails into your neighbors, do not create for yourself greater sufferings. It is not an easy thing to put a man on the cross to nail his mind, his heart, his soul, and his spirit and after that to expect him to live. This is impossible! Instead to thrust nails into your neighbor take out the ones that someone else has thrust. When you see that your neighbor is sick in bed help him. - But he is a great sinner. - This is not your responsibility, you are obliged to help him, to give him at least a cup of water. To help your neighbor this is the meaning of the teaching of Christ, who has come to earth and has sacrificed for the whole of humanity.

Times of great and heavy trials are coning. Of them it is said in the Scripture: "The anger of God is coming to the world." All will hear the voice of God and will understand if there is justice in this world or not; if there exists good or not; if there exists love or not. This should not scare you but you must know that God's wheel turns constantly, that it follows its way and will never stop to turn. You all must be ready in time to mount it. For this reason you have come to earth as to a great school. When you finish the school you will return to God to take your exams. There it will be checked if you have learned the law of the good and the evil, of love and hatred, of truth and lie. He who has studied his lessons well will remain there to continue to learn and work; he who has not learned them will return to earth to finish his school and become perfect. This is like having final examinations. Who passes all the exams with honor will resurrect and will be appointed to a high service. To pass your final with honor will say to have learned, understood, and applied the five great virtues.

For thousands of years it has been spoken and preached about resurrection, I wish that you may pass your final examination, that you may resurrect because the world needs resurrected people. If the Bulgarian nation passes its exams it will resurrect and take a high position; if it does not pass, it will have no profit. This will affect every man, every society, every nation. God has said, "Call me on the day of sorrow and I will help you." Pray for yourselves, for your neighbor, and love your enemies. This Christ said. Why to love our enemies? - So that you may not become like them, and not descend to their level. Treat all with love and not with hatred. He who repays for evil with evil will follow the path of the fallen spirits. Who hates is in accord with those that follow the broad way. The loving person climbs up on the narrow path, and the one that hates descends on the broad way.

"All has been passed onto me by my Father; and no one knows the Son but the Father." The son is the divine embryo that every one must water and cultivate so that it may grow and bear fruit. Out from the divine embryo raises the new man ready for a new work and a new life. This embryo lives in every soul but needs the conditions and space for its development. The more you trust your inner powers and possibilities, the sooner it will develop. Whatever difficulties and obstacles you may encounter on your way always say to yourselves: I can be just, loving, meek, humble, good, industrious - I can overcome and accomplish everything with the help of the divine in me. When the people begin to conjugate the verb "can" in the present tense the world will become better. Do not occupy yourselves with your nor with other people's mistakes. The mistakes fertilize the field of God. If your brother has made some mistake do not judge nor estrange him from yourself but help him to clean himself and change into new, clean clothes. If a brother rejects his brother, or the husband his wife, or the wife her husband, then they are acting contrary to the teaching of Christ. Love each other for God's sake. Someone said that he would want to love but he cannot. Why can he not love? Because he has not given place to God in himself. Only God loves and for this reason it is said that God is love. A husband and a wife who in the name of God have lived for each other die with joy as do the martyrs in the name of God. Their name is never forgotten. It is enough if only one person keeps in his mind the memory of you as a living monument worthy of following your example.

Christ is already coming to the world sitting on a white horse to preach the Word of God. His voice will be heard everywhere. Like a sword of fire it will penetrate into the minds and the hearts of the people. Whoever cannot stand his light will become blind. Even the evil cannot endure this light — it will melt and disappear. The end of the evil on earth is coming. The divine light will produce reverse results: great darkness will descend on earth and in the souls of the people it will bring great light. Does not the same occur with the earth. When half of it is bathing in light the other half is in darkness.

This should not distress you but remember: when you encounter with contradictions on your way this is to indicate that the divine sun has risen already. There are days of shadow that temporarily obstruct his light. Be prepared to make use of the blessings which God is bringing for his chosen ones. Who are the chosen ones? - Those that have illumined thoughts and noble feelings and desires.

Today I am preaching of the living Christ, who will speak up through thousand mouths. Many preachers, priests, learned men, philosophers, musicians will appeal to people for work that will bring them inner deliberation. All together we will sing the hymn of God's love. Only this way we will understand what the love that will bring us to God and to the Son is. Only love can rejuvenate man. You may say one should not imagine things that can not be fulfilled. It is important to know what one imagines. There exists imagination that lifts man up toward God. There is imagination that pulls him down and away from God. The astronomer can see with his telescope the most distant stars and an ordinary man even with a telescope can see nothing. He wonders how it is possible that the astronomer can see so many things and at the end he says: everything is imagination. Point your telescope also to the sky, so that you may see God in His glory by which he is surrounded. Try to see Him and to recognize Him so that you may become citizens of the Kingdom of God. Try to find your place as a limb in the divine organism. As soon as you find your place do not fight for the first place. He who filfills his obligations properly is in the first place. Where will be this place? As Bulgarians you will be placed in the hole which the Jews made in the ribs of Christ. It is until today still open. All people, all nations have the same assignment: to fill up the hole in the ribs of Christ which is open already for two thousand years.

Christ is already close to the earth. He brings his teaching with which he has decided to turn the earth upside down. He carries a new sign on which it is written: "The Kingdom of God is coming to earth." Whatever may happen with the world the Kingdom of God will be established. This is the decision of God, of the angels, and of all superior beings. Whoever does not believe let him pray to live to see the Kingdom of God realized on the earth. When he will see it then he will believe my words. He that can see with his eyes does not need a proof; he trusts in his eyes.

How will the religious people act with Christ when he comes in flesh to earth? As soon as they will see Him they will want to check his preaching so that they may know what he will speak. Christ's preaching stands no revision. It stands no human judgment nor evaluation. This is true not only for Christ but for every one who follows His path. Whoever speaks in the name of Christ his words are accepted without any reservation. Whoever speaks in His name but abuses it is a liar and deceiver. Lie can reign at the most for a hundred years. After that it is caught and nothing will remain of it. The words that I speak to you are truthful and are true not only for today but also for the centuries to come.

Today I am giving you seeds that you must plant in your gardens. The seeds do not belong to me but to Him who has created you and has sent you to the earth to study. Christ is coming to earth to bring God's love to all people. When they will join hands for mutual love, for brotherhood and equality, Christ will enter his church that is not built by human hands to teach people the law of sacrifice out of love and not by force. God will raise every soul and will put it in the right place. This means for man to learn the inner meaning of life.

I wish you to recognize the Son and the Father not as people are teaching you, but from your inner experience. Can you say that the bread is good if you have not tasted it? Try it yourselves and after that give your opinion. Even in the Scripture it is said: "Try everything but keep the good."

In conclusion I will give you the following rule: If you want to know if you are close to God or far away from Him see where your shadow points. If it is behind your back you are close to God; if it is in front of your face this will indicate that you are far from Him.

Aspire to come to know Christ as the Wine, as the Living Bread, as the Gate, as the Shepherd, as the Son of man, as the Teacher and Guild.

Sermon by Beinsa Douno, February 18, 1917, Sofia.

(From the v. "All that has been written", p.23)

1 St. Matthew 11:27-30


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