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All things which are written

“For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” Luke 21: 22

The word vengeance in this verse sounds strange, which shows that it is not used appropriately. Neither in Bulgarian, nor in the other languages can a more appropriate word be found, a word that can convey the meaning of Jesus’ words. To some extent, it can be replaced with the words account, countdown, annihilation, or balance. Jesus, Who has always been considered to be a role model in terms of feelings, thoughts, deeds and aspirations, uttered some bitter words. Unpleasant though these words are, they have the same beneficial effect on the human soul as bitter pills on a sick body. Would anybody be capable of correcting his distorted thought, unless he encountered the counteraction of the right thought? Many Christians keep thinking that they can do as they wish and make mistakes without being aware of them or of bearing the consequences. They believe that as soon as they repent and turn to God, their sins will be erased. Errors, though, can be deleted only after they have been corrected.

A truly ideal Life excludes the possibility of making mistakes and committing crimes. Sins and fallacies are accidental interceptions in Life. They can be done voluntarily or involuntarily, or to put it in the terms of modern jurisdiction – with malice afterthought or unintentionally. Therefore, it is not people’s assignment to perpetrate crimes. They have come to earth as a necessary part of their development. They have a grand mission – to conquer the earth and become masters of all animals. What does mastering mean? What can man master and rule over? To be the master of the earth means to cultivate it properly and establish order all over. Being the master of animals means taking care of them in a way that makes them happy and content. Only a sensible, good-natured and free person can be the master of the earth and of the weaker creatures living there.

“For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” This verse can be discussed in its broader sense – in relation to humanity as a whole. It can also be analysed in narrower outlines – in view of man’s personal life and body. The human body is one’s earth, with all kinds of species on it – fish, birds, and mammals. All this has to be conquered, but as it belongs to another Master, man is responsible for the subordinate creatures to which he is temporarily a master. Jesus said, “ Lord, the sheep you gave me are Yours, so I sacrifice my life to them.” That’s why, everyone should bear in mind that any power given to them makes them responsible. Everybody wants to be strong, but acquiring certain strength makes sense only if it is exploited for something Good or great. Otherwise, strength becomes pointless. Strength, just like gifts and abilities, is acquired step by step, in the course of one’s growth, and not at once. Have you ever considered how many thousands of years it took the caterpillar to develop the skill of weaving and forming a cocoon until it finally breaks the chrysalis and turns into a butterfly? Those who are not acquainted with biology would say that God created everything. God gave all creatures the conditions to develop, but it is entirely up to them to strive to improve their lives, i.e. to get on a higher rung. Anyone willing to trace the stages of development can take a cocoon for close observation, pore over a microscope, then take a magnifying glass to trace the stages of growth and the differentiation of cells, until, finally, one can see the tiny worm, the chrysalis and the butterfly. You will say that this is an unconscious process. The maggot lives unconsciously here on earth, but in a higher world, the maggot is a conscious creature. That is why the Scripture reads that you are where your heart lives. Or, in other words, you live where your consciousness lives. If the consciousness of the maggot does not exist here, we look upon it as an unconscious creature.

The cocoon lives unconsciously here, but what about man, who undergoes the experience of the prodigal son? He separated from God, severed the bonds with his supreme consciousness and set off wandering round the world. Is one given the right to part from God? If the bonds between the Divine and the human consciousness are severed, one has the right to part from God. One is free to wander, to dissipate his father’s wealth with light-minded friends; one can become a swineherd, living in misery, and finally, when his consciousness is awakened, to come back to his father and say, “Please, accept me as one of your servants. I do not deserve to be called your son. Forgive me, for I offended both against you and God.” Then the father can rightfully give his son a joyous welcoming and kill the fatted calf. The elder brother can be angry with his father for killing the fatted calf for his younger son, who wasted all the money and now comes back down and out. Such is the lot of any man, family or society that have gone astray from God. This is what happens nowadays throughout the world.

According to the Scripture Jesus will make a Second Advent. What will herald it? – The wakening of human consciousness. When one becomes destitute, with all his wealth lost and now down and out, he will realise that he has gone astray and will start awaiting Jesus’ Advent. This is what awakening the consciousness means. This is a process that is already becoming a necessity. Everybody must come back to their father and repent. Only then will one be able to see the consequences of his Life both in the past and in the present. You will be just like the Prodigal son, who became aware of his past experience, realised what he lost and gained and then decided to come back to his father. He realised that nothing can be achieved by being a swineherd. Eventually, it was hunger that made him come back and become his father’s servant. You will say that it is awful for one to wander down and out. If you have ended up living in misery, if you have repented and came back to your father, you should only rejoice, for your shabby, tattered clothes, i.e. your inherent shortcomings have been revealed, you are already aware of them and ready to remedy them. You should be only too glad that you have become wiser. When you get wiser, you feel content, inwardly satisfied with having the necessary food, clothes and shoes, though outwardly you can still remain hungry, shabby and bare-footed. You should be grateful that you have found enough common sense to come back to your father and say, “Father, forgive me, for I committed a sin, but I learnt the great law that everybody gets what they deserve.”

“That all things which are written may be fulfilled.” These words refer to all modern societies, countries and nations. The European nations will get impoverished, they will lose their strength, and famine will come to the Earth: hens, turkeys, lambs and swine will lower in number and become almost extinct. What’s more, bread will become scarce – a ratio of 200 to 300g will be given per person. You may happen to starve for two or three days on end. Everyone will ask, “ Why did all this happen? Who caused all these disasters?” – Not just one person is to blame. Everybody is responsible for the unfortunate consequences. Are the friends you drank and ate with guilty for your failure? It was you who invited them to eat and drink with you, because you wanted to have more fun. Whose fault is it now? Once you had fun, without thinking of the long-term implications; you should be brave enough now to bear the consequences. You should be even grateful that you are now given the chance to correct your mistakes.

Religious people are getting ready to leave this world and move to another one, better organised and perfect. If the fruit falls unripe from the tree, where will it go? Will there be fruit good enough for the market? Will it be served at the table of a rich man? Can you see it in a child’s pocket? The fruit that has fallen unripe will be found rotten by the trunk of the tree. The other world is closed to it. The unripe fruit will remain on the tree – this world here - until it gets ripe. Therefore, both worlds – this one and the other one - are the same for people who are unprepared. One needs a long time to spend here, on earth, to study and to grow until the process of development is over. Here is the place for them to go to a primary, secondary and high school, and finally to university. Then they will enroll for the great school of life and enter the organised world called Heaven. Only fully mature, learned people are accepted to heaven. Anyone who goes there will be given a gob that has to be accomplished. Lazy people are not admitted there. Anyone who goes there unprepared will be left to wait for a day or two before being assigned some task. Anyone who proves to be inefficient will be sent back to earth.

An old woman dreamt of going to the other world. The first thing she saw there was a big table laid with a white tablecloth, and round the table a few white bearded old men were sitting, reading a book. She saw that they were busy reading something. Not knowing what to say and how to address these people, she felt embarrassed. One of them asked her, “Why have you come, old lady? Do you know to read or write?” – “I don’t know, son. I never learnt these.” – “If you can’t read or write, your job will be to fetch water.” – “Well, son, this is what I had been doing all my life. I am sick and tired of fetching water. Don’t make me do the same here.” – “If you don’t want to fetch water, then you will come back to earth to learn to read and write.”

While we are on earth, we pass through three areas in Life. The first one is the stomach. While we are still living in the stomach, we have to observe its laws and regulations. The stomach gives feasts and invites guests. Everybody sits at the table waiting for the hostess to serve the food she has prepared. The table is laden with plenty of food – soup, roast chicken, turkey or steaks, and a glass or two of vintage wine to cheer up the guests. All are eating, praising God for the goods He has bestowed on them. This is how Life is seen from the perspective of the stomach. If you ask someone why they indulge in eating pork, poultry or lamb, they will answer that they are destined by God to be the master of animals. Such people let all animals in the stomach and feel satisfied. When they are inside they start asking, “Master, what are we doing here?” Each animal starts revealing its true nature: the swine is rooting about, the bull is butting, the hen is scratching and the turkey is strutting. Shortly after, the stomach is heavy with indigestion. The master is moaning with aches and calls for the doctor to see what is wrong with him. It is simple: the animals that have entered the stomach cannot get along well. They cause indigestion. The doctor prescribes some purgative, the master vomits everything and the stomach is relieved.

What does vomit mean? In my opinion, the words vomit and gossip are synonymous in Bulgarian. Just as overeating causes indigestion, so bad and impure thoughts upset the heart. Knowing this, you should never let them enter your heart or let them out as negative emotions. Why should people talk behind each other’s back? If a negative emotion enters your heart, you should try to suppress it. If someone happens to have eaten rotten food, they usually start talking about it, until finally, they throw it up. If they do not talk about what has happened to them, they will talk about others who have taken bad food. Do not eat impure food so that you should not talk about what you have eaten. You should talk neither about yourselves, nor about others. The function of the mouth is to accept pure, healthy food and not to throw up the impure, unhealthy food. The human body has two doors: an inlet and an outlet. If one accepts and throws food from one and the same door, the harmony in the body will be shattered. This law applies both to physical and spiritual food. If you let something go out from your mouth, it should be the best. The human tongue is not allowed to use negative or bitter words. That is why the Scripture says that you should be held responsible for any empty word.

The same refers to one’s thoughts, feelings and deeds. Man is related to the sensible world, with creatures from a high culture – saints, Angels, Archangels, who hold man responsible for every deed, thought or feeling, coming out from the heart or the mind. One day he will be held responsible for everything he has admitted into himself. Man comes to live on the earth; he comes into existence, eats, gets dressed, studies, etc., for which a lot of energy is needed – Light and warmth, various elements – oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, silver, gold, etc. All this costs millions. We can see one grow and develop, but we cannot know how much this costs Nature. Nor do we know how much energy the sensible creatures working on him have wasted. You should try to estimate the expenses of someone who has lived here for a hundred years to find out whether one is entitled to abuse what he has been given. One who abuses the rights he is given is deprived of the favourable conditions of Life – to be born and reincarnated. Being unable to reincarnate means being locked forever.

Evil cannot exist freely any longer. Jesus came to earth mainly to free man from evil – both people and animals. In other words, all human ideals will disappear, replaced by other eternal ones. Any thought or desire not based on a grand ideal will vanish beyond recall. There can be just one desire or thought for you to cherish, but it should be immortal. What’s the point of giving birth to ten children unless you do not follow God’s will? What child is it that does not love his father? Neither Love, nor hope can find its expression. Love is the strongest and foremost human incentive. God’s Love for humanity and every living creature makes Him come among people. Usually God comes to this world at times of hardship and turmoil when humanity goes through big crises. We are having hard times now, so God is closest to people.

When speaking of reincarnation, many are reluctant to acknowledge it, though it does not matter. What difference does it make if an important fact is not acknowledged? The fact exists after all. People existed in prehistoric times; they exist now. They were born and reborn, owing to which they acquired something new and improved. One is reborn but with a different name. The same happens to nations. Modern nations, known as Germans, Russians, English, French and Bulgarians used to exist under different names. It is not known when exactly man came to existence – there are various opinions on this issue. According to the Bible man has been existing for 8,000 years. Occultists believe that man has been around for 18 million years. God comes here not to judge people but to purify the world. How will He achieve this? – Through fire. That is why the Scripture reads that each barren tree will be rooted out and thrown in the fire. The tree cannot live on barren land; it needs soil. Therefore, each person who does not give any fruit will be rooted out and thrown in the fire. When does man give fruit? – When one lives in compliance with the laws of Love. There is no Life beyond Love. There cannot be any achievement without Love. Throughout his life, man has to create the soil he is to plough and sow, just like a farmer does. The impure thoughts and desires that have fallen upon it spoil this soil. It has to be purified. How? – By ploughing it a few times, after which you have to let it dry in the Sun until becoming fertile again.

Providence brings upon man plenty of suffering so that it can help him get rid of sin. In this respect suffering is the plough necessary to toil with on the patch of land. It has to be ploughed a few times so that it can be purified in the Sun. Then it can become fit for sowing pure thoughts and desires. God’s Love has to work on the human soul for thousands of years so that it can give fruit. It is normal for man to be sulky and displeased while the fruit is ripening. Initially, the fruit is bitter and sour. The longer it basks in the Sun, the sweeter it becomes, until finally, it is fully ripe, sweet and fragrant. The process of ripening is over. So, when one is sulky and displeased, you should know that he is at the beginning of his life – at the embryonic stage. After a few Divine years he will get mature and sweet – the discontent will turn into contentment. Anger and discontent are in their proper place when they lie on the grounds of sound principles. Everything makes sense when it is in its proper place, i.e. when it is reasonable.

During the Ottoman Oppression the Bulgarians feared tax collectors very much. A Bulgarian felt quite comfortable and relaxed before the tax collector came. He would go outside the front door with a jack-knife and a stick in his hand and while whittling at the stick, he was setting the world to rights. However, as soon as the arrival of the tax collector was announced, the Bulgarian got startled, whittling more nervously and worrying about paying his taxes. Minutes ago he would think freely, claiming that God does not exist. The moment the tax collector came, he would start believing in God – the stick, i.e. Justice is imposed. So he would point the stick at himself. If you have money, you are the master. Without any money, you lose your title.

A young handsome lad enjoyed the freedom he had. He had many friends and was footloose and fancy-free. Girls liked him for the great freedom he had and referred to him as the King of all kings. One day he decided to get engaged. The girls started regarding him only as a king. Then he got married. Now he was regarded only as an ordinary man. When eventually he got divorced, everybody would look upon him as a laughing stock, as one inferior to all the others.

God sends people to the earth to feel free and independent as kings. What do they do? They find a husband or a wife to commit to. They lose their freedom and descend from the position of a king. When they get married they become ordinary people. Then they get divorced, thus reducing themselves to a laughing stock. If they have made a mistake, they have to correct it. The husband whittles at the stick, so does the wife, thinking how to pay the tax collector. Do not get involved with people who are expected to pay taxes.

For all the things which are written.” In other words: The Day of Judgement is coming! – When will it come? – When the Divine light enters people’s minds and they start seeing clearly what exactly they have done in their present and previous lives. They already have a new task assigned – to correct their Lives and all the mistakes they have made. Be grateful for the Light given to you! Be ready, just like the Prodigal son, to turn to God with due Repentance and humility and say, “ O Lord, I beg for Your mercy! I didn’t fulfil your will, but I am ready to serve You devotedly.” Pray to God to inscribe your names in the Book of Life. Give up the lie you have been serving for years and embrace the Truth. If you are not ready to serve God gratefully, you will find yourselves in the position of the Greek tzar who was ungrateful to his doctor..

The Greek tzar in this story was suffering from leprosy. An eminent doctor came to his kingdom. The doctor, known as Duban, started taking care of the tzar and soon managed to cure him. As a token of his gratitude the tzar appointed him in his Privy Council. Many became envious and started scheming against him. The malicious gossip reached the tzar, who believed it and ordered the doctor’s execution. Before the order was carried out, the doctor appeared before his master, told him the true story and begged for mercy. The tzar reversed his appeal and confirmed his verdict. Then the doctor said, “I’ll give you a book in which you will find the answers to all the problems troubling you. While thumbing the pages, you will hear my voice speaking through your head.” The tzar took the book, pleased that he would be able to make interesting observations. After the execution the book appeared on his desk. The tzar started turning the pages, but the more he read, the worse he felt. The pages were treated with poison. On turning the last page, he heard a voice saying, “This is what everyone who is ungrateful deserves.” This is how the ungrateful tzar ended his life.

Who is the doctor curing human leprosy? – Jesus. Instead of being grateful, you are ready to cut His head in order to get rid of Him. Then the devil, whose advice you take, will approach you and give you the book, form which you are going to read his wise advice every day. This book is poisonous. By reading his book, you will gradually get poisoned. When you turn the last page, you will hear the devil saying to you, “This is what any sinner who repays good by evil deserves. Such a person does not deserve to live.”

Many keep complaining about injustice in Life, blaming God for it. If they think so, then they bear injustice. If just one Life were given to you, then you would be right to complain. But what would you say if you knew that you would live many lives here on the earth? Don’t you think that it is you that have caused injustice? You live by God’s grace. God is so lenient to you and yet you grumble. A new age is coming, a new culture, and new conditions. The hew age is celebrated with God’s advent to this world in order to establish law and order, to separate the mortal from the immortal, sinners from righteous people. It is up to any of us to choose the category he or she falls into. A sinner with impure thoughts and desires will create a body with the appropriate brain, lungs and stomach. The thoughts and desires take the form that matches them. No wonder then that so many forms exist: bears, wolves, tigers, lions, snakes, etc. The forms are created according to the thoughts and desires. It is only natural then that there should be bad and good people; some are healthy, cheerful and agile, while others are ill, weak and unfit for work. Do not wonder why germs destroying the human body exist. Doctors organise conferences to discuss how to tackle the problems with germs. There are germs capable of destroying the human body within 24 hours. Germs are a real scourge to humanity.

“For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” You would ask whether God takes revenge on people. Should he take revenge on them through germs? I am not answering your question. I would only ask you: What would you think of your neighbour who would let his pigs plough in your well-kept garden? Your garden is not supposed to be intruded by your neighbour’s pigs. You have worked in it to make it your pride and joy. It is meant to give pleasure to your nearest and dearest. Those who love you are welcome to take a walk in it, enjoying the beautiful flowers and ripe fruit.

Imagine that the father of a family has lived and worked abroad. On coming back home, he buys nice presents for his four daughters and his wife. As soon as he comes back, his two daughters turn to the presents and jewellery, examining and enjoying them, totally ignoring their father’s presence. They do not care at all that he is tired and needs attention. However, the other two daughters focus all their attention on him – one fetches him some water to wash and clothes to change, the other cooks him dinner. They do not think about the presents. The father is kind and considerate with all his daughters, but, naturally, his attitude to the first two is different from his attitude to the other two. He would never show that his attitude is different, yet it is. From this we could infer the following law: Love breeds Love. Hatred cannot breed Love. Fear can make you pretend to love someone, but as soon as the fear disappears, hatred grows. Love excludes fear, while no love or hatred breed fear. Those who fear are the evil, dark spirits, whereas good and light spirits do not fear. Therefore, when a dark spirit obsesses you, you feel afraid. You ought to drive the evil spirit away. Let it become your servant and not your master. As soon as you drive it away, you will become strong and courageous. You will raise your awareness, entering a new sphere where love and agreement, Light and peace reign. What will happen to the world? – Do not think about that; think of yourselves. The master of the world used to be someone who is bound now. He is trembling with fear now, regretting having lost his power. He will be sent to the lower world where he will be taught to work. He used to eat and drink, but now he has to work – there is no other possible salvation for him. As long as the chief master is bound, it will be easy for you to cope with the less important masters. Each of you is able to bind the small master within the self and set him to work. Do not fear this master, for his reign is over. Put Jesus to the throne of your kingdom and follow His path. Only in this way will you be able to walk in Light and the Angels will befriend you. This is what God wants from us all. Listen to His voice and be ready to submit Him. It is time for you to sever the bonds with your former master and reestablish connection with the One Who has crated you and Who cares about you.

Religious people prepare themselves to pass through all the planets and finally settle on the Sun. This will be, but not now. You are not ready for the other planets yet. It is worth going round all the planets and stars, but only if you achieve something or mend your ways. Otherwise, just passing by and seeing new things without getting to the point would be a futile effort. There will come a day when you will be able to travel freely from one planet to another, but not in your present bodies. You need to form a new body, capable of dissembling and assembling so that it would be easy for you to move from one place to another. One day people will be travelling without ships, trains or planes. They will have a new type of body, shaped and structured differently. They will have a new kind of Light and knowledge. They will be acquainted with the laws of the Universe and able to apply them. Then they will not toil the land the way they do now, but sustain themselves in a way unknown to today’s scientists.

Jesus tells us, “Go now and do not err any longer.” Not to err means not to violate God’s law. Those who serve God follow His laws. Once you enter the Angels’ society, you will be elevated. It is a great blessing to have the grace of the Angels, the saints and the good people. Everyone will be eager to give you something. However, it is awful to find yourselves among enemies. Then everybody will be eager to take something from you, to rob you and ruin you. God’s Kingdom does not ruin people. People live there in harmony, union and service to Love. They live there one for all, while nowadays everyone lives for the self. By “the self” we mean what is inferior in people, mammals, birds and fish. That’s why Jesus says that anyone unable to deny the self cannot be His true disciple. By giving up the inferior part of the self, one is able to evolve more quickly. The law of evolution applies both to people and animals. The more sinful one is, the slower the process of evolution is. One is subjected to greater suffering so that the consciousness can be awakened. The same law applies to animals. This is the reason why some animals suffer more than others do. The harder the suffering is, the more the creature has to pay back.

When studying Natural History, you will see that forms gradually change to improve. Naturally, it is a long-term process, taking thousands of years. What counts is not time, but the results. Therefore, when it comes to animals, you should not look down on them. You should bear in mind that there will come the time when they will change and advance to a higher level. Animals are inferior to people in terms of consciousness and living conditions, but some day they will move a step up. It is possible for a human being to communicate with a horse, an ox, or a dog. If one knows how to do it, it is possible to talk even with more inferior species. The shepherd, inhabiting a hut, lives at physical and spiritual conditions different from those typical of a king, living in a palace. Yet you can communicate with them both. There are people who don not rank higher than animals in terms of consciousness. There are animals that are similar to people in terms of consciousness. That’s why you should not judge things by their appearance, but consider their contents and depth. Truth reveals the provenance of man. Some day when you enter the Spiritual World, your thoughts and emotions will become objective. By seeing their true essence, you will feel ashamed, aware that you are ill equipped for this world. So you will start looking forward to coming back to the earth in order to work towards a better future. This is what makes people reincarnate. One needs to work. Whatever situation you are in, you should know that such is your lot. You have to work on yourselves in order to improve your fate. There is just one way to achieve this: by serving God with all your heart, strength and devotion. Or to put it differently, to serve God with all our thoughts, emotions and deeds. We should serve out brethren with the same commitment as we serve ourselves. Who is your fellow creature? – One who helps you and works for you. It means that the ox, the horse and the cow are your fellow creatures. God speaks the languages of all animals and communicates with them, while you feel ashamed to speak to your ox, working in your field from dawn till sunset. Sometimes God prefers to speak to an ox rather than to a haughty sinner, who has caused his own sufferings but blames God for them. An ox keeps pulling the yoke yet never blames its master for the suffering it bears. God has given man plenty of goods and keeps giving. Who is to blame for man’s suffering? – He himself. Suffering comes as a natural consequence of man’s constant abuse of God’s gifts and blessings. What should one do to get rid of suffering? – To reconsider the way one lives and mend his ways.

The only power capable of correcting one’s Life is Love. Apply Love and your Life will correct itself. – Which Love? – The one you are ready for. Love has 350 million forms. What man is required to do is to study these forms and recognise them. The ultimate objective is to be able to identify the kind of Love one has for you when he or she tells you “I love you”. Is it like the love of the worm, the spider, the mosquito, the hen, the dog, the bear, the wolf, the ox, the horse, or is it like the love of the mother, the saint, the Angel, etc.? Man is not allowed to show the love of the spider, sucking blood of its beloved, nor is man allowed to have the love of the predator, tearing its prey. God comes to the earth not to judge people but to teach and guide them. He opens the Book of Life to every human being and forces them to read from there in order to see their own mistakes. Where do people make most mistakes? – In Love. When you spot and identify your mistakes, you will say just like the Prodigal Son: “Forgive me Father! I’m coming to you down and out. I’ve lost everything you gave me. I committed a sin, but now I am ready to serve you.” That is the common fate nowadays. God will welcome the Prodigal Son with Love. He will give orders for him to be washed and dressed in new clothes. He will embrace and kiss him and will kill the fatted calf. However, the devil, i.e. the elder brother will be displeased. He will tell God, “I worked for you so many years yet you gave me nothing.” The devil does not tell the truth. All the wealth is his. The devil is said not to have come to help the Angels but the seed of Abraham.

So, when Jesus joins the human world, people will advance to a higher level. On hearing His voice, they will perceive His thought. No matter which part of the world Jesus will speak from, they will be able to catch His voice. Righteous people will be able both to see and hear Him. He will be everywhere. It means that people, having developed the sixth sense, will be clairvoyants. If Jesus comes to the earth in flesh for the second time, he will be crucified again. This time He will descend in such a form that it will need no food, nor will it be crucifiable. He will need the fruit of your tree. When He looks at you, He will see whether your soul bears any fruit, and on seeing the fruit, He will say, “Let this soul be blessed!” I mean that blessed is the soul that bears at least one ripe fruit. When Jesus comes to you, you will offer Him your fruit to nourish Him. This is how He will know that you have worked hard in your garden, that you have taken loving care of the orchard. Many men, women and children water their gardens with tears coming from the bottom of their hearts. Some day these tears will give birth to sweet, juicy fruit. Do not fear your tears. Do not say that you cry; say that you water your gardens. Do not say that your hearts are rent with grief, say that you plough your fields. Plough and water God’s fields so that it should yield plenty of fruit. That is the point in Life. That is why Jesus will come to the human world.

What is the present state of humanity? It is like a moving ship. Before it sets sail, it rocks and shakes and then when the movement goes to all its parts, it starts floating smoothly along the water surface. Jesus comes to the earth to stir the stranded ship. He will give it a mighty push, will jolt it vehemently and give it the right course. Therefore, Jesus’ advent will blaze the right trail for humanity. All people will start feeling, thinking and acting correctly, just like the ship will be bound for the right destination. It is hard to imagine how all that will happen, yet when the vapour gives impetus to the steamer, when your thoughts become clear and definite, when you become aware of your ultimate objectives, you will see Jesus as clearly as the stoker, who puts coal in the fire-box seeing that he has to do this to make the steamer move ahead. Many have seen Jesus cheerful and beaming with a smile and a halo around His head on His way to Jerusalem as a holy place. Jesus exists in all other worlds, not just on the Earth. Those who are more sensitive are aware of this. They perceive it through both their hearts and minds. There is not a single human being unable to sense even the slightest stir in the self. Those who are more sensitive are more apprehensive of danger. There is nothing to be afraid of. Your ship is moving ahead, having taken the right course towards the Divine port. I do not mean the grave. Just the opposite, as long as your ship is afloat, you will come out of the grave and resurrect. This is exactly what Paul meant when saying that we will not die, but we will change.

What is in store for you? – You will go to bed as a cocoon, and you will wake up as a chrysalis. On the next nigh you will go to bed as a chrysalis, and you will wake up as a butterfly, able to fly from one flower to another, gathering their sweet nectar. What has happened to you? – You have changed. God took your old callous hearts and gave you new soft and delicate ones, on which I will inscribe today the new law. He took your distorted minds and gave you new bright ones, able to perceive His thoughts and apply them. Your souls will become a temple of God, you hearts – His altar, where you will offer your sacrifices. The Spirit will become God’s servant. This means serving God with all your heart, strength and devotion. This means the fate of the world. To judge means to find the right path as a member of society and as a nation that is part of humanity. It means knowing your responsibilities and bearing them. Will you know yourselves then? – Certainly, more than you do now.

Will you love each other? – More than you do now. Then you will be glad and light-spirited, radiating happiness. Today people’s faces are dark and sulky. Who is to blame?

A child saw the Sun rising hidden in fog and clouds. Its red disc could hardly be seen through. – Why are you giving me such a sulky, angry look?” the child asked. The Sun answered, “It’s not my fault. Clouds and fog veil my rays but as soon as they disappear, I’ll show you my bright, smiling face.” What I would like to tell you now is not to ask why Jesus is a gloomy and displeased. Clouds veil his face, too. When they disperse, you will see His bright and smiling face, radiating Love and Light, Joy and Mirth. Jesus’ Love can be compared to the bright and fair image of the Sun. When you feel His Love, you Life here on the earth will become worthwhile. Then you will understand why you were born and why you will die, why you are male or female, why you give birth to children and raise them. Not only will you understand these things, but also they will be given meaning.

“For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.” This verse sounds fearful. Those who do not understand its profound meaning will go to hell. Those who interpret it properly say: Jesus comes to this world as a bearer of Reason and Love. He tells everybody on the face of the earth, “Peace!” Everybody will get what they deserve through Jesus’ Love and Reason. Everybody will be given what they are ready to do. Is there anything to worry about? Get ready, each when the time comes to welcome Jesus. Put on your best clothes. For some Jesus will come today, for others He will come tomorrow. They will be some who will greet Him in years. You will meet Him the moment you are ready for this.

You should be waiting for Him day in day after, and there will come the time when you will be able to see Him. It is entirely up to you. You should be in your right lace, just like the astronomer holds his due position behind the telescope to observe the sky. The astronomer may be observing a planet so far from the Earth that ordinary people do not even suspect it exists, but he can see it. When the planet approaches the Sun, then all people will be able to see it. Try to be such astronomers, able to see Jesus from afar, while ordinary people have not seen Him yet. Therefore, there are people who can see Jesus now, some who will see Him later when He approaches them, and still others who will not see Him even then but will keep sleeping peacefully in bliss.

May you stay awake so that you can see Jesus from afar. If you fail to see Him from afar, I believe you will see Him from close by. You are bound to see Him. He will speak to you and you will be able to hear Him as clearly as you can hear me now.

A lecture given by the Master on 28th January, 1917, Sofia


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