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Should I not drink it?

The cup that the Father has given me, should I not by all means drink it? John 18:11

“Any people, national group or language that says anything wrong against the God of Sha’drach, Me’chach and A’-bed-ne-go should be dismembered, and his house should be turned into a public privy; for as mush as there does not exist another god that is able to deliver like this one.”

Daniel 3:29

“The cup that the Father gave me, should I not by all means drink it?” Everybody knows what this cup means. In present Life the cup takes an important part. It is essential in all parties and enjoyments. It is filled with wine, rakia and variety of alcoholic drinks. The doctors use the same cup. They dilute the medicine there and give it to small children, who hesitate it.

Jesus says to his disciples: “The cup that the Father has given me, should I not drink it?” This cup means a process of a human’s development; it is a symbol of something valuable. It is observed, that flowers of all plants has a shape of a cup. Drinking from Jesus’ cup means to go trough a certain process in your life, inner or outer-physical, sociable or mental.

Three young men Sha’drach, Me’shach and A-bed’ne-go, who were thrown into burning hot furnace by commandment of Neb-u-chad-nez’zar, present meaning of three different characters. On rare occasions we can find three men with the same character or the same intellect. These young men stood out of the crowd with their high intellectual, moral and spiritual growth, which was experienced in their lives. They had been faithful and loyal to theirs believes. When the people of Babylon wanted to impose their social and religious points of views to them, they did not submit to. There are certain principles in life to which a man must stay loyal. This is the only way in which a man can progress in his life. This man that can not stand for these certain principles will experience the results of his digression. This testing is valid not only for a man, but also for a home, for a nation and for the entire human race. Do not be surprised that everybody has been experiencing this trial today-a person, a home, a nation and the entire human race.

Where does this test come from? –Does it come from the new world or from God? Everybody will experience the same tests like that three young men.

They represent three of the greatest principles in a man’s life. Nothing good can be achieved if among the Spirit, the Soul and the physical body of a man harmony do not exist.

Many priests have talked about this verse of three young men in burning hot furnace, but they treated it of other meaning, different from my point of view. These three men mean three steady characters. A real man passes with great success his exam. A student or a pupil receives his certificate when finishes his study and passes all his exams. The same rule is valid for the Social life and for the Nature. All living beings, from smallest to the largest, have to take these exams, and after that they get their places in life. Unless experienced difficult exams in life people have airy point of view. They look for benefits, for happiness, but they do not find it. Only that person who knows what happiness means is able to find it and once had done this he can keep it. The same way people look for Love. Do you know what Love is? You can say that you feel Love. A man feels pleasant and unpleasant things, however all this is not Love. Everything in the world is a manifestation of Love, but minority people know what exactly Love is. There is no a scientist, a philosopher or a writer, who can define Love. You will say that God is Love. You say that God is Love without understanding what Love is. The answer of this question is in the future. A man will have a clear idea of Love in thousands years. Till then stick to your present idea about Love.

Let’s look at the man’s character now. Character means stability, firmness. This is its main characteristic. A firm character is only that one which does not change during man’s life, which stays the same in all different situations. If a man changes his character when he experiences some problems we say that this man does not have any character. All living beings that do not have any characters are without any personality, lay figures. In order to develop his main feature –stability, a man goes trough four processes; it means four levels of his progress: a process of subconsciousness, of consciousness, of self-consciousness and super-consciousness or so called cosmic, Devine consciousness. A contemporary man has reached the level of self-consciousness. In this consciousness the conditions of his downfall are hidden. A man has a desire to rule the world and says: Everybody must obey me and serve me because it is just me that live. If something is good for me it is good for everybody; when I feel bad then everybody feels the same.

This opinion has created the two philosophies: pessimism and optimism. When a man is ill, when his things does not go well he is a pessimist.

When a man is healthy and his things goes well he is an optimist. These opinions do not define the state of the universe. These are subjective opinions and they do not have anything in common with great and permanent God’s laws.

What is the main goal in a man’s life? The main goal in a human’s life is to find out one’s own main feature of his character; to find out his main support in his life; to find out his Father and to return to father’s home; to find out his teacher and to carry out the work that has to be done.- What I shall do when finishing that job? Asking these questions means misunderstanding in human’s final goal. Job never finishes. When you finish one job you must start doing the next one. Knowing that do not ever ask what the final goal of life is. Tend to finish the work you have already started. Do not postpone your work. In that case only you are able to feel happy. Direct your mind and your heart to work given. Only after finishing the started job a man can ask why he has come to the Earth. The answer is very simple: You have come to the Earth in order to learn and to work. Jesus said: “The cup that the Father has given me, should I not by all means drink it?” Every man has one bitter and one sweet cup that change one after another. Throughout an embittered cup man’s life purifies constantly. Why it should be purified? Man’s life is as spring water that has travelled a lot and has collected some mire, which has made him dirty. In order to be cleared the spring must go throughout different lays of sand. This way water filtrates and as a result gains its initial purity. On account of this God gives every now and then a bitter cup in order to purify our life. When experience a few time this bitter cup you will understand why you had to drink it. The bitter cup will purify your life from all mires and dirty things in your life. What does these mire and dirty things mean? They are man’s bad thoughts and desires. They are elements that pollute man’s life and his character destroying it. This way a man looses his confidence in his Life and starts fears for his health, for his age, for his wealth. Once he is afraid of being ill, loosing his wealth and for being old all these bad things happens to him. The things he is afraid of just happen. What is the philosophy of this? In his fair a man imagines the situations that do not exist.

A traveller has arrived in a mountain area where he had to spend the night. As darker it was getting as lost he became. Suddenly he slipped and felt that he was falling down in an abyss. He managed to grasp a brunch of a tree and hang on it a few hours. Finally, his hands were so tired that it was impossible for him to hold that brunch anymore. Before releasing his hands from that brunch he started shouting and saying goodbye to all his relatives. When he said goodbye to everybody he released his hands and was expected his death. How big his surprise was when realised that the precipice he was afraid of was only 15 centimetres deep.

Very often you do the same; you hold to a brunch and shout: “Good bye to everyone, I am dying!” When you release your hands you realise that precipice is deep only 15 centimetres. This way a man himself enlarges his sufferings. The new teaching says that the abyss bellow you is just 15 centimetres deep. Let yourself down and you will see that my words are right. Unless inspires to the Truth a man feels fear and says. What will happen to me? There is nothing fearful in life. Leave the brunch you are holding and you will see that the precipice is just 15 centimetres deep. If I die? This is not fearful, too. One day you will become convinced that the fear, which has grasped you and do not allow you to think is worthless. It is quiet and calms everywhere. Experience the new teaching where Truth of life is hidden. You are able to experience Truth at any time, because it itself is Life. Jesus first understood meaning of life, its final goal and as a result he drank his embittered cup and he did not regret for drinking it at all. If Jesus had not drunk this bitter cup world would have been left without any life’s bounties.

What is hidden in the bitter cup? –God’s Love. You will say that it brings sufferings. Without suffering it can not bring the fruit of life. Jesus is the alive fruit on the tree of life. When the disciples of Jesus did not understand the laws of life they advised him: “Master, do not expose yourself to sufferings.” This implies: Master, do not blossom. Jesus new that then it was time to blossom and to give fruit. If he had not blossomed he could not have given fruit. His fruit gave the blessing to all mankind.

So, when the bitter cup comes to you it means that it is time for you to blossom and give fruit. Therefore, do not regret that you suffer. Only throughout suffering a person, a family, a community and all mankind ennoble. Jesus had first to blossom on the tree of life and to give fruit that can cure. In this fruit is the meaning of new Teaching which brings elements of inner Piece and Calmness. This way only that man will enter Cosmic consciousness of Life University in which all great creatures, all Angels and everything in Heaven serve God. A good man feels well wherever he is, in Paradise or in Hell, whereas a bad man will feel awful even in Paradise. The three men experienced hot burning furnace and were not burnt. A fourth man looking like Jesus joined them. Only when a man goes throughout the fire he will find the fourth element of life, the Spirit, named by philosophers “Supreme I”, heavenly source in a man. I terms of Christianity when you unite with God. This means to live in harmony. It does not mean to hold someone’s hand keep your hands together. If you sing some following tones you will defer very clear each of them. However, if you sing several musical tones in a harmony you will create chord, consonance and harmony.

I say: Enter a Divine Life in order to live in Its harmony. God does not need us, we need Him. He does not have a desire to take us in and to make us impersonals. His only trend is to show us right direction of knowledge. He is a Master for the souls which want to understand Him. This way only a man can be clever, good, beautiful, and healthy, he can live in harmony. Why do we need sufferings then? They come as necessary obstacles in order to achieve harmony. Without obstacles harmony is not achievable. Is it possible for a train to move on a smooth surface and to reach his destination? When a track of the train is smooth it will move without getting forward. Sand is an obstacle, but without it a train will stay at the same place. Do not ever think that you are going to be happy if you do not have any obstacles in your life. Sensible creatures, who understand laws, place in front of you some sand in order your life to move forward. You will say that your happiness is destroyed. This is just outer distraction. When you move forward you will then understand the reason of obstacles, of sufferings. You will say: My hair turned grey from all these sufferings. Even this is for the best. It depends what you are preparing for. If you are material for clothes it is good to turned white. If you are soil it is good to turn black. The black soil gives the best fruit and wheat. In this meaning I wish all soil was black.

Jesus says: “This is everlasting life, to know God, to know Love” This is Devine fruit that brings harmony to mankind. That, who is ready for suffering, will blossom and will give fruit. If I am fruit I will be eaten. Let you be eaten. You have a seed from which you will rebirth again. In this seed is the strength in your life. Unless a man experiences his strength he is not able for growing.

Once you know that law do not feel afraid of sufferings and difficulties in your life. All people, all the living creatures go through them. Just that man will get over them who releases his hands from the brunch he is holding. He will find out that the precipice, from which he is scared, is just 15 centimetres deep. All difficulties are surmountable. I have seen people that are not able to die easily. When that hour comes they start kicking, they can not be separated from the body. I say: Relax, let your soul go out freely. Under you there is just 15 centimetres deepness. The relatives of a dying man are afraid from the death as well. They give him medicines, injections in order to enlarge his life a little bit more, but they can not achieve anything. Loose your hands from the brunch you are holding due to the precipice is just 15 centimetres. Stand on your feet and say: Thanks God, I have avoided a big misery. People now are not able to understand that and say: poor man, he has passed away. I see that the dead man is alive and is standing 15 centimetres away from his body.

Now, whatever I say you find it very fanny. When you have some difficulties you grab the brunch again and do not dare to loose it. I say: loose your hands off the brunch and stick to God. This way only your life will change for the best, your way of looking at things will change. There are writers who after publishing a book are afraid from the reviews. They are anxious, worried and when the crisis is over, say: It is better that everything has finished. I say: write your book and loose yourself down. This wanted to say Jesus about the cup, which Fater gave him. Peter said to him: “Master, do not drink from this cup.” However Jesus answered in reply:” The cup, that My Father has given me I must drink”.

Each man holds in himself one Peter and one Jesus. Peter takes out the knife from its pocket and cut the ear of the servant. Jesus says to him: “Peter, put back your knife “.In order words it means: Drink the cup that father gives you in order to understand Devine harmony. The bitter cup comes to everybody of you. I wish you drink this cup with certain dignity, like real Christians. After drinking the resurrection will come - the new Life. This is the outer meaning of that matter.

There is some analogy between Jesus’ Life and those three young men which Neb-u-chad-nez-zar ordered to be thrown in hot burning furnace. The furnace was so hot that the executioner who did this, burned to death. It is said that God is fire which burns out. However, that who lives in harmony with God’s love and Jesus’ spirit is in safety. God’s might manifests in difficult moments in our lives, not when a man is poor, but when he is rich. Wealth is getting fat from inside towards outside wearers the poverty is a process of development from inside towards outside. Wealth must turn into compost and poverty in honest labour. Without wealth it can not be but without poverty as well. They are two processes that work together for man’s development. Unless a man lose everything in his life he is not able to find God, a man can not be happy. Happiness is an extract that is derived from all the acknowledgement and experience of thousands generations of a mankind, it is similar to the rose oil obtained from the petals of roses. You need three-four thousand kilograms of rose petals in order to obtain only one kilogram of rose oil. This mean to turn earth happiness in heaven’s. In other words until earth life is not turned to spiritual, a man can not find real happiness.

“The cup that the Father has given me, should I not by all means drink it?” Jesus drank this cup and has become a Great Spirit. He united with God and said: “Me and my Father are together” In this words is hidden His might. He said: “ I did not come to fulfil my will, but a will to that who sent me here.” If Jesus had not fulfilled God’s will he would have been similar to mankind. Very often religious people ask a question who among them is more religious, smarter than the others. These things are relatively. Studying people at the present times I see that they can not love more than one person. If they love two persons at the same time they either will argue or will be forced to lie. You love in unison two people and start lying one or another of them, you become dishonest. Is this love? This is a display of a man’s egoism, a manifestation of man’s self-preservation. A man in his egoism manifests as a small cruel god kind, in the shape of a son or a daughter, in a shape of a beloved one. Everybody has had experienced that. I have seen how this god kind beats his beloved. Sometimes a son beats his father, a daughter beats her mother. Unless this god kind gets down to a precipice, unless he loses everything earthy he can not understand the inner side of a Divine Life. This god’s kind in a man is what torments him, constantly makes him unhappy and unpleasant. If he becomes pleased then Jesus manifests in him. One day you are unhappy and angry-that day Peter has visited you. The next day you are happy and pleased-that day Jesus has visited you. He says to you: “This cup must be drunk up”. In first case a man speaks about ideals, for the human’s goods, but he can not stay for what he says.

An 80 years old black lady lived in an American city, beside the University. She was bored with the difficult life and prayed to God to come and to take her soul in order to get free from her sufferings. Passing her home students had heard her prayers and once decided to make a joke with her. One night two of them went closer to her house and knocked at the door. She replied from inside: “Who is there?-It is me Archangel Michel. God has heard your prayers and has sent me to take your soul.-Tell him that that woman is not here-answered terrifyingly an old black lady”.

The same is the situation with contemporary people. They speak about ideals, about what is good and what is bad but when Archangel Michel comes, they say: “Tell him that they are not here.” So, people speak about ideals, about great things but when it comes to manifestation of that great things they say: “Why just we must work? Let’s other people work as well”. Someone was told to carry a roasted chicken, wine and pears. He was carrying them and did not complain from his load. When he was asked to dig a vine yard he said: “Let somebody else goes to dig; it is not only me who must work”.

Remember this: While a man passes laws of his development he always will dig his vine yard, e.g. he will suffer in periods. Suffering leads to the Greatest Happiness in Life. While passing the law of development a man will drink from bitter cup in life, which cup brings blessing for his soul. This cup brings suffering, but it brings happiness, too. When a man learns how to drink from this cup only then he will understand the real meaning of Life. Father gives this cup to everybody. It is important for a man to discover his main feature of his own character. Courage is the thing which a man needs for that, and as a result this discovery will bring Peace and Calmness in one’s soul. This is the only way for him to bring to an end his particular job.

Every day one experiences anger for different, but not important things. A husband gets angry at his wife, and a wife gets angry at him. When a man gets angry? When a man boils in anger? It happens when something is boiling in him. When a woman prepares jam first it is foaming and after that it starts boiling. So, a woman must take away this foam with a spoon. When a woman is boiling with anger let’s a man take a spoon and clean away all her foam. The same action must be done from a woman when her husband is boiling with anger. Foam is sediment of Life. When a man and a woman get rid of this sediment they become good, polite, loving. Today a man is boiling in anger, a woman, a daughter, a son-everybody is boiling in anger. What should we do in this case? Just take a spoon and clean up the foam. As much foam you take away as cleaner and better you become. This is not an allegory, it is a reality of Life.

This is why when you come across with the sediments in your life do not worry what will happen with you. Just take a spoon and clean foam away. God, who has created the world has a special plan and knows what will happen to everybody. He has a path to everybody. Is God going to care with me? Yes, He is. He is going to care of you as He has done this so far. He has already fixed your way, and it does not matter what is happening, just do not doubt in it and keep going your way, and have faith that God’s purpose will be exercised the way it was purposed. Be patient!

One day Mohamed was running away from his enemies, who were chasing him because of his principles (teaching). He managed to hide behind a tree. He observed from there how an ant was trying to carry a big load. It picked it up 99 times and dropped it on the ground. Not until 100 timed it managed to bring it to the certain place. Astonished from the enormous patient and constancy of the ant Mohamed thought to himself: If an ant can make its desires reality how much more I am able to do. God helps to all creatures. When He sees sufferings and efforts of a man God blesses him. He turns his bitter cup into a sweet one and gives him His blessing. God cares of everybody-righteous and sinful, well educated and ill educated, animals and human beings. It is a different story what does scholars and scientists speak about God. Stick to the thought that God does not have any disloyalty. It is spoken about God’s anger. God gets angry when He puts you on a fire. His anger is a fire; it is that flammable active power that cleans up. You cry and pray to Him, but he says. Only a little bit more and I will clear you up. How long he will keep us on fire? We will be kept there until we become clean and stop foaming. Then God will put us down from the fire, will smile and will say: I am happy that you are clean now. Cleanliness is a compulsory quality of Life.

Life in which we are entering now, insists right, bright thought which sustain all mankind. Right thought exclude any worries. While worries one is exposed to variety of illnesses. Some people are not afraid from illnesses and from the Death. They do not believe in God, do not believe in other Live and say: Let’s live well on the Earth, just this is important. Life is on the earth and we must take advantage of it. Some people live a shorter life than others. Everybody’s life is definite. Life on the Earth is good, but Life on the Heaven is better. Some people say: “It is not for sure that another Life exists, it might be.” This mean: Light in my mind either exists or not. God either exists or not. If you close the curtains on your windows, it will become dark in your room, but this does not mean that light does not exist, that God does not exist. God is at the same time in Light, in darkness, in joy and in sorrow, in Love and in hate. He exists in each manifestation of Life. Hate is something temporary whereas Love is everlasting. Hate turns into Love, as Jesus says” The bitter cup in a certain time will turn into great prosperity, because of that I must drink it”. If his disciples and followers manifested Love, the entire world would be in good working order. They spread hate in the world, which after a certain time will turn into Love. Then all scientists, philosophers and writers will start writing in a new way, in a way of Spirit of a new Love.

New wave of Love is coming. It will turn sufferings from the past into a fertile ground, “on which will grow, blossom and ripe prosperities of Love. Furthermore, entire mankind will eat from them. Once you know that do not be afraid of death. Do not be afraid of precipice over which you are hanging now. Who is guilty for that? People close to you like your mothers and fathers, your husband, or your wife. To feel pleased just release your hands from the branch you are hanging.

If you become angry say to yourself: I will release my hands from the branch, I am holding to. If you are not in a good mood do the same. If you can not trust somebody, again do the same. Why people do not succeed in their lives? As they use negative statements. They say: Do not hate, do not lie. Negative statement does not have this power to influence people. So that I say: Love each other and speak Truth. Love each other and manifest good things in order to make your character. Steady character has that man who does not influence badly to people, that surround him. If a mother leaves her young daughter with a young man and he does not do any bad thing to her, this means that this man has a character. A young girl has a steady character as well if she does not influence badly to the young man. Get free from each self-interested thought in your mind that brings hate in your heart. Keep yourself away from lie and theft that brings hate in one’s heart. Lie and theft shows unsteadiness in one’s character. Can we say that somebody has a steady character if he uses somebody else’s wealth and woman? The meaning of drinking your bitter cup is in meaning to pay back to people everything you owe them, but at the same time to help them. The meaning of love is to help a man in all his needs.

What does Love mean? Some people think that it is gentle touch, hugs and kisses. In my opinion this is not Love this is not any Good. If a healthy man and a healthy woman hold their hands this still is not Love. Real Love rises weak and ill people, it helps those who suffer. If you have Love kiss a sick one and help him to become healthy; kiss the weak one, kiss the person who has failed in his life and help him to stand up. If you are a loving father kiss your weak, disabled children. Do not give a kiss like one Judas gave to Jesus. When you kiss a healthy one you betray him. One must know who can kiss and who do not have to. This means that one has a character. Telling you this statement I do not want to expose you what you had already done, but I want to tell you how to behave since now. You do not love me. I do not love you because you are rich and healthy. Become poor and sick and I will love you. Give from the kisses of your Spirit. When people love each other their spirits must be close whereas their bodies must be far from each other. If a man and a woman do not live well then God separate them. He takes a man or a woman. When they separate the one who stays on the Earth starts to idealises that who has passed away. When they are far from each other they start to love each other and get on well.

An American man wanted to invite in his house a friend who he had not seen for ten years. He phoned his wife to ask her to prepare the dinner, but she replied.” Do not bring this hypocrite man; I do not want to see him”. An American man thought. Even on the telephone I was able to recognise that my wife was speaking. He knew her way of speaking.

Now you speak about God, but at the end you say: Do not bring Him in our house. How many time he has come and just suffering brought. This is wrong, bad understanding. You mislead yourself. When frashsmasones approve a new member they test him to see whether he will pass these exams. The first test is about his courage. If he does not pass it they do not accept him as a member of their community. A man with a sward stands in front of him and this man is ready to pears him. If he gets scared he fails the exam. The sward is made of paper. When he decides to stab him it bends. The same way God tests as using “paper swards”. Sufferings are paper swards which meeting our fair will bend and fall on the ground. You stay healthy and harmless. Even the biggest human sufferings can not be compared with the glory that expects you later. Start from now to prepare for that glory. Be aware that sufferings are exams which will lead you to future glory.

What is going to happen with Bulgarian nation? –Great future is expecting this nation. They must have a faith in alive God and say: once God is with us nobody can be against us. The alive God will guide us. He will bring harmony and peace involving all the nations. He will forgive all mistakes and will destroy all crimes. He will sort out all the difficulties.

Everything that I am preaching will happen. A great Goodness is coming for everybody. God curries this Good from the Heavens. One thing is required from everybody. Be real Bulgarians. If you do not think bad about others and if you experience a new teaching God will be with you. He is almighty, all wise and all kind. Do not be scared from sufferings, because the precipice is only 15 cm deep.

2. A lecture from the Master, given on 22 October, 1916, in city of Sofia, Bulgaria.



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