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Because Of The Joy

“When a woman gives birth, it is through grief, because her hour has come; and when she bears the child she doesn’t remember her sadness because of the joy that a man has been borne into the world.”

From Joan 16:21

This is one of the ordinary verses – verses from which all women are afraid; and because they are afraid, they often want to become men. It is like the son, when wants his father to pay him, he puts himself in the position of the servant and says: “Why does my father pay the servant but not to me, I work for him too.” There is the evil of the world, this means an understanding of their own position. It is like that not only between the women and sons but and between the people from all the professions: the sweeper wants to become a policeman, the policeman wants to become a police-officer, the police-officer wants to become a chief, the chief – a minister, the minister – prime minister etc. – eternal striving. It is not bad. Christ uses this verse to express one great idea; He says: “One woman, when she gives birth, it is on grief.” Why does this grief generate itself? Because of the man who was conceived in the woman – through the man who is conceived in her, she will become a man. As Adam bore woman, so and the woman bears a man; from the bone of Adam God made woman, and from one little embryo the woman bears a man; the law for the likeness exists – you were borne, you will bear. In you there has to appear one great idea.

The contemporary century is a century of twaddle, speaking, etc. Every thing has to be put in its place; when the kid talks twaddle, it is in its place because it learns. When somebody learns to play the violin for example, he will creak on the strings for a long time and this is necessary, but if he appears to give a concert somewhere, they will throw him out – he has to creak somewhere outside till learns, and after that he may enter in the hall to play. The birth in this sense may compare to one piece of music because the conception itself starts from one little embryo. In the contemporary life it is hard to speak on these questions because the minds of the people are very distorted, we have lost the primary sense of things. Contemporary people say that when a woman gives birth, it’s all the same a she-ass gives birth; when Christ entered into Jerusalem he rode on the she-ass. The Donkey and pig are symbols of a distorted thing; why are the pig and the donkey such prosaic formulae? The donkey is one of the most modest animals, they beat it a lot and when it begins howling they say: “It brays like a donkey.” It is necessary to understand the primary, the inside sense of the things; we think that we understand things. For example, when a woman gives birth to, this is a Spirit of Life, this is one principle; when gave birth to, the woman is glad that a man has come into the world. In the Divine world the woman is the bearer of the Divine thoughts and from this point of view everyone may be pregnant.

One Bulgarian how his turn has become: “In time of the Turkish war17 one sadness attacked me one day; I can’t gather in my skin, I shall burst. I started to walk. About one time I heard that in one tent they sang the song “The way in world is broad”. Suddenly one light came in my mind and then I understood the sense of life.” The soul of this young man had been pregnant, he was born in the tent and then in it the Joy had come.

Christ says to his disciples: “You have grief because something is conceived in you.” And Christ had to die. In the world there is birth and death; when a man comes down from the Heaven to the Earth, he is born. The process of conception is interesting: when a man conceives, he is in the high circles of the Divine world, after that the soul starts to come down passing through nine circles for nine months, i.e. for every circle - one month. Thirty six weeks are needed for the child, which make nine months, or 362 880 minutes or 21772 800 seconds. Nine shows that when a man comes down, he has to fight for the Earth, has to go out on the war-path, has to be in movement – 9 is the number of Mars. Thirty six weeks is the number of the progress, of the evolution. These numbers shows how much time it was necessary in the past for man, to conceive. It was time when for a man, to born, deprived twenty one million years, after that the period decreased; the second period continued 962880 years, the third period – 6048 years, the fourth period – 252 years, the fifth 36 years, and the sixth, the present, continues until nine months. When she conceives, a woman contains in herself all these periods and if they observe, they may understand from which souls her child is, through which period it passed, what person it was in the past life, etc. Some people ask: “What is my child? “ If man observes he can define what his child will be. This may be familiar to the mother through the period of the pregnancy. For example some pregnant women suffer, want to steal something, they grow dispirited so, they want to kill themselves and etc. – these their conditions show that that sort was their child. Often the mother says to her child: “My angel” – it is not an Angel. The child and the mother are closely connected between themselves and because in the past she spoiled it, now it comes to her to correct it: the child says: “I shall be born from you and you will correct me.” Often people lie that they marry with love, and after they conceive, miscarry their child and then the grief is eternal. When one live woman miscarries, the grief doesn’t get away from her, and when she bears, her grief is eliminated – this is law. Till one thought, one desire, one action isn’t realized, you can’t free yourself from their consequences, therefore whatever thought comes, i.e. whatever conception, has to be realized. No matter how the man philosophizes, this law reigns, it is a law of Freedom.

God gave to the man the Freedom to do everything what he thinks, but for every thing he will experience the consequences. If God is weak, He even wouldn’t allow these things, but as power and all-powerful He in the end will repair everything Alone. Some ask how he will repair it. He will let the people bear; for example some man thinks something but starts to hide – this shows that he is a man from hell, from the place of the sufferings. Some will say: “I belong to so and so church, I believe in Christ.” What is faith? It is a symbol of the world, spring of the Life. If this water runs constantly and is not in harness in some water-mill, it will not bring any use. If this water falls from high woods and hills, it cascades down, carries away many things, digs up, with one word – it brings ground for one future life, but if it is used in a good sense, it will be useful. The soul firstly passes through the mineral kingdom, after that – through the steam and the waters, afterwards – through the area of the embryos and lastly God gives it to see by itself. First of all He gives it minerals, liquids, steams, waters and seeds; after that it passes through the area of the fire to purge; afterwards it passes through the reflection, afterwards – in the atomic area, after that it passes through the thick matter. In this way the soul passes through generally ten spheres and there why the child brings to its mother great wealth. In this sense the mother is one big laboratory in which enters one great wealth from that world.

I want to think philosophically, to grasp the things sensibly, to understand the inside sense of Life. Some man says about another: “I outtalked him.” For example one Bulgarian did boast that he knew Turkish well; one day he met with one bey, began to speak with him and in the conversation he beat him. When they asked him why he did it, he answered “I outtalked him.” When the child comes we have to understand the high sense of this coming, and now for what the mother is glad? He is glad that her son will become eminent. The question is if the mother acted the Divine Will to bear one child, and what will become from it is question of secondary importance. Christ says: “When this child conceives the mother will grieve, but when it is born, she will be glad because God will bring it up.” The mother says that she brought her child up but I haven’t seen either one mother die for it. For example the brood-hen breeds its chicks, feeds them till they are yet completely unable to care for the living by themselves, but after they grow up she abandons them and starts to peck them; It means that in this hen there was one creature which let it breed these chicks. Thus, what forces the mother to bring up her child, it is God who is in her. One father said to his son: “If he was not my son, till now I would throw him out.” The truth is that God loves the kids and He forces their parents to bring them up. In the verse Christ takes the image of one normal woman, who is conceived, goes on the Divine law in which she has grief. But Christ says: “I shall go and you will be pleased.”

I shall give you one example which will explain the diversions which happen in the world. From one eminent German preacher one young girl was interested; she visited all his sermons regularly, became a very zealous adherent of his teaching when in the end the preacher married her and said: “I found one woman-worker who will help me.” But after they married she said: “Till now I played a role, from now on you will play a role”; in this way she started to want pleasures of all kinds and refused to take part in the previous activities. The preacher started to feel discouraged; in fact, when he married, he conceived and started to suffer. He turned to God with a request to rescue him and one day, when he read the Writing, he met the verse: “You, women, subordinate to your men.” The preacher had been pleased, started to quarrel with his wife, beat her, and she also started to beat him; and when they beat mutually, they were both borne.

Many people go to Christ till they marry, and after that they say to Him: “Now we want money, wealth, houses.” Then Christ opens the other door and says: “You, women, subordinate to the God, because God is head and to the man, and to the woman.” Now, as I observe you, I see that sometimes the man gives birth, and sometimes – the women; one grieves, and the other is glad. Let all bear, but to bear on time, but not prematurely born children; let every started thing, when it is born, when it happens, to carry Joy. That is why in the religious life man has to make a choice.

Some people think that after they turn to religion they will become saints. A young man called Joan fell in love in one religious girl, but one English reformist advised him not to take her for wife and said: “She may be good with Christ, but not with you.” The young man listened to him and after sometime he got married to another woman who through his whole life tormented him; but then Joan said: “I shall execute the will of God, even if this woman pull me for my hairs in home hundred times.” In this way many of you are pulled Christ for the hair in home and when you go to the Heaven, Christ will say: “This is my good, excellent woman who pulls me for the hair.” I would like Christ not to be only one by name and to expect to see Him in Heaven. Where is Heaven? In the beginning God made the Heaven and the Earth.

“When a woman gives birth, it is through grief.” This is the law of purging of the human soul. The scrub is the Earth, and the Joy is the Heaven; the grief always brings Joy after itself, and Joy always brings grief after itself – this law is unchangeable, the grief is a shadow of Joy. Christ in the Heaven is great with the fact that he bears the sins of all people; He bore the sins of the whole humanity not only of His time but and today He bore human sufferings. A man who cannot bear sufferings is one fly, amoeba, microbe, but a man who suffers consciously is a great man, maker and to be stupid. Every one who suffers and bears like a man his sufferings is Christ on the Earth; woman or man who suffers most and bears his suffer lightest, is Christ. The Heaven and the Earth is in our mind and heart; when our mind is spoiled, there is no Heaven and Earth. They say that God made Heaven, and the Earth was indeterminate and destroyed. And that is why God built the world in six periods to create this big land – the woman; how much she had chattered, how much fire she had thrown till she calmed down! Man has to give birth, and the birth becomes only in one Divine organized world.

“Woman gives birth, it is through grief” says Christ. When it comes to birth there is no man and woman. One time the man gave birth and today namely after Christ, the woman gives birth– that is why she has to give birth well. The law of the birth understands the following: when it lands in the ground, this little embryo starts to gather all thoughts and feelings and to form a number of bodies, a number of worlds on which the man becomes master. When she conceives, the mother has to follow how God works, the birth looks like to one great painter who works and after he finishes his work, he displays his picture to present to the people this great idea. Because every day, every hour, every minute and second man has to bring in new thoughts, and when we don’t accept anything new, we start to be bored. Therefore the mother, together with her son, passes through the high worlds. There are mothers who are joyful in conception because they feel the connection between themselves and the child.

Now, the oculists present different theories for the birth of a man but many of them may be wrong. Some maintain that as one soul drops, a mother immediately is being found for this child; after that three of its leaders round the world, afterwards they sink the soul of the child in the water of oblivion and in the end they bring it to the mother. This going about in Heaven is not so easy, in every step there are hindrances and this is why man has to find the way. The three leaders who bring the child to stay with the mother and if she keeps it, they tell her many secrets, teach her many things. In the same way, if a man keeps his thought, he will be able to bear some great soul after time. A man can’t conceive simultaneously many desires but has to give effect to only one desire, and the others to join in one and to serve to the main desire; it is the same and with the thoughts: all little thoughts have to join and to form one big one. A man has to have one big thought, a bit to be good; for example a man breeds many pigs, but it is better if there is only one but good. The pig is a symbol of desire; if it is one it is noble and sensibly desired. They say for someone that he is one pig in the Astral world; after some time, he will bear in your hearts and minds, you will see him in yourselves and then you will be pleased because he will carry in you and the Heaven, and the Earth. Together with him and Angels will enter, and Archangels, and Cherubs and other great creatures.

In the Christian church the law is such that ones are on the Earth, and others are on Heaven. When the windows of Heaven are open, from the Earth it may be heard what it is talking about there; and may from Heaven be heard what it is talking about on the Earth. Your grief is that you have conceived one child and let this grief translate into Joy. Man may suffer intensively, man may even be discouraged but let him say: “Because of this Divine child, who I bring with myself, man has to suffer!” In the Writing, it is said: “When we, the dead men, resurrect”, and I say: “When we, the live men, bear” – this means a man has to live in his desires, in his thoughts, in his ideas. And every thought which comes, is one Angel sent from the God. Man should not be angry to the thought and the desire which causes grief, because it will bear Joy and then a man will say: “Life has sense.” When Christ gives birth He drops His spirit and in the world it is set in darkness – His Glory was so great, His Light was so big that the world darkened. And our world will darken, and we will enter into that world where we will see what in reality the world is. Man has to know this experience and only with this we will be acquainted with the inside sense of Life.

Some will ask how they will recognize them in Heaven. Man has to have features. Once the famous singer Adeline Patty18 went to New York but it happened in a way that her money was used up and one acquaintance of her sent her remittance to the New York bank; the director of the bank asked her with what she will certify her personal identity. She hadn’t any other document except her voice, and started to sing. After he heard her, the director gave an order to grant her the adduced sum.

When he goes to Heaven a man has to take his Divine thought.

8th of October, 1916, Sofia



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