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The Milk of the Words

“Ask for new-borns the pure milk of the spoken, to grow with it because you tasted that “God is affectionate”, to whom you come as to a live stone, denied from man and chosen from God and therefore precious.” The First Peter's 2: 2-4

In one of the Ten Commandments of Moses is said: “ Don't want “, but in this epistle of Peter is said: “Want. ” Who of the two is right? Both are right, each one for their own statement. But if Moses were in the place of Peter would be wrong and if Peter were in the place of Moses would be wrong too. Moses says not to want what? - Power, treasures, woman. But Peter says: ”Want” what? - The milk of the words. Why? Because it is needed for the growth of the spirit. The first thing the child wants for when he or she comes out of its mother's womb is the breast for milk because when it breastfeeds, it grows and develops. And Peter says the same – to find the breast, which will spiritually feeds us because if we do not find it, under the same law, as the child, we could not live. After three or four years, when the child grows up a little, the teeth grow too, which would mean that its organism adjusts to solid food. The same is in the spiritual life – one should not acquire solid teachings, which can cause death.

It is asked whether all living on the Earth have drunk in this milk of the words. Not everybody, that is why they die. Mother should not only bear the child but to have milk too and this milk should be untainted. How many mothers have poisoned their kid with their bad milk! If the mother gets angry few times a day, after several days she will poison her child with her milk. The same do the priests, who in respect to their congregation are in the place of the mothers, when they preach, and the teachers when they teach, if they embarrass and worry, they poison their congregation and their pupils. Contemporary people suffer one great ignorance: they know many things from geometry, arithmetic, grammar, botany, physics, about the movement of the celestial bodies, how God has created man, how the fore mentioned has developed but the essential learning, the needed milk of the words they do not have. And do you know what do they resemble of?

There is one Turkish anecdote for a Turkish wise man that knew all that happens in the Skies: the time God wakes up, what he is doing, what the Angels have been doing. When he was telling one day to the Sultan, the former call for one more philosopher to come to him and since wanted to expose their lack of knowledge of some things, he said to them:

“ I want you to go around with my steamship alone and to talk as friends.”

They set out. While they were talking milk and bread were served to them. The sultan said to his companions to me the bread into small pieces. When they did so, he mixed the pieces of bread and said to them:

“I want you each of you to eat their own pieces of bread.”

“How should we know which are ours?” the philosophers objected.

“Well, since you can't make out which pieces of bread are yours, how would you then know what happens in Heaven?”

Then in the quoted lines, further down, Peter addresses his listeners to the live stone. You know that there are only still stones, from which houses are made, but as we see, there are also live stones. If you can interpret the meaning of the word stone in the spiritual language, you will find yet another meaning. Under the meaning of the word stone in spiritual sense is understood a completely developed character in which all the powers are equalised, the process of development is going harmoniously, the brain, the lungs, the stomach, the nervous system are in order and function well. That's why Jesus says: “Be stone that can grow and develop”, and in another line: “We should construct a house of God”, implied that it should be made of such stone.

But let me come again to the phrase the milk of words. Some say often: “We want to be spiritual. ” What do they assume in this, should they shut to the world, to be composed, to think and contemplate? This does not make them spiritual. To be spiritual means that you will be in touch with the surrounding conditions, with the environment, with the soil you live on and in the same time to know how to react correctly to this soil, environment and conditions, elements, which create Life. The highest position, which man can take is when the mind, the heart and the soul – all these forces -because they are forces- are at their height, in maximum development. The stone in its natural condition can not absorb fluid but if its baked in limekiln it serves for lime-wash. And God, when he wants to lime-wash His house, he bakes the bread, he adds some water and when a reaction occurs, he plasters it with whiteness, called also Purity and Goodness in Life. If suffering comes, this means that you have been put into the furnace to turn you into the spiritual lime needed. There are some hard stones, which, after being put into the furnace, do not bake. They are thought to be useless, they take them and throw them on the road.

Now, when peter says, “want”, he wants to express this inward process of baking, to form in mind those high forms, which through the process of dilution can pass though one world into another. You have two thoughts in your mind, which worry you, take one, do not lament over it but put it into the lime-wash, put some wood under and bake it. And when you bake each thought from the thousand, which rush upon you, it will be the same as if you have baked some thousand kilograms of lime and sell it. With this, apart that you will get rid of one big luggage, which weighs upon you, you will have also big gain. This, which happens in the physical world, happens in analogy also in the Spiritual world – each process in the physical field is in the same time process in Heaven and vice versa. If you understand this thing correct, you will know that when you suffer on Earth, in Heaven they rejoice. Because when you are baked in the furnace, you, not knowing the deep reasons, say: “Our life burn out!” And in Heaven they say: ”How much we rejoice that this stone turned into lime! ” When you think: ”These Angels high have not any compassion for ourselves!”, they answer: ”Such we have, we have – we see that you become like us, pure and white. ” So we have to warn not those things that thicken and harden but those which embroider our souls, mind, strength and capabilities.

But you will ask the question: “How can we apply this in practice, into life? I have mischievous students, naughty children, how can I impact on them?” Or: ”I am a priest, I have people-bred and unbelieving who can not understand the philosophy of Life”, or: “I am a merchant, my partners and clients want to rob me”. All are complaining, why? Because the rope is thin and you want to lift a weight of one hundred kilos, of course then the rope will tear and the weight will fall down. How can one live then with the Old Testament and apply Peter's teaching? You are friends of Moses and you want to be friends of Christ in the same time? Moses says: “Do not want” but then he doesn't say what to be done further. At a place he says: ”Love your God” but how you will love Him when you haven't seen him? At another place he says: “Love your people” and for other people he speaks another. I am talking about the Law of Moses in broader sense. Of course, when Moses ahs set his law, the conditions were different. His law was for preparing the mankind for the teaching of Jesus. The law of Moses is the first hemisphere of the Earth, the teaching of Jesus – the other: you can live in it, when it is lighted by the Sun but when it is out of spectre of the Sun's rays, you can not live. And in the contemporary social life our wishes spring out of the application of this Law of Moses. People want to be rich, to be learned but because, when they have grasped this law, there is no possibility for each one of them to be rich and learned, there is the contradiction. In the physical field there are no conditions all men to be rich and learned but good they all can be. Want goodness, which does not belong to the physical world. In India there are people, who understand and apply this law to the animals. One animal, no matter how ferocious it can be, if you enter into contact with it, it will love you and become a devoted friend to you, the disposition to harm you will disappear and when you order it, it will be ready to fulfil your wish. And when Jesus said: ”Love your enemy”, He understood this law.

So the first thing, which Christianity recommends for purifying man, is to suffer. So the hard stones should pass though the lime-wash so that they can be lime-washed, the heavy bread should be baked so that it can be eaten. The same is with man, you can enter in Heaven as baked bread only, only then will they lay you at the table and take pieces from you. Why God has given you brains, heart, why he has given you eye, ears, tongue – you should have think for what you are intended. I just mention these questions and leave you to think over them. You say; “I want to serve God” but you don't understand how to serve him. I know people who seem to understand the occult laws but can not serve God. When they know them, they should know how to apply them at least for their own development. Some want to say many things, philosophical or occult: I can tell them to you but I want to put a healthy foundation and build on it so that each stone we deposit be well hued and put in place, at the corner. We are before one great task – set this world in order. I see that this building on which life is build on is deconstructed and that one day God will summon us to build a new one. But will we know how to build when he summons us this is the question. To be prepared we have to since this moment to feed on this milk I talk you about. To be prepared so when one day Go gives us a new cloth, we do not mess it up.

Some small crows wanted their mother to move them to another nest, she asked them: “ But will you take your dirty rears with you too?”

“These we will take.”

“This can't be. You will stain the other nest too.”

Some unrealized women say: ”Why God make me a woman?” That's why: as a woman you study one art, which as a man you will never learn, the art to prepare the milk with which you will feed your kids on. You are simply the governesses to God, who raise His children. If you do not fulfil your duty, god will ask you:

”Why have I put you in this high position? Not this kind of milk you should have given to your kids.”

“This have we already given.”

“Don't give from it once more or I will fire you.”

“But I want to be a man.”

“You want become one if you keep on asking for things you don't deserve, if you are as stubborn as that, the second time sheep you'll become.”

The philosophy of contemporary Christians does not rest on healthy foundation. Each secant claims and preaches: ”This that I preach is true Christian teaching and that is not” but no one can define what is the true Christian teaching. We say that we are the crown of the creation of the world. Let's not lie to ourselves and God – we are not a crown, crown are only those who have completed their development. We, who still croak in the bog are not else but frogs, we that want money and houses, that are ready to sell even God for them – we are not the crown of creation but a crown to fall, to Hell.

We are before one dilemma: we have to ask ourselves whether we can walk on this road for a long time. We can't move further – the contemporary mankind has reached this breaking point that if they make one more step, everything is lost. But one step in the direction back, one up and their future is great. For we should think where we are going and deny the ephemeral, which leads us to fall. Jesus says: “Whoever loves his mother and father should deny them and follow me.” And man should say: ”I don't want the milk the old-time milk, better it would be to die without milk than with such because death without milk is better than one with polluted milk. ” We should deny all the deluding things that corrupt our thoughts and wishes and which poison our life and seek and find the Truth of God. My intention is not to scare you but to bend you towards thinking more of yourself. Take time and look at yourself, look how your face looks like, what colour does it have, if it is too robust, it shows it is exited and your body is not in healthy condition, if it is too pale, it shows apathy towards life. Both are not Christian-like. But if you use the food of Jesus about which Apostle Peter speaks, you will be in good disposition, Joy, Merriment, uplift to your Spirit, brevity and decisiveness in fight. If you are saturated with this live milk, no microbes can creep in you.

If I had more free time, I would have given a description what a Christian should be in the full sense of the world. You have certain aspirations, you want to be good, and to love but you can't, why? Because you don't know how to act.

A rich woman, who was suffering from tedium, called a doctor; the first thing he recommended her was exercise.

“How should I exercise!”

“If you do not exercise, you will be lost!”

“Then I will exercise. Please give us your directions!”

He gave her the directions, she started exercising – and her tedium gone.

You sit often with your hands folded and turn your thumbs in one direction, then – into the other. Turning thumbs you yet should stop doing and you should start exercising – working. The God will bless you.

In this relation women should work because God has given to them the key from Heaven – they keep the key to the kingdom of God. Peter is a name of a woman. However women are somewhat not so self-determined and so they decline to serve. A woman loves some man but when she sees another she says: ”I will marry thee, if I won't marry him, there is not life for me. ” But when two or three years pass, she gets over him and is ready to marry another. God now tells women: “You who keep the key to the kingdom of God, if you do not follow My orders, I will ban you to cry a little outside, to repent and cast away your sins. ” When we do not follow the orders of Christ, we turn away from Him, we deny Him, we think ill of Him, we constantly betray Him to Pilate – to suffering, to daily crucifixion. And you ask why the world has not gone right. How it will go right since we torment our God every day? Let's stop hammering nails in His body, the nails, which we hammer in Him, in their reflection mirror in us.

Do you know the proverb about this fisherman, who has found the precious fish and wanted to give it as gift to the King? The porter didn't want to let him in and in order to take him in the fisherman promised him half of the prize. He entered but when the King asked him what prize he wants, the fisherman answered:

“Fifty lashes with a stick.”

“What'd you say?” - the King said.

“This prize I want.”

After they beat him twenty-five, he said:

“I have a partner, your doorkeeper. Please the rest twenty-five pay to him.”

And Jesus, when you stuck the nails in His body says: ”Please call for my interlocutor and execute the rest of it to them. ”This that happens now every day is not anything but the rest of the lashes – the half of the prize we asked for.

“How much do I suffer, my soul aches!”

It will ache because of the many nails you have stuck in God! You are ill: ”Call for the doctor! ”The true doctor, who will heal you, won't enter your house while you continue to hammer the nails.

This, which I teach you, as you see, is a completely practical teaching, which each of you can apply. When a bad thought comes to your mind, when you wish for something not good, put this hard stone in the furnace, to turn into lime with which to whiten your soul and make it enlightened. So if you thus exercise, you will see how your soul lights up. This is the teaching that Apostle Peter teaches. You think him to be a simple fisherman but he is a fisherman that has baked the fish and hasn’t eaten it raw. In what you have bake it? In the flame of God is Love. And when you bake it, you will say: ”Look, what a fish!”

If we don not cooperate to those who live in the Skies, what place will we have in this world? And when God says to us to self-deny ourselves, to lose our life, he understands to lose it not for the pigs but for those that stand on a higher place than we do – only then will we win. You will say that this law is incompatible with the laws of Nature. It is compatible – those that will eat the juices, will plant new seed and a new tree will spring from it, it will grow and give fruit. Therefore, so that we may grow, we should take the road of development. The angels will take part in our work. But for them to take part, we have to pay them something. To plant us one day a new, at better Life-conditions, we should from now on, while we live on the Earth to prepare the prize. If we feed ourselves with the milk of words, you will come near them and in the end – to Christ.

In this quest I want any fear to disappear from you. Whoever wants to feat for Christ, shouldn't be worried for this process. Bake your conscience in the God' embers as the fish you catch. One of those two – the fish either should bake or salt – the same is with man – there is no road in the midst or otherwise it will go bad. Jesus says that “if salt is saltless”, of course if we aren't slated enough, you will be thrown out unless they put you in the cask. I will prefer to bake me then to slat me – salt is for the world, and for us is fire. The process of fire is better because it is a process of growing, of Life, baking is process of preservation, embryo to be saved as not to be spoiled. This means you can be in two positions -either in the position of growing in God's garden or as an embryo in God's barn.

Make a test on yourself. But a test on this verse I read to you – it has a deeper meaning. Volumes can be written on this how to put Life on a base, how children should be bred, men, women, pupils, society, etc. Everything is in this verse. But it should be well planted. Where? In your brain. Boil this line in God's water; bake it on the God's fire and its hard verse will at once turn into food, whose juices you have to perceive. If you feed yourself on this milk of words, which Peter talks about, your face will change along with your position in society. I want you to perceive this method of God and prepare yourself for another life – in Heaven.

This is which I want from you this morning – to wish. Until today you haven’t wished. Now I want you to wish for the milk of words, to enter in the positive side of Life. And what you wish for, God will give you.

Nov. 29. 1914 Sofia




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