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“If I speak in human or angel languages but have no love, I’ll sound like jingling copper or a rattling cymbal” Corinthians 13: 1

The word love became rather prosaic in the human speech/language, so prosaic, that it already is completely devoid of meaning. After a word has lost its meaning, it loses its salt and when something loses its salt, it also loses its strength and the result is its decay. Within the organic world after some kind of food gets into the stomach and is not able to react there properly, a condition is generated - doctors call it indigestion, - which makes the body feel unpleasant/ill. This law is valid as regards both the physical world and the mental life: when we have certain thoughts that cannot influence our brain and that our mind is not able to attain, we also feel bad. The same is valid for a human heart: when a certain desire gets into the human heart and is not able to influence it so the human heart cannot accept it, the result is a similar condition as well.

The human being has a threefold way of comprehending things. Take for example some fruit – a red, variegated, beautiful apple. At first you are attracted by its form: you feel attracted by its shape: you take it and you examine it from all its sides – you get some notion about it with the help of your eyes as regards its outer shape and colour. After that, you smell the apple with your nose to check if it has some scent and then your nose defines the quality of this scent. After your nose has finished its job, your tongue and your teeth will also like to taste the apple so they make the final operation upon the poor apple – they destroy its beautiful garments – nothing will be left from these garments; the tongue says: “This apple is tasty”. Within the human world Love has the same threefold manifestation in human life and the unjustly comprehension of Love by the people is due to misunderstanding of its components. Some people say it is a feeling, others - that it is strength; still others affirm that it is an illusion, etc. The state of one person is determined, in a manner of speaking, by the state of his mind. His state of mind in its turn determines his comprehension of Love. If you would like to know how someone's mind works regarding a certain question, then you can examine it through what he writes and talks about; if you would like to know/understand a woman – visit her, examine the state of her home; if you would like to know how a woman a cooks – visit her kitchen and inspect what she cooks and the way she cooks it; if you would like to know a soldier – take him to a battle field; if you would like to know a teacher – inspect him at school; examine a priest in a church etc. Each thing has to be examined in its place.

Therefore, when we begin to talk about the meaning of Love in a broader sense, not all of you of course, will be ready to understand what I have to tell you and if I want to pass this thought on to you in such a way that it gives you pleasure, I have to put it across in a plain form. I may talk in a language not familiar to you not because I like to be uncomprehended, but because there are reasons, due to which my language might be incomprehensible. After the little baby is born his mother starts to feed him with milk, then – with liquid food, then she chews the food for him and the baby itself first sucks and swallows the milk and feels good; but in order to be fed with more solid food he has to have teeth, otherwise his stomach will be upset. But prior to the teeth growing a certain process is being developed – the child gets ill. The mother says to herself: “The baby has a fever, maybe it will die, I must get a doctor”. But after the baby’s teeth have grown this state passes. The same state arises in human life – when someone was given solid food, namely Love, this person passes through the process of suffering. Consequently, when we say, “sufferings are necessary” we imply that we have to pass such sufferings so that our teeth can grow and we can start to eat this solid food. What these teeth are I can interpret to you later; but now I am telling you that the moment your suffering begins it is a sign that your teeth have started to grow. After you have passed through this process you are already formed, you have 32 teeth and you have reached Christ’s age – 32 years of age.

Now let me give you a brief analysis of the way apostle Paul has described Love. In order to comprehend Love we have to compare this notion with other notions contrary to it. When man tries to describe some object he has to find out its distinctive features; for example he might describe a horse, a cow, a sheep, a wolf etc. – he has to find out the features that distinguish each of these animals. When we describe something we usually analyse its outer side but we can also analyse its inside features by interpreting the differences between them. In the contemporary world, all men want to be eloquent speakers because everyone knows that an orator can influence the mob with his speech. But apostle Paul says: “Even if I had the whole possible eloquence of the human language, and what is more, even if I had the eloquence of the Angels themselves but I do not understand Love, it would be of no use at all”. – It would be the same as if I was looking at an apple from the outside only. At present, each of us asks himself what his destiny will be and what will be the destiny of Bulgaria? If you could predict everyone would have come to ask you and if your prophecy would have been realized you would definitely be highly respected. But the apostle Paul says: “If I could predict and if I had known all the secrets and knowledge and if I had all the faith to enable me move even mountains, but I felt no Love, then I would have been nothing at all”. The things that are happening today do not make up Life itself. You can move mountains and towns, you can allot whole kingdoms, but all this makes up the outer side of Life only. Apostle Paul also says, “Even if I give away all my property to feed the poor and even if I hand over my body so that it can be burned away, but I do not feel Love, all this would do me no good”.

So, even if we had all the gifts announced by apostle Paul but we are lacking Love, we lack the most important thing. I don’t mean to say that these things in themselves are not worth anything, rather that these things represent the outer side of man and that they do not concern the human soul. And after that he starts to describe the virtues of Love. Its first virtue is patience. Do you know the significance of patience? It is the primary pillar of Life. If you have patience, you can achieve everything; if you have no patience you will not achieve anything in Life. A man who has patience is like an anchored ship; a man who has no patience is like a ship without helm.

This is precisely the distinctive virtue of Love. That is why it is said “God is Love”, because He is patient. Patience is a symptom of the Great Love, which God cherished towards us. If he didn’t cherish such Love He would have not tolerated us; He would have not tolerated our ignorance and the mean things that we do and He would have long ago cleared away the world from us. Whatever we undertake, whatever goods we like to secure in Life, patience is definitely necessary for us. Many people say: “To be patient is to be like an ox”. This is not so – patience is a great virtue of the human character – there is no loftier distinguishing feature in the human character. Man is not born with patience – he has to attain it; Love we can get for nothing but patience we must attain. And suffering is a process by which we can attain patience; this is the method by which patience can be attained. In order to have patience we have to be leavened with three basic qualities: Wisdom, Truth, and Virtue. Why does the mother withstand some of the mistakes of her child and why is she trying to habituate it? She expects that even though her child has some foibles, this child will become a great person – a person beneficial to his family and his motherland. Accepting/predicting precisely this a mother says to herself: ”I shall suffer any inconvenience and shall stand all his foibles”. And she acts wisely. The patient person is clever and foresees the future. Take for example an unmarried woman; while she is not yet married she keeps her hands very clean, she does not want to even get them wet, she scents them; but when she gets married she does not feel embarrassed to dingy them with the perfume of her child – she even likes that. What does she find in this child – if you weigh such a child his weight will be only a few kilograms? – The reason is that in this child there lives a Divine soul that attracts his mother’s love so strongly that she, due to her patience, is ready to pamper her child in every way and to take care of her child in all possible ways. If this child had to be raised by a man, he would have left it and he would have said: “All this is not for me”. Consequently, in order to accomplish a job in this world we certainly must cherish Love – Love is a great factor in the hearts of those who have it.

I am talking about Love in its broadest sense; I am not talking about its very essence. Some people regard Love as a feeling, as a pleasant condition of the heart. But this cannot be considered as Love because you can also feel good after you have drank half a litre of wine; when you feel pain and you massage the sore spot you also feel well. But this feeling is not the pleasant state that your Love can give you. Sometimes a person who loves you can also hurt you: Love simultaneously causes suffering and joy – this is typical. It is a two-sided force: it cherishes all of us, but it also punishes all of us. In what way does it punish you? When Love moves away from you, you feel sad and you say, “I’m unhappy.” Why are you unhappy? For the lack of Love. - “I am happy.” - Why? – Because Love is within me. But Love also says something else: the patience is the way in which it can come to the human heart. The patience creates conditions in which Love can manifest itself. Love cannot come to us without patience. Patience is the very first of its features – a vanguard for its coming. When you absorb this patience in its broader sense, you will see that it is a great force in the hands of a brave and decisive person – such a person has a great future ahead of him.

Now I shall look at the word benevolence – it is the positive, the active side of Love, while patience is the passive, the preserving side of Love instead of which you must stand a certain weight (UNCLEAR). Benevolence is Love ready to construct, to serve anyone, no matter who it is. When you meet a beggar and he wants you to render some favour to him – do it. Some friend of yours has noble characteristics and he wants you to render some favour to him – then do it, even though he does not belong to your convictions and belief. We want other people to love us and to be polite to us, but we ourselves often break this rule and besides the fact that we have no patience we often do not show the benevolence that we certainly owe to other people. Some people say they love you and at the same time speak ill of you to others. One day the echo from this talk will be heard because one reaps what one sows. If he sows an apple he will pick apples; if he sows thorns – this is what he will reap; I am not talking about what my attitude should be towards you, I am talking about what my attitude should be towards God, towards Love, that is – towards the things that I have to do in relation to my brothers. In what way I consider my actions is a minor issue; the important thing for me is whether I can keep this fundamental law which Love imposes on me – can I be patient as Love wants; can I be benevolent as Love desires. This is necessary for each one of us, for the whole world, for each of us who really have a heart. As for the persons who do not understand this – I’ll leave them aside.

Some people ask what will happen to the bad, to the sinful persons – what will happen to them is what will happen to the stones, the ants, the small insects. Do you suppose that the situation of the ants is worse than yours? They are thousands of times happier than you are. They do not suffer your sufferings. We have to regret only those people in whom the Divine consciousness has been awakened, who understand Love, who understand the good and evil, the people who suffer and are in torment. Some people say: “I have no luck – I am an unhappy person.” I respond: you are unhappy because Love has not come to you. – And why did Love not visit me?” Because you are impatient. – “But I am trying to be patient.” – OK then, so you have begun. – “Things still continue to go wrong.” – Because you are not benevolent. You might say: “These things are rather nice and easy to be done, we’ll do them,” but in fact, you don’t. Likewise, a doctor would tell you: all of you are ill, because I have not met a person who is in perfect health; only the saints and the Angels, who live in heaven, are in perfect health; of course, people are not ill in an equal degree. A doctor who enters your house will tell you: “Your house is not healthful because it is to the north; you have to get out from this room and move in a southern room; you better leave the windows wide open so that you let in the fresh the air and light; replace the bedding, mind your food etc.” Likewise, Love says: “Your room is to the north, it is not healthful, you have to move to a room facing south where the sun can shine on you.” Love says, “You have to be patient and virtuous”. That is, Love means, “These are my two hands with which I constantly work – these are the hands of Love”. And do you know how much these two hands cost? Their cost is invaluable [wealth]. If you have these hands then you are able to do everything.

I repeat: if you want your spiritual hands to grow, you have to be constantly patient and virtuous. If you decline these two virtues, your outer organs cannot respond. Your inner organs cannot develop. Therefore, Virtues can manifest themselves. And why do you have to be virtuous? Because these virtues can bring to you all the materials necessary for the construction of your house, they will bring you all the juices necessary for your growth. The benevolence is not some abstract concept – it is something real that is constantly able to build.

So that is why those of you who can understand should comprehend exactly what patience really consists of? To bear insults is not yet patience. The secret of patience is to find out some good aspect whenever somebody insults you and use it. The insult is like a very hard nut, which someone has given to you; you have to crack it, to take out the kernel from it and eat this kernel. If you are able to eat in such a way, you will enjoy perfect health. People who speak ill of you, who slander you – these people are giving you food and if you can use this food, you will be most satisfied. People are throwing hard stones at you; you have to break these stones up because within these stones there are treasures, which you can make use of, thus enriching yourselves.

After you get home, start to think and pray to God so that you can understand patience. So far, many Christians have been occupied with silly things; they wish to be great, famous, and to have a lot of knowledge. Well, this knowledge would have come spontaneously if only you could adopt and use it. It can also be like a favouring force for you and your fellow man as long as you can utilize it properly; but it can also be like a rucksack on man’s back.

Love does not envy. So in order to check if true Love has visited you, you have to test yourself and see whether you do not feel envious. If you feel envy, it means that you do not love. Love should always be present in our deeds; it is necessary in our present life, in our next life, and in still another life as well, so the more upwards we go the deeper sense we will find in it. From now on, we have to start along this way: there is no other way to Heaven. You will say, “This is a hard road, can’t we omit it?” You can’t. Without this road, we can enter anything but the Kingdom of God.

Love does not envy – it does not repay an injustice with an injustice, it does not repay evil with evil, it sustains everything. Of course, I do not mean to say that your heart will never be visited by envy and pride. Sometimes they will come as guests, but we will not be under trial for this; the point is not to become friends with them. But sometimes we go hand-in-hand with envy and tell other people: “He is a bad person and you should beware of him”; and we make the life of this man unhappy. The envy is not some abstract concept; you see these creatures who have acquired negative qualities; there are even persons on Earth who are a complete embodiment of envy. Only after we have learned these two qualities – patience and benevolence, only then we will be able to learn also the story of our own Life. We will learn why we have descended here on Earth. I shall again give you an example of the grain of wheat – from all the present fruits, nothing is more perfect than the grain of wheat: if you would like to learn the very process of patience, examine the patience of a wheat grain. Without patience, you will suffer disappointment. Many people will not believe you. You might say, “The people are my followers.” Why should they follow you? These people are not born to follow you. They will listen to your teaching, but they will never follow you. You often ask, “Whose follower are you?” You can indeed be someone’s followers, but at times, you can be deceived as well. There is only one way as Jesus Christ says, “I am the Way”. If the people are not following you this means that, you are not following the Way. Someone might say, “I have no faith,” and start along another way, but one day he surely will be persuaded that this is the Way; the very Life itself will tell him that, because this is a great test. But you might say: “First you convince me and only then.” – I don’t care to convince you. I am telling you that the bread I give you will make you feel fed. – But tell me what ingredients it is constituted from and with what kind of water it was blended.” – I have no time for this, would you take this bread and eat? – “I don’t want it.” Then I am putting it in my bag and I am leaving. You might also ask, “What is Love, what ingredients is it made of?” If you continue to ask, then I will put it in my bag, I will throw it on my back and I‘ll continue my way; I will tell you: “I have no time now to explain all of this to you.” Life is a positive thing – try it out, take it, eat from this bread and you’ll see.

Love is the food of Life. It is impossible to live and to achieve anything in this world without it. Some people have a rather vague idea of Love as regards to trade, teaching, or war. We must always have Love; it is a great power. Even the force by which I am now lifting this glass is Love as well. This same force can be put in a cannon that can throw a grenade and kill a lot of people; it can also manifest itself in an earthquake, it can even destroy the whole Earth, but it can also create a world. All depends on this; how such force will be used – in what way this force is used. Love is the force, which can be used after some adjustment. People are selfish – as soon as Love comes, they want to confine it within themselves. But if Love was confined within us it would have destroyed our walls and stepped beyond them. Love cannot stay in the abode in which we want to confine it. So death is being generated. Death is a process of destruction of every selfish thought and wish; by death, God destroys all the fences, which the ill spirits have built. Our heart and mind should be able to adopt Love. It’s quiet and calm but at the same time its actions transform it into an awful power. When we are in harmony with it the world is blissful; if we are not in harmony with it no force in Nature can be more dangerous than Love. And so, based on their experience people say: “When one loves much he hates much”. It is as strong in its positive aspect as it is strong in its negative aspect; that is why we have to be very careful with it. When we have it, we should not act negatively because then it becomes destructive – illnesses and sufferings occur as well as the entire destruction of society. Many people say that God is Love and being Love He must not punish. God, being so gentle, is at the same time exacting. When He sees that, we are dissatisfied He says, “Put one kilogram weight on his back”. We ask, “Why was this weight put onto our back?” Without answering us, God says, “Put another kilogram on his back.” – “But I am not able to carry such weight.” – “Put another kilogram on his back.” After He presses us like this, we can no longer move. Then we start saying: “Forgive me, God.” – “Remove one kilogram of the weight on his back,” – God answers. We repeat our plea. - “Remove one more kilogram.” The more we plead the more kilograms are being removed from our backs. And after He has removed the whole weight from our back God asks us: “Well, did you learn the lesson?” – “I learned it very well.” “If you don’t like me to burden you any more, you will have to be benevolent and patient towards the surrounding world, towards all those who are around you and they in their turn have to also be benevolent and patient; your little brothers might make mistakes but you must have patience and stand as I myself stand; as soon as you transgress the law I’ll begin to load you again.” – “But I cannot carry such load.” – “You will carry it.” I told you how we can free ourselves from this load. Everyone must wholeheartedly tell God: “From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for everything you have given to me.” For God has given each man a lot of wealth, but men don’t know how to use this wealth – they lack amidst plenty.

Many tradesman are displeased, why? Because they had ten thousand leva which was not enough for them. You give them twenty thousand leva but again it is not enough for them. Do you know what modern humanity looks like? You certainly have read about a fisherman who had found a beautiful human eye. They asked him, “How much do you want for this eye?'' – “I want as much as it weighs.” – “Well, weight it then.” They put ten grams – the eye was not contented, they put twenty grams – again the eye was not contented, they put one hundred grams – it was not contented, they put one kilogram, one hundred kilograms, ten thousand kilograms, and all the gold – the eye remained discontented. “What is to be done – it cannot be paid?” – People started to ask themselves. At last, they called an old wise man and they asked him, “Tell us what to do?” – It is very easy – responded the wise man, - take a small quantity of earth and cover the eye.” After they did this, the scales began to level. Likewise one day God, seeing that we are discontent, will say, “Cover his eyes with earth” - then we shall get contented. We often like to put salt and pepper into our food so when we are discontented God will likewise give us some salt and pepper so that he can make us contented. For Life is not the lot that we have, but the small that we can use in a certain moment and also in this – to be thankful for all that God has given to us. Then God will give us still more goods.

So we have to implement this chapter from the apostle in our daily life: we have to start working and be useful to our brethren around us. It is like we are in school; it is not as though we are in a nursery-garden. Church is like a large nursery-garden – there you can see everything; but the school is like a garden in which you must see only those things that shall be useful. In school, we have to learn how to cultivate and see the beautiful and useful things. As regards the school, there exist a connection between our heart and our mind – we must not only reason but we must also cultivate and show those fundamental laws under which Life must develop.

You say, “Why hasn’t God given me greater abilities, more power, more money?” I see many reasons for this. Because as many times as God has been sending you and your forefathers and your ancestors to the field to work instead of trying to cultivate your minds and hearts, you were again and again occupied with the taste of the forbidden tree fruits and with the aim to make more and more attempts that have cost you all your funds. Whenever you came to this field, you (instead of working) have escaped and returned to Him and asked Him to give you something without any efforts at all. You are like those students whose parents want to educate them and to make them scientists but who constantly run away from school; many of you have often fled from this Divine school. You say, “We can’t succeed anyway so let’s not give a damn.” Many times, you have spoken this and you might say this again now, but it is not clever to say it at all. That one who likes to learn the Divine law, to acquire a higher degree, to ascend to the home of the saints from where he can look at Life freely so that God can also look favourably at him, must graduate the Divine school on Earth passing successfully his school-leaving examination. Within this graduation lies the prosperity of everyone. In this world until you are unprepared you will drive horses, you will plough, you will crush stones, you will make roads, until you learn the things which the horses, the plough, the stones and the roads teach you – until you get ready for the Kingdom of Christ. God sends the disobedient children to crush stones while to the obedient children He gives lofty occupations. You might say, “This teaching is tough!” Yes, that is right - for the lazy persons I agree it’s tough; but for the diligent and humble persons it conceals wealth. Do you know why the worm is in the earth, the frog – in the water, the bird – in the air and the man – amidst them? These are four great states in Life. But you might say: “These concepts are abstract.” They are not abstract; these are the four great truths, which show you the Narrow way – the way of the Divine thought. This road is narrow indeed; but that is because there are deep reasons for this, which I cannot explain now. They lie within the borders of this world.

But let me now revert to the word Love - men have desalted and distorted it; men have violated its goodness and its beauty and they have distorted its resonant harmony to such an extent that now there only remains hoarse sounds that irritate your throat. So we say to ourselves, “Love is an illusion of life, empty dreams of young and green girls and boys who chase the elusive shadow of life.” Yes, a shadow, but behind this shadow there exists a Reality from which the juice of Life results. – From this juice, the soul constantly quenches her thirst as any hard-pressed traveller quenches his thirst at some cold and clear mountain spring.

What invaluable wealth and knowledge are hidden in this single word! And if people knew how to pronounce it correctly – as it had been pronounced by God, everything that surrounds them would have been smiling at them and would have listened to this divine call with compassion. They would have possessed the magic warder of the ancient wise men, to whom all the people have bent their heads before the good. Many people might say, “What a happiness it is to possess this warder!” True – it’s the greatest happiness which a man can acquire on Earth. And he certainly can acquire it if only he wants to strive irresistibly towards this good.

Now I can tell you this only: if you first master the ability to be patient in Life – to overcome all the things with humbleness and joy, you will find the Truth. With your impatience and bad thoughts, you create a heavy atmosphere in your house. The wife is discontented because her husband has been taking one hundred and fifty leva; she wants this, she wants that – desires, desires, desires. But who shall work instead of you, who else will deliver them to you? For instance, if all the people wanted to have full barns without working, where would they take them from? The goods are hard to earn – they can be earned by hard work only. That is why we should be satisfied with what God in His great Wisdom has decided to give us.

My advice is never to follow other people’s advice. You can derive some lesson from them but everyone should follow the advice that God has put into his conscience. Check what people say and if it is in accord with what God says to you within your conscience, then follow what they said; otherwise never follow somebody else’s advice. If you prefer to be free of mistakes, you should by all means listen to what God said: a man who doesn’t listen to God is not wise – he is a slave to his own external inclinations, to the people, to all the others.

You are trying to find God – where? He is within you, in your mind, in your heart. He manifests himself in these two gifts. Listen carefully to your mind and your heart – God is talking to you through them. But some people might try to convince you that our mind and heart are out of order. They are wrong. If our mind and heart were out of order, how could we know God? There are things within us that are out of order, but not everything is spoiled. And I am asking you: if you don’t trust your mind and your heart then who shall you trust in? If your mind and heart are spoiled like mine why should I believe you? Whom should we believe? – In God who lives within us. To trust ourselves means to trust also our brothers. He who doesn’t believe in God living within him cannot trust other people as well. And he who is not benevolent to his fellow-man is not pleasing to God. Therefore, God teaches us to love our fellowman. Your fellowman is hurt, crucified, nailed to the cross. Your God is not in the sky – you have nailed Him to the cross. To can see that this is true – read the Gospel. Your salvation will be affected by the help of this crucifixion – by the help of patience and benevolence – not in any other way. Then your salvation will come. You might say, “This is a hard work.” Don’t be afraid - it is not that hard. To be crucified is pleasant – God endures the crucifixion for thousands of years. – “But won’t we get hurt?” You will not get hurt. In our school, we don’t want those who fear suffering. You should thank God for these sufferings: they have been sent by Him. These sufferings, which you have been given, are well deserved by you. If Christ had not been wearing this thorn crown, if He had not been crucified on the cross then how would He have manifested this Love? Would you love Him today if he had wanted and if he had lived like a king? You love him namely because He was crucified to the cross for our salvation.

Therefore, from now on be heroes. Don’t be afraid of any sufferings but tell the world that you are men and that you are ready to stand not only one but ten crosses. A man complained that the cross he carried was too heavy. God said: “Take his cross away from him,” then led him into a large hall and told him: “The crosses in this hall are big and small, golden and silver, from iron and from stone – choose one of them.” This man searched and searched, finally found some small cross and said, “This small cross I want.” – “But this is the same cross which you carried up till now; this is same cross I myself had given to you.” – said God… Thus, we often magnify our sufferings. And these sufferings are the way for our ascension to God. That is why when someone suffers we better say to ourselves: “He is a sinner who saves himself.” I personally envy him and I tell him: “Dear brother, you are nearer to Heaven; I wish I was in your place.” When someone says: “I have never suffered,” I tell him: “It’s because you are still green.” To be green is nice, but when green starts to ripen then the sufferings start also.

Now consider this thought, reflect on it as if it has been given to you by God himself: when the sufferings come to you – thank God that He loved you so that He sent these sufferings to you. The sufferings are a symptom of God’s Love, so let all of us carry this cross. For the same reason (on a soul level) God gave to the entire Bulgarian nation these sufferings so that this nation can adopt these two great virtues – patience and benevolence. – “But," – you might say – "The Greek and the Serbian people are such and such.” It’s all right, pay no attention to this, you learn your lesson for your salvation and never mind what they are: they have no profit in this and the time will come when they’ll have to learn the lesson which had been given earlier to you – you should be thankful for this instead of murmuring. – “But we have been crucified.” – It’s all right, you are closer to Me while the others are not – says God; at present they are far away indeed but in time they will likewise come to this place.” After you are crucified you will enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, let us be happy that we have something more in this world.

While on Earth, let all of us be followers of Christ and let us bear with dignity this name – Christians. Let’s put aside what the rest will say. Let us be patient and benevolent and let us do our duty to God in the way we understand it in our clear mind and desires. Along this great road, let us never stumble but let us instead fight bravely, decisively and let us encourage him who fights together with us. This very force shall help us to overcome our present difficulties.

July 6, 1914, Sofia 10

Explanatory notes

10 The lecture “Love” was initially published in the collection “Power and Life”, first series, Sofia, 1915.



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