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The Truth Shall Make You Free

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

John 8:32

The aspiration of each, and every, man is Freedom in the world. By saying Freedom, we shall understand the breadth in all actions, thoughts, and aspirations hidden within us, and the elimination of all conditions limiting them. Freedom is one of the attributes of the Spirit. To deprive someone of Freedom is equal to downfall. If there are no conditions for evolution, Freedom falls prey to limitations. For example, the loss of a part of the body – an arm, or a leg – is equal to the restraint of Freedom, while the loss of the mind, thinking, sight, hearing or all of the senses is complete limitation of Freedom.

The Truth is a condition for restoration of the Freedom of the Spirit. Freedom implies three conditions: first – freedom of the body; second – freedom of the will; and third – freedom of the heart, to express one’s feelings and thoughts. Christ says, “The truth shall make you free.” The truth will show us the way to Freedom. Yet, not every thought, desire, or will, brings us Freedom. Each word is a thrown grenade; each word is a synthesis of multiple thoughts. One wrong word or thought can deprive us of Freedom. The insulting word, if said, produces its effect. We should always keep in mind the due measure and put it to the test; weigh up our thoughts and desires. This measure, this touchstone is Christ. He shall always be before us and in our minds. When we are always with Christ, we are like an abundant source of thoughts, desires, and inspiration for work, which is a good sign. Yet, those are not all of the same value and we shall know which to choose. Thoughts and desires are like stones in a stone-pit; they are the material building the human body of the future - the Spiritual body. These thoughts and desires come from different sources and we have to be able to select the proper stones for building materials. Moreover, it is not only stone that we need for our building, we also need iron, wood, and other materials. There are spirits who sell us these materials at a price higher or lower, and if they sell at a high price, it means they have cheated us.

Christ wants to make us free. We are bound by hundreds and thousands of obligations – firstly, to our parents; secondly – to our brothers and sisters; thirdly, when we get married – to our husbands or wives and children and lastly – to society, and so on. It is an art in itself to know how to approach each of these obligations. Freedom contains both rights and obligations. A society based on rights only, or on obligations only, cannot flourish; it needs both processes, working hand in hand. Our rights are regulated by the requirements of our needs. If we want more than we need, the opposite reaction will take place. Where honey is abundant, more and more bees will gather to eat. Where riches are abundant, all evil spirits gather. Riches are a prerequisite for Freedom, yet in giving good they give evil too – man can become lazy, arrogant and so on.

In the teaching of Christ, a persons soul’s worth is founded on inner qualities - on binding to God, that is to be clothed with Truth, which is to be clothed with Love. We know the Sun by its light and warmth; we know God by His Truth and Love. When the Truth comes into our mind, we think, and when Love comes into us, we act. The Truth is the inner foetus of the Soul. If we have it within ourselves, we will always feel certain acceleration – we will never age, we will experience eternal youth and life energy. Hardships are a blessing – they are the condition for our ascension as we will work hard to overcome them and acquire good.

All the organs and parts of our body serve us, and at the same time, they limit us. We have to know their functions to let them work properly. Right now, the creation of the Spiritual body is entrusted to us. As it is leaving us and we are parting with it, it is our task to bind all Spirits constituting and living in our body and let them help us. This means, as Christ says, that we have to bind to Heaven, and binding means undertaking obligations. Christ is bound to all Spirits. He sacrificed himself not only on the cross – the existence of everything we live on now is in Christ, that is why we love Him. He has left us riches to use, and not for the sake of loving Him. He has left us riches to use, and not to appropriate and divide them. It is the wealth Christ sacrificed Himself for - if we do not use it, He will take it away from us. He gave it to us to develop spiritually and to prepare for the Life of Angels; i.e. after leaving this world, we will have to transcend into another, the world of Angels.

Christ wants us to use the touchstone, and this touchstone is our Divine Soul. And, when we find it, we shall be free. Christ, in this world, taught man how to find their buried soul – the concealed treasure. Many of our souls are at stake and we have to find them. When man descended from Heaven to the Earth, he staked his soul and we have the task of buying it back. All men who lived before us have cultivated the Earth; they have mounted up soil, and we have to work on that very soil with our Souls. That is why we need the setting of the measure, i.e. the touchstone – conversion, repentance, and so forth. And herewith takes place the process of new birth. To take into possession the touchstone, we have to be free, and to become free we need to be grateful for everything befalling us – no matter whether it is good or bad. That is the real meaning of Christ living in us. Then, any position we take will be equally significant to us. We will never be granted a higher position unless we have performed well in the lower. God sends even Angels to serve a sinful soul for the sake of its rectification. We should always start with the smaller pieces of work and proceed to the greater instead of saying that being free we are not obliged to accomplish a certain task. God has created the Earth, and the moment it accomplishes its mission, its particles will expand and the Earth will expire.

Every single act in the world is a collective act, as we are bound with many spirits. Every single thought of ours is an obligation, a bill, and the Spirit holding it is the one who is guiding us; and we are in the hands of this Spirit. That is why we should not aspire for the great pieces of work; because in aspiring for them, we will at first, be granted them by rights, but later the Spirit will say, “Now, pay for them!” and, if we are not in a position to pay our obligation, then hardship, poverty, ill health, and the rest will befall us.

Each angry person is a robbed person because they have expanded outside their body and the spirits have robbed them. That is why everyone should stay inside their “house”, i.e. in their body – this is Freedom. If we stay in other people’s houses, we are not free, because we can be turned out anytime.

The first and most important task now is to differentiate our aspirations and thoughts; only those of them that are in our favour, only those should we wish to come true. Then we can say that they are the ones that God has intended for us.

April 26, 1914, Bourgas



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